Minecraft: 9 Best Enchantments for Leggings (Ranked)

best minecraft legging enchantments

Leggings are protective armor in Minecraft that protects the lower part of a player’s body from damage. Leggings are available in 6 types, and depending on where you currently are in terms of progress, they are always useful. Like almost all gear, tools, and weapons in Minecraft, leggings can also be enchanted no matter the material they are created out of. This is why we decided to rank all available enchantments for leggings so we can see which one is the best.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated on October 8, 2023, to reflect the most up-to-date state of the game.

1. Mending is rare but extremely beneficial


The primary benefit of Mending is that it allows the item (in this case, leggings) to automatically repair itself over time. When you gain experience points (XP), Mending uses those XP to repair the item instead of adding the XP to your experience bar.

This means that as you play and accumulate XP, your leggings with Mending will gradually repair themselves, increasing their longevity. Since Mending works passively while you play, it ensures that your leggings are consistently in good condition. This is crucial for maintaining high-level protection, especially during challenging encounters, without the need for frequent repair


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2. Unbreaking is one of the best


Unbreaking is considered one of the best enchantments for leggings (and other armor pieces) in Minecraft because it increases the item’s durability. When you have Unbreaking on your leggings, there’s a chance that the durability won’t decrease when you take damage or face other forms of wear and tear.

This means that your leggings are more likely to last longer before needing repair or replacement. Since armor durability is extremely important for protection in Minecraft, having Unbreaking on your leggings can significantly extend their lifespan, making them more cost-effective over time.

Pairing Unbreaking with other enchantments like Protection can create a durable and highly protective set of leggings, making you more resilient against various types of damage in the game.

3. Protection is best paired with Unbreaking


Protection is our third pick because it provides general damage reduction across different types of attacks. When you have Protection on your leggings, it offers defense against various forms of damage, including melee attacks, ranged attacks, and certain environmental damage. It’s versatile, it goes well with other enchantments, and it’s good both in PvP & PvE.

4. Fire protection is great if you’re often near lava

fire protection

Fire Protection reduces the damage taken from fire and lava sources. This is particularly useful in situations where you might encounter these hazards, such as exploring the Nether, dealing with Blaze mobs, or navigating through environments with lava lakes. In addition to reducing damage, Fire Protection also decreases the duration of the burning effect. This means you’ll spend less time taking damage from being on fire, allowing you to react more effectively to threats.

5. If you’re on the demolition crew, blast protection is a way to go

Blast protection

Blast Protection is designed to reduce damage from explosions, including those caused by creepers, TNT, and other explosive entities or environmental hazards. Leggings with Blast Protection provide added defense against these types of threats. While Blast Protection is specific to explosive damage, it complements other protection enchantments on different armor pieces. Having Blast Protection on leggings, along with other protections on the rest of your armor, creates a well-rounded defense against different types of damage.


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6. Projectile protection is the best for tight combat situations

projectile protection

Projectile Protection is designed to reduce damage from various ranged attacks, including arrows, thrown potions, and other projectile-based threats. Leggings with Projectile Protection provide added defense against these types of attacks. Skeletons and strays are common hostile mobs that use ranged attacks in the form of arrows. Projectile Protection on leggings helps mitigate the damage from these mobs, making it easier to withstand their attacks during encounters.

7. Thorns is an excellent offensive enchantment


When a player wearing Thorns-enchanted armor is attacked by a mob or another player, there is a chance that the attacker will take damage. The Thorns enchantment inflicts damage back upon the entity that dealt the attacking blow. Each time the Thorns effect is triggered, the durability of the Thorns-enchanted armor is reduced. This means that over time, as Thorns activates in response to attacks, the durability of the armor decreases.

Thorns is a fairly unconventional enchantment but if you’re looking for a bit of offense, it’s nice to give it a try.

8. Curse of Vanishing is good if you love risks

curse of vanishing

Some players enjoy the added challenge and risk associated with losing their gear upon death. Applying Curse of Vanishing to leggings could make the game more challenging and force players to be more cautious in dangerous situations.

In PvP scenarios, Curse of Vanishing might be used strategically. Players may apply it to valuable items with the intention that, if they are defeated in combat, their opponents won’t gain the benefits of their enchanted gear.

9. Curse of Binding is generally one of the worst enchantments

curse of binding

Curse of Binding is generally not considered “good” for leggings in Minecraft, or any other armor piece for that matter, in most situations. Curse of Binding is a unique enchantment that, when applied to an item, prevents the player from removing that item once it is equipped.


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If you accidentally apply Curse of Binding to leggings and put them on, you won’t be able to remove them. This can be a problem if you later find better leggings or need to switch out your armor for specific situations.

What is the best enchantment in Minecraft for leggings & what is the best combo?

The best enchantment for leggings is Mending, followed by protection and unbreaking. As far as combo goes, the best combo for leggings is protection, unbreaking, and mending. Generally, those 3 enchantments can be combined to raise your protection to another level completely.

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