30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers in 2023

Best Minecraft RPG Servers

Minecraft is a beautiful game that has tons of player-created servers for you. If you are looking for actions and imagination-related servers, then those servers are for you. RPG Servers in Minecraft are the best servers throughout the online gaming platform. These servers make a player capable of thinking out of the box. Let’s find out the best Minecraft RPG servers!

The best Minecraft RPG servers include Pixelmon Realms which is the rebirth of Pokemon in the form of Minecraft’s block; MC Prison, you can take the character of a prisoner or a guard on this server; The Mining Dead, providing you a safe side from the undead creatures. EcoCityCraft, MineSuperior, and a few others.

In RPG servers, players assume the roles of different characters in a fictional manner. These servers’ most essential and commendable role is their ability to indulge hundreds of players within an interactive world. Some servers have strict roleplay rules in Minecraft, while other servers don’t follow such rules. The world of Minecraft is full of such RPG servers. Read on to learn more about the functions and features of each of the given RPG servers in Minecraft. 

Editor’s note: As of January 2023, all the servers on the list are still up and running!

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Best Minecraft RPG (Roleplaying game) Servers

Here, I will highlight the thirty best Minecraft RPG servers that play an essential role in gameplay. Minecraft RPG servers usually focus on the wild and fantasy things in this virtual gaming arena. 

All of the Minecraft RPG servers differ in some regards. But, they all are helpful for different purposes in Minecraft. Each server is fantastic in its rights. Let’s get to know about these servers in detail. 

1. Purple Prison

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Back in 2014, Minecraft has added this valuable server to it. Purple prison is mainly based on a jailbreak prison theme. It is a prison PvP style game mode. It allows its users to do mining, experiencing, trading, exploring, building shops and other structures, and many more. 

This server is popular among celebrities and other Minecraft players for a very long time. It supports Minecraft version 1.16.4 or the versions below it. 

Address: purpleprison.net

2. Minescape

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Minescape is a beautiful creation and is a friendly server because it welcomes all the players to join it. It is one of those creative servers that allow a player to show off its skills and compete with other Minecraft players. This server is full of adventures and other thrilling things. 


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This RPG server offers you several roleplay enchantments to its players. These enchantments include custom mobs, farming, skill trees, quests, and classes. Minescape has brought the game of Runescape directly into the Minecraft world. The ultimate objective of this server is to make a player the most experienced and richest of all players.

Address: Minescape.Me

3. SchoolRP

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Do you want to take a role of a completely different character and want to immerse in a fantasy world? Well, this Minecraft RPG server would be best for you to serve the same purpose. This server revolves around school roleplay. SchoolRP usually focuses on social interactions with the other players in your gameplay. 

It is one of the strict roleplay servers that demand the strictness to attend classes, follow the rules and regulations of the school, be a part of the extra-curricular activities, and maintain social interaction in school. It has its setup in a fictional Japanese school map. 

Address: play.schoolrp.net

4. Piratecraft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is another valuable creation of Minecraft that is much like a pirate-themed Minecraft server. You can build working ships and cannons on this server. You can also sail your boats. It would be best if you use this server to blow up other sailing players with your guns. 

This RPG server allows you to become a part of a pirate crew and play with them. It will make you able to build gates and bridges for your safety in Minecraft. 


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Address: mc.piratecraft.com

5. Wynncraft 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Nothing can stop your growth as a player if you have this helpful server installed in your Minecraft gameplay. If you want to play for exploring different things, this server is for you. Wynncraft is a value-added tool for a player. A player can use this server for an endless journey through the massive and tricky map ever created in Minecraft. 

This server contains many chests, spells, professions, levels, classes, and related things. It would be best if you use this server for exploring your Minecraft overworld and wynn province. 

Address: play.wynncraft.com

6. Potterworld

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is an RPG server in Minecraft that allows you to discover, explore, share, and add your knowledge to your gameplay. Do you want to create a character of your own choice in Minecraft?

After getting the highest scores in its gameplay, a player becomes a student of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Here, you can learn about magical things, interact with your friends, takes challenges, and explore the magical world with the help of your gameplay. 

Potterworld is a school of discovering and exploring magical things to get maximum enjoyment for a Minecraft player. This server has evolved as a hit franchise of Harry Potter in Minecraft. You can also name it as a counterpart to Harry Potter in Minecraft. 

Address: play.potterworldmc.com

7. Democracy Craft 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is an attractive RPG server in Minecraft and has its focus on the abilities of a Minecraft player. It usually extends upon roleplaying in Minecraft. It is a kind of server in which players can make their world. They can also choose a livelihood for themselves. 

There are possibilities that they can start their own business with the power of hiring and firing the other staff. This server is a kind of world in it. You can play or rule over the Minecraft world by using this server in your inventory. The economy lies at the heart of this server. 

Address: play.democracycraft.net 

8. EcoCityCraft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is one of the most popular and oldest servers in Minecraft. This server allows a player to earn in-game money by using several methods. This money will help a player to get many items or things to make its gameplay even better.

Players can make money by using “Eco Dollars” as the main currency to avail themselves of this fantastic server in Minecraft. It has numerous features such as auction houses and public markets for you to make money.

Address: play.ecc.eco

9. Pixelmon servers 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Pixelmon servers are the wonderful products of Minecraft. It is a multiplayer Minecraft mode in which you can see and use many pokemon in your gameplay. This server will help you to add pokemon mode to your game. It is a pokemon-inspired world in the online gaming world. 

This server also helps you make money by battling your enemies, breeding pokemon to sell them to other players, selling different items of your gameplay, and trading with the villagers in Minecraft. 

Address: play.pixelmonrealms.com

10. Mineland 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

The Mineland is one of the RPD servers in Minecraft that consists of high-quality game modes. These game modes create fun; make fun with your friends, and exciting quests for players to compete with their enemies.

It offers a lot of game modes to its users, and it also consists of several minigames. That’s why it is pretty fun to play on this server.  

Address: hd.join-ml.com

11. MineSuperior

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is an RPG server in Minecraft that is well known for its unlimited and creative ideas. It allows its users to mine different items for their game. 

Do you know what the best thing about this server is? It is open to all the players. It is a friendly server in Minecraft. Once you start playing it, you won’t resist leaving the game. Players usually get addicted to this server. 

Address: s.mcs.gg

12. Kingscraft PH 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

You will find your experience on this server among the most memorable ones. This server has become the most voted and the most popular server in South East Asia. It has also spread its roots across the globe. Here, you will have tons of game modes to choose from. 

Kingscraft community warmly welcomes you. The quality of your Minecraft gameplay increases with this roleplaying server already installed on your PC. Besides, this server has an enthusiastic staff that will help you get the needed information about this server. You will also learn about how to play on this server. 

Address: play.kings-craft.com

13. Blockstackers Community

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is both a game server and a community at the same time. This server will help you to get a favorable environment to learn about the basics of Minecraft. This community is for all the players that want to gain experience, learn about Minecraft’s rules and regulations, and make their gameplay run much better than earlier. It is a platform from where you will solve your queries about this fantastic online game.

This server has founded on a fundamental principle. The principle states that the fate of a player lies in its actions and reactions in its gameplay. 

Address: play.blockstackers.xyz

14. Pikadex 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is one of the most rewarding and fun-created servers in Minecraft. It is one of the pixelmon servers in Minecraft. The thing that adds a valuable element to this server is its efficiency and fantastic performance. It keeps you updated throughout your gameplay. 

You can create many fun-related themes and scenes in it. Moreover, it is the latest version of pixelmon. You can take this server in your gameplay for its never-ending advantages and unique mods in Minecraft. 

Address: Pikadex.sedexcraft.com

15. CraftYourTown

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is an RPG server that has no match in Minecraft. It is one of the most advanced types of roleplaying servers with a balanced economy. Here, a player can craft its world and can also shop different items for its Minecraft world. 

The thing that makes this server demanding among its players is the most advanced Towny server. This server has tons of customized items that a player can buy to improve the overall performance of its gameplay. CraftYourTown consists of different types of blocks, custom player shops, envoys, quests, and well-balanced jobs. These are the defining features of this RPG server in Minecraft. 

Address: mc.craftyourtown.com

16. Foxcraft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is a Minecraft network that consists of several game modes. It offers you various classic game modes such as skyblock, survival, prison, and creative. This server has its roots in factions. You won’t find and get yourself avail of these classic modes on any other roleplay server in Minecraft. 

It is a worth playing game as it provides you a unique and popular multiplayer game mode. That game mode is “One block,” A player can use a single magical block to make its world magical and full of fantasies. The other things that a player can do in this server include building a magical world, creating magic items, and creating unique and divine characters. 


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Address: play.foxcraft.net

17. KiloCraft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

The main characteristics of this server include fast updates, unique custom modes, and the way it improves the game performance. It has many goals to achieve in Minecraft. This roleplay server will help a player make new friends, accept challenges, reach the end goals, and grow better. 

The defining elements of this server include a rank system consisting of playtime and votes, community, plugins, and game performance. 

Address: 50kilo.org

18. Odyssey 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Do you want to play on the best server in your gameplay? Do you want to get rid of the social grieves and ills? Well, you have got your proper choice here. Odyssey is an RPG server in Minecraft that consists of a community in Minecraft. This server makes a player capable of playing its game without the fear of theft and grief by the other competitive players in Minecraft. 

Address: top.ody.gg

19. TulipSurvival

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Are you looking for the best Minecraft server to gain maximum experience in your gaming world? Here you have this server to fulfill your stated purpose. You can do many things with this server. You can make friends, play with your friends, craft your town, claim your lands, give and take different items, and many more things. TulipSurvival is a semi vanilla Minecraft roleplay server that improves the quality of life of a player in its gameplay. 

Address: epic.tulipsurvival.com

20. Mineralize

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

The most refined and updated server of Minecraft is Mineralize. The thing that is of prime importance in this server is its high focus on the quality of the game. There are many custom features, unique contents, and money-earning sources in this server. You can play the latest version of Minecraft on this server as it keeps you updated throughout your gameplay. 

Address: join.mineraze.net

21. MassiveCraft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is a unique RPG server in Minecraft and offers you vast freedom of choice and fun. You can enjoy this server in your gameplay. It is an amalgamation of factions, PvP, survival, quest, adventure, and experience uniquely. 

This server has its base in myths. Here, players can take the role of deadly and wild vampires belonging to a variety of races. The server also implements sounds, a custom chair plugin, and a friends system to its rules and regulations. It is also a strict roleplay server, and players have to abide by its rules and obligations. 

Address: massivecraft.com

22. Creative Fun 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Do you want to get a roleplay server that consists of several game modes? Here you go. Creative Fun has several game modes for its users. It is a unique roleplay server that offers you a large number of custom roleplay plugins. The most popular among them is “roleplay names” in your gaming world. 

It gives you opportunities to make your gameplay better and allows you to invite other players to participate in your gameplay. You can get yourself avail of the endless benefits of this server if you have already installed this server to your Minecraft Edition.

Address: creativefun.net

23. Edawg878

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

This server focuses on building relationships and making interactions in Minecraft. It is one of the oldest and original roleplay servers in Minecraft. The feature that makes this server unique is its ability to allow its users to get married. Players can get married to the other players of their choice.

Marriage is a symbol of union, collaboration, cooperation, and relationship. Once they get married, they can easily exchange their items, property, tools, and much more things with their partners. You will find this server very helpful to interact with the outer world in Minecraft. 

Address: edawg878.com

24. CloutCraft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is the best server when it comes to voting. CloutCraft is one of those servers in Minecraft that helps you get detailed information about Minecraft. This server consists of a multiplayer server list. You can choose from the list. There are other benefits that you can get from this server. Those benefits include roleplay wraps, fun community, survival with fly, and high school classes. 

Address: cloutcraft.us

25. The Mining Dead

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

The Minecraft server is still rising and climbing its popularity charts in the online gaming platform. It is a Minecraft’s roleplay server in which zombies surround you. It would be pretty easy for you to get rid of the zombies in the overworld if you have this server installed on your gameplay. 

There are several unique places in this server, such as prison, Alexandria, and many more. Players can also enjoy the zombie survival gameplay of Minecraft by using this server. 

Address: us.mimingdead.com 

26. Mineclub

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

Mineclub is an important roleplaying server in Minecraft. It provides you with a variety of cosmetics to choose from. It allows you a free trading system. This server is growing faster than ever, and it is the best server to exist ever. This server is trying to sort out some of the critical issues of the Minecraft gameplay. It provides you an uninterrupted passage through Minecraft world.  

Address: play.mineclub.com

27. Island Clash 

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

This server needs no introduction. It has unique game modes that allow you to create your island. It also makes you able to build and upgrade different structures. You can also participate with other islands with the help of this server. This server has its roots in the twin games, i.e., Clash of Clans & Age of Empires. It is one of the most customized servers in Minecraft. 

Address: play.islandclash.com 

28. Yomnetwork

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

How can someone not mention this fantastic roleplay server when it comes to enlisting the best Minecraft servers? Here you have this helpful server that most popular, fastest-growing, widely playing Minecraft’s server. The ultimate goal of this server is how a player survives and thrives in its gameplay. It helps a player to battle with the undead and wild zombies in Minecraft’s outer world. 

Address: play.yomnetwork.ca

29. Business Craft

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is a great RPG server in Minecraft in which the goal is to make money. Players want to earn a large amount of money for their gameplay. This server also offers you several methods to make money. Players can choose from these options to make money. The options include doing a job, starting one’s own business, trade with the other markets and stock markets, and investing in different projects. 

All these things reveal that the ultimate aim of using this server is to earn a lot of money to buy a beautiful house and to live a luxurious life in Minecraft. 


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Address: play.mcbusinesscraft.com

30. Roleplay-Hub

30 Best Minecraft RPG Servers In 2021

It is a determined roleplay community-based server in Minecraft. As the name indicates, this server acts as a hub in Minecraft. It provides maximum support to different platforms in Minecraft, such as Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions. So, this server is for you to play your game with an intelligent mind. A player can also gain the best experiences throughout its journey with this roleplay server. 
Address: roleplayhub.com