30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers in 2023

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Minecraft has tons of player-created servers covering a wide range of genres. From action-orientated servers to even PvP ones, there are really a lot of them to choose from. RPG servers are, in that regard, not underrepresented for players looking to take advantage of custom features, storylines, and special activities. If you’re looking for custom maps, quests, and unusually shaped worlds, here are the top 30 Minecraft roleplay servers for you to enjoy.

Editor’s Note: As of October 2023, when this post was last updated, all servers on this list are up and running.

1. Purple Prison

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Purple Prison is primarily themed around a jailbreak prison concept, offering a PvP-style game mode. Players can engage in mining, exploration, trading, building shops and other structures, and much more.

This server has remained popular among both celebrities and other Minecraft players for an extended period. It supports Minecraft version 1.16.4 and versions below it.

Address: purpleprison.co

2. Minescape

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Minescape is a welcoming server that invites all players to join. It stands out among creative servers, allowing players to showcase their skills and compete with others in the Minecraft community. This server is replete with adventures and other thrilling experiences.


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As an RPG server, Minescape offers its players a range of roleplay enchantments. These enchantments encompass custom mobs, farming, skill trees, quests, and classes. Minescape seamlessly integrates the gameplay of Runescape into the Minecraft world. The ultimate goal of this server is to elevate a player to become the most experienced and wealthiest among all players

Address: Minescape.Me

3. SchoolRP

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Do you want to take the role of a completely different character and want to immerse in a fantasy world? Well, this Minecraft RPG server would be best for you to serve the same purpose. This server revolves around school roleplay. SchoolRP usually focuses on social interactions with the other players in your gameplay. 

It is one of the strict roleplay servers that demand the strictness to attend classes, follow the rules and regulations of the school, be a part of the extra-curricular activities, and maintain social interaction in school. It has its setup on a fictional Japanese school map. 

Address: schoolrp.net

4. Piratecraft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is another valuable creation of Minecraft that is much like a pirate-themed Minecraft server. You can build working ships and cannons on this server. You can also sail your boats. Using this server to blow up other sailing players with your guns would be best. 

This RPG server allows you to join a pirate crew and play with them. It will allow you to build gates and bridges for your safety in Minecraft. 

Address: piratemc.com

5. Wynncraft 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Unleash your full potential as a player by integrating this invaluable server into your Minecraft experience. If your gaming passion involves exploration and discovery, Wynncraft is the perfect fit. It is an enriching tool for players, offering an expansive journey through the largest and most intricate map ever crafted in Minecraft.

Players encounter numerous chests, spells, professions, levels, classes, and other engaging features within this server. Optimal utilization of this server opens up exciting possibilities to explore the vast expanse of your Minecraft overworld and the enchanting Wynn Province.

Address: wynncraft.com

6. Potterworld

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

This Minecraft RPG server enables players to discover, explore, share, and enhance their gameplay by immersing them in the Harry Potter world. Have you ever wanted to craft a character of your own choosing in Minecraft?

Upon achieving top scores in the game, players ascend to become students of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In this enchanting realm, you can delve into magical studies, interact with friends, take on challenges, and immerse yourself in the wonders of a magical world through your gameplay.

Potterworld is a school dedicated to uncovering and exploring magical elements, ensuring maximum enjoyment for Minecraft players. This server has emerged as a popular Harry Potter franchise within the Minecraft universe, often referred to as the counterpart to Harry Potter in Minecraft.

Address: potterworldmc.com


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7. Democracy Craft 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

This enticing Minecraft RPG server highlights players’ skills and abilities, offering an immersive roleplaying experience. It stands out as a server where players can craft their own worlds and choose their professions.

Within this unique server, players have the opportunity to establish their businesses, wielding the power to hire and fire staff. It serves as a realm in itself, providing the means to play or govern the Minecraft world directly from your inventory.

At the core of this server is a vibrant economy, serving as its beating heart

Address: democracycraft.net 

8. EcoCityCraft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is one of the most popular and oldest servers in Minecraft. This server allows a player to earn in-game money by using several methods. This money will help a player to get many items or things to make its gameplay even better.

Players can make money by using “Eco Dollars” as the main currency to avail themselves of this fantastic server in Minecraft. It has numerous features such as auction houses and public markets for you to make money.

Address: ecocitycraft.com

9. Pixelmon servers 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Pixelmon servers represent a fantastic fusion of Minecraft and Pokémon. This multiplayer Minecraft mode introduces a captivating world where players can encounter and utilize numerous Pokémon during their gameplay. It seamlessly integrates a Pokémon-inspired dimension into the online gaming realm.

Beyond the thrill of encountering Pokémon, this server offers lucrative opportunities to players. Engage in battles with adversaries, breed Pokémon for sale, trade various in-game items, and interact with Minecraft villagers to bolster your in-game wealth.

Address: pixelmonservers.com

10. Mineland 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

The Mineland is one of the RPG servers in Minecraft that consists of high-quality game modes. These game modes create fun; make fun with your friends, and exciting quests for players to compete with their enemies.

It offers a lot of game modes to its users, and it also consists of several minigames. That’s why it is pretty fun to play on this server.  

Address: minedland.net

11. MineSuperior

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is an RPG server in Minecraft that is well known for its unlimited and creative ideas. It allows its users to mine different items for their game. 

Do you know what the best thing about this server is? It is open to all the players. It is a friendly server in Minecraft. Once you start playing it, you won’t resist leaving the game. Players usually get addicted to this server. 

Address: minesuperior.net

12. Kingscraft PH 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

You will find your experience on this server among the most memorable ones. This server has become the most voted and the most popular server in South East Asia. It has also spread its roots across the globe. Here, you will have tons of game modes to choose from. 

Kingscraft community warmly welcomes you. The quality of your Minecraft gameplay increases with this roleplaying server already installed on your PC. Besides, this server has an enthusiastic staff that will help you get the needed information about this server. You will also learn about how to play on this server. 

Address: kings-craft.com

13. OPBlocks


OPBlocks prides itself on being one of the most welcoming communities in Minecraft. It’s also your best place to try out if you’re looking for regular and seasonal custom-themed games, immersive mod-list, and plenty of engaging Roleplay-oriented activities.

Address: opblocks.com

14. Pikadex 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Pikadex stands out as one of the most gratifying and entertaining servers within the Minecraft community, specifically categorized as a pixelmon server. This server’s remarkable efficiency and outstanding performance truly sets this server apart, ensuring you stay well-informed throughout your gameplay.

Within this server, you have the creative freedom to craft numerous fun-themed scenarios and scenes. Notably, it features the latest version of pixelmon, offering many never-ending advantages and unique mods for your Minecraft experience.

Address: sedexcraft.com

15. CraftYourTown

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is an RPG server that has no match in Minecraft. It is one of the most advanced types of roleplaying servers with a balanced economy. Here, a player can craft its world and can also shop different items for its Minecraft world. 

The thing that makes this server demanding among its players is the most advanced Towny server. This server has tons of customized items that a player can buy to improve the overall performance of its gameplay. CraftYourTown consists of different types of blocks, custom player shops, envoys, quests, and well-balanced jobs. These are the defining features of this RPG server in Minecraft. 


16. Foxcraft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Foxcraft is a Minecraft network boasting a diverse range of game modes. Offering classic options like skyblock, survival, prison, and creative, this server traces its origins back to factions. What sets it apart is the exclusivity of these classic modes, a feature not easily found on other roleplay servers in Minecraft.

It’s not just another game; it’s a worthwhile experience featuring a unique and popular multiplayer game mode called “One Block.” In this mode, players utilize a single magical block to transform their world into a realm of magic and fantasy. Beyond that, players can unleash their creativity by building magical worlds, crafting magic items, and designing unique and divine characters.


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Address: mcfoxcraft.com

17. KiloCraft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

The KiloCraft server stands out for its swift updates, distinctive custom modes, and its commitment to enhancing game performance. With numerous objectives to accomplish in Minecraft, this roleplay server serves as a platform for players to forge new friendships, tackle challenges, achieve end goals, and experience personal growth.

Key features of the server encompass a rank system based on playtime and votes, a vibrant community, essential plugins, and optimized game performance.

Address: 50kilo.org

18. Netherite 

Netherite server

Netherite stands as a distinctive Minecraft Network, centering on game modes like Lifesteal, Survival, and Skyblock. The network is dedicated to excelling in every facet of the Minecraft realm, aiming to provide the most enjoyable gaming experience. As a well-liked server with a focus on the economy, Netherite offers all your favorite features.

Established in 2022, they’ve evolved over time to ensure a top-tier player experience, complete with high-quality, custom server features.

Address: netherite.gg

19. TulipSurvival

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Searching for the ultimate Minecraft server to elevate your gaming experience? Look no further—this server is designed to meet your needs. Unlock a multitude of possibilities, from making friends and playing with them to crafting your town, claiming lands, exchanging items, and much more. TulipSurvival stands out as a semi-vanilla Minecraft roleplay server, enhancing the overall quality of a player’s life within the gameplay.

Address: tulipsurvival.com

20. Mineraze


Mineraze looks more like an RPG fantasy game than Minecraft, and that’s why it’s a fan favorite when it comes to roleplaying. Mineraze will allow you to immerse yourself into plenty of themed RPG game modes, ranging from biking raids to Halloween-themed Spooky Reckoning. It’s a tightly-knit but welcoming community for everyone involved.

Address: mineraze.net

21. MassiveCraft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Discover a one-of-a-kind RPG experience in Minecraft, offering immense freedom and enjoyment. Dive into a fusion of factions, PvP, survival, quests, adventures, and unique experiences within your gameplay.

Rooted in myths, MassiveCraft server invites players to embody deadly and untamed vampires from diverse races. With additional features like sounds, a custom chair plugin, and a friends system incorporated into its rules and regulations, it establishes itself as a strict roleplay server where players must adhere to set rules and obligations.

Address: massivecraft.com


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22. Creative Fun 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

“Looking for a roleplay server with a variety of game modes? Look no further. Creative Fun boasts multiple game modes, setting itself apart as a unique roleplay server equipped with numerous custom roleplay plugins. One of its most popular features is the “roleplay names” plugin, enhancing your gaming world.

This server improves your gameplay and provides opportunities to invite other players to join in. By installing this server in your Minecraft Edition, you unlock a plethora of benefits for an enhanced gaming experience.

Address: creativefun.net

23. ManaCube


ManaCube is a dynamic RPG server where the excitement never stops.

Throughout the year, They host a variety of thrilling events that keep our community engaged and entertained. Stay in the loop by checking out the #events channel on the Manacube Discord, where they announce upcoming events and share all the details.

ManaCube Events Server is the hub of excitement, featuring a range of activities that vary in duration from 20 minutes to a couple of hours. These events are facilitated by their dedicated staff members, all holding the rank of mod or above, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for players.

Address: Manacube.com

24. CloutCraft


When it comes to voting, CloutCraft stands out as the premier server in the Minecraft community. Offering a wealth of detailed information about Minecraft, this server boasts a comprehensive multiplayer server list, allowing you to choose from a variety of options.

But that’s not all—CloutCraft provides additional benefits that enhance your gameplay experience. Enjoy roleplay wraps, a vibrant and engaging community, the thrill of survival with fly capabilities, and even high school classes for added immersion. Join us on CloutCraft, where voting becomes an unparalleled experience, and a host of exciting features await you!

Address: shop.cloutcraft.us

25. Havoc Games


The Havoc Games network originated as a small Walking Dead-themed zombie server in 2012, evolving into a prominent server network with diverse custom game modes. From The Mining Dead PvE servers for zombie survival to PvP servers offering challenges against both the dead and the living, Havoc Games caters to a broad audience.

Their focus on continuous updates and innovative features, including Gun PvP in Warzone, TMD Ragnarok, and Armageddon, reflects their commitment to delivering an engaging gaming experience. Formerly known as “The Mining Dead,” the network reached its peak popularity in 2015-16, attracting 1,100 players daily. Over the years, they’ve introduced various game modes like Hell Night, Minewars, Havoc Horizons, Banner Wars, Map Maker, and Warzone, with Minewars making a comeback in early 2021.

Address: Havoc.games 

26. CosmosMC

Screenshot 2023 10 09 at 08 57 11 CosmosMC Your new Earth Survival Prison and Factions home

CosmosMC strives to offer the ultimate Minecraft experience by imitating real-world and offering some of the most-liked Minecraft custom-game mods. Take part in prison games, survival, join a faction, and plenty more!

Address: cosmosmc.org

27. Island Clash 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

No need for introductions with Island Cash. Dive into unique game modes that empower you to craft and enhance your very own island. Build and upgrade various structures to your heart’s content, fostering a distinctive and personalized experience. Collaborate with other islands through the server’s capabilities, all while tracing its origins back to the influential games Clash of Clans and Age of Empires. Renowned as one of the most customized servers in Minecraft, it offers a gaming adventure like no other.

Address: islandclash.com 


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28. Yomnetwork

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

How could one overlook this incredible roleplay server when compiling a list of the best Minecraft servers? Here, you’ll find a helpful server that stands as the most popular, fastest-growing, and widely played in the Minecraft community. The server’s overarching objective is centered on how a player not only survives but thrives within its gameplay. It guides players in confronting and battling the undead and wild zombies in Minecraft’s expansive outer world.

Address: yomnetwork.ca

29. Business Craft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

This outstanding RPG server in Minecraft centers around the pursuit of wealth. Players aim to amass a substantial amount of money to enhance their gameplay. The server provides multiple avenues for players to earn money, allowing them to choose from various options. These options encompass undertaking jobs, initiating their own businesses, engaging in trade with other markets and stock markets, and investing in diverse projects.

All these elements underscore that the primary objective of utilizing this server is to accumulate significant wealth, enabling players to purchase a splendid house and lead a luxurious life in the realm of Minecraft.

Address: businesscraft.com

30. Roleplay-Hub


This incredible Minecraft server revolves around a community-driven roleplay experience. True to its name, it functions as a central hub in the Minecraft universe, extending comprehensive support to various platforms, including Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions. Whether you’re navigating Minecraft with a sharp intellect or seeking an immersive journey, this roleplay server is tailored to provide players with the best experiences in their gaming endeavors.

Address: roleplayhub.com

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