9 Best Enchantments For Leggings In Minecraft (2021)

9 Best Enchantments For Leggings In Minecraft (2021)

Leggings are protective armor in Minecraft that protects the lower part of a player’s body from damage. Leggings are available in 6 textures: Leather pants, iron leggings, diamond leggings, gold leggings, and Netherite leggings.

Like every other weapon in Minecraft leggings also has health and durability points assigned to them to maintain to measure their health and life. The durability of the Legging depends on its type; (Leather: 75, Golden: 105, Iron: 225, Diamond: 495, Netherite: 555).

To maintain the durability and strength of legging, you can use various enchantments within the game. The enchantment in this article will help you take more damages within the game and add extra offensive power to your leggings.

How Many Enchantments Can A Legging Have?

9 Best Enchantments For Leggings In Minecraft (2021)

There are total 9 enchantments for leggings in Minecraft:

1. Protection

2. Fire Protection

3. Blast Protection

4. Projectile Protection

5. Unbreaking

6. Mending

7. Thorns

8. Curse of Binding

9. Curse of Vanishing

When involved in a fight legging protects the lower part of the body and absorbs the damage to protect its wearer. The damage can happen with different types of weapons and attacks. Such as sword, trident, arrows, fire, etc. Hence, to protect from all these types of dangers various enchantments are needed.

The above-mentioned enchantments are all capable of providing specific powers and strengths to the armor. Each has different levels and capacities depending upon the situation and protection that is needed in those situations.

What Are The Best Enchantments For Legging?

For legging, strength and durability are needed specifically so that it can take heavy hits while fighting and protect the player from any damage. Every enchantment on this list serves a different purpose. Some provide defensive protection and some offensive.

The best enchantments for the leggings are described below. 

1.    Unbreaking

To survive tough battles the durability is required and for obtaining high durability there is no better enchantment than Unbreaking. Unbreaking is the most useful enchantment in the whole Minecraft and helps a lot where extra rigidity is required for any item. Unbreaking enchantment increases the strength of the legging so that it can last longer during the battle. The level of unbreaking enchantment is 3. 

2.    Protection

The protection enchantment saves the player from the damage done by a hit from the opponent. It protects the player by reducing the harm that occurs during any blow from the opponents. The maximum level for this enchantment is 4.

One should keep in mind that for the Bedrock edition this enchantment provides protection against a blow from the enemy but it does not provide any protection against suffocation, poison, or hunger. 

3.    Thorns

9 Best Enchantments For Leggings In Minecraft (2021)

It is one of the offensive enchantments that causes damage to the attacker when they hit the wearer. The wearer can inflict 15% damage to the attacker if attacked by a melee attack, arrow, or any projectile. When in an awful situation this armor can be one of the best to have around. The highest level for this armor is 3. 

4.    Mending

 Mending enchantment repairs any item in the game. When a player earns some experience in the game, he can use those experience points or XP points to repair any damage that has been done to any item. Mending enchantment basically heals any item that health has deteriorated due to extra use or attack.

The maximum level for this enchantment is level 1. It provides amazing healing powers but is difficult to obtain as it is not available through the anvil. 

5.    Fire Protection 

To protect against fire this enchantment is used in Minecraft. The maximum level for this enchantment is 4. In case of any fire damage that can occur, this is the best protection to have. The level 4 enchantment will protect the player from 64% damage. Level 1 offers 8% protection and every level increases the protection by 8% henceforth.

With level 4 you can even swim through lava quickly. It makes the player very powerful and invincible. 

6.    Blast Protection

This enchantment gives an extra layer of protection from explosive attacks. The protection is offered against creepers or TNT. The maximum level for this enchantment is 4. 

7.    Projective protection

Projectile protection enchantment adds another defensive layer to the player’s arsenal that protects him from projectile attacks such as arrows, trident, blaze fireballs, etc. The maximum level for this enchantment is level 4.

It is a valuable enchantment because every time an arrow or anything else thrown towards a player to damage his health is difficult to block. The level of enchantment determines the amount of protection a player will get from this enchantment. 

8.    Curse of Binding

The curse of binding is used to keep the weapon in the armor slot never to be taken out again. Yes, that sounds ridiculous, and why on earth (in Minecraft world) would anyone do that. That is why nobody really uses this enchantment. The level of this enchantment is 1.

The weapon gets extracted from the armor slot once the player dies or the weapon breaks. This makes this enchantment utterly useless that cannot be utilized in any situation. 

9.    Curse of Vanishing

9 Best Enchantments For Leggings In Minecraft (2021)

Curse of Vanishing is another of the Minecraft enchantments that nobody knows why it is in the game. Another unused and unproductive enchantment that evaporates a weapon upon the player’s death. The level for this enchantment is level 1.

What Is The Best Enchantment Combo For Leggings?

The best enchantment combo for legging is Unbreaking and Fire protection. These two enchantments together make the legging so strong that it becomes impregnable.

Best Enchantments For Netherite Leggings

 The best enchantment for Netherite legging is Fire protection. Its highest-level enchantment makes legging so strong against fire damage that you can cross lava after applying this enchantment.

What Is The Most Op Leggings In Minecraft With Enchantments?

The most overpowered legging in Minecraft is one Netherite that has either Unbreaking or Fire protection enchantment applied.

What Is The Hardest Leggings Enchantment To Get In Minecraft?

The hardest enchantment to get in Minecraft is Mending enchantment. It is not available through the anvil, like other enchantments. One needs to trade it with villagers or obtain it through fishing.