‘Ahsoka’: What Was the White Bird on Peridea? Is It Morai?

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The events of the season 1 finale of ‘Ahsoka’ were both amazing and kind of sad. That’s because we saw a lot of action unfolding in the episode, only for Ahsoka and Sabine to fail in their mission to prevent Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return to the known galaxy. While Ezra was able to get home, Ahsoka and Sabine returned to Peridea, where Ahsoka encountered a familiar white bird. So, what was this white bird on Peridea, and is it Morai?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Morai is a white convor who befriended Ahsoka during the Imperial era and is said to be connected to the Daughter.
  • It is possible that Morai is an aspect of the Daughter or, at the very least, one of her avatars.
  • Morai was likely the bird who appeared on Peridea, as Ahsoka was given hope that they could return to the known galaxy.

Who is Morai?

Many things in the Star Wars storyline have been associated with Ahsoka Tano. Of course, that would naturally make sense because she was the Padawan of Anakin Skywalker. But there is another important fact that fans need to understand about Ahsoka’s entire character, especially when it comes to her connection to the Force.

During the Clone Wars, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka traveled to a system to answer an ancient distress signal. That was when they were mysteriously transported to a planet called Mortis, where they met godlike Force beings often called the Mortis trio or the Mortis gods. The trio comprised the Father, the Daughter, and the Son.


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The Daughter represented the light side of the Force, whereas the Son represented the dark side. The Father was there to ensure that his children were always in check as he served to preserve the balance between the Daughter and the Son. It was the Father who called Anakin to Mortis after hearing that he was the Chosen One, as he wanted Anakin to be the one to replace him on Mortis.

It came to a point where the Son rebelled as he wanted to use Anakin to escape Mortis. He used Ahsoka to his advantage by corrupting her to try to pull Anakin over to the dark side. But when Ahsoka failed to do so, the Son sucked the life out of Ahsoka, killing her in the process. He tried to kill the Father, only for the Daughter to get in the way.

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As the Daughter was dying, she told Anakin to act as a bridge between her and Ahsoka so that she could transfer her life force to her. Ahsoka was brought back to life. And it came to a point wherein all of the Mortis gods eventually died in what was one of the weirdest experiences that Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka ever had.

During the Imperial era, Ahsoka befriended a white convor who started accompanying her on some of her journeys. This bird was called Morai, who was often seen being depicted on murals of the Mortis trio. And in those murals, Morai was almost always together with the Daughter.

Morai was seen a few times in ‘Rebels,’ as she was there when the Rebels established Chopper Base on Atollon. But the most important appearance of Morai was in the World Between Worlds (WBW) when it encouraged Ezra to save Ahsoka by pulling her out of the portal, leading to Malachor V when she was battling Darth Vader two years ago.


Ahsoka and Ezra reunited inside the WBW, and Morai was there. That was when Ahsoka told Ezra that Morai was a friend who was almost always where she was. Morai even accompanied Ahsoka when she could exit the WBW on Malachor V and found another doorway to the WBW on the same plant.

There was even a scene in ‘The Mandalorian’ season 2 wherein a bird resembling Morai was present right before Din Djarin met Ahsoka for the very first time. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether or not this bird was actually Morai.

Ahsoka likely saw Morai on Peridea

While Ahsoka did say that Morai was almost always where she was, fans noticed the bird’s absence during the earlier part of the ‘Ahsoka’ series, but fans do believe that the same bird made an appearance on Peridea.

This happened after Ahsoka and Sabine failed to stop Thrawn’s return to the known galaxy. The duo had to return to Peridea to meet up with the Noti. Ahsoka heard a bird sounding off, and that was when she saw a bird resembling Morai observing her from afar.

One of the things that we know about Dave Filoni is that he doesn’t add small but obvious details to his projects without a good reason. This opens the possibility that this bird was actually Morai and that there was a good reason why Morai appeared to Ahsoka during a time when she was at her lowest point.


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We know that Morai didn’t accompany Ahsoka and Huyang when they went to Peridea, which means the bird shouldn’t have been there. But the fact that Morai was there is a good sign for Ahsoka because she must have realized that Morai was able to get to Peridea using a different way.

As mentioned, Ezra saw Morai in the WBW in ‘Rebels’ right before he rescued Ahsoka from Vader. This opens up the possibility that Morai can travel through the WBW and that there is a door to the WBW on Peridea. So, if that’s true, then Ahsoka and Sabine can go through this doorway to return to the known galaxy.

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We know that the Mortis trio is associated with the WBW because the doorway to the WBW on Lothal had a mural depicting the Mortis gods. As such, it is possible that these entities created the WBW or are closely associated with it.

Of course, this also opens up more storylines related to the Mortis trio. Since we know that Ahsoka is associated with the Daughter after the Force goddess transferred her life force to her before she died, there’s a good chance that Ahsoka will end up uncovering the secrets of Peridea and the power that Baylan Skoll has been searching for on this planet. And there’s a good chance that it is related to the Mortis trio and maybe even a powerful figure whom we have never seen in the canon storylines.

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