Did Ahsoka Die on Malachor n Star Wars Rebels? What Really Happened to Her

Ahsoka Tano has always been one of the most popular Star Wars characters as she portrayed important roles in all of the Star Wars series that she has appeared in. Introduced in Star Wars: Clone Wars, Ahsoka was Anakin’s Padawan and turned into a formidable Force user during the events of Star Wars: Rebels, where she was forced to confront her former master on Malachor. But did Ahsoka actually die on Malachor?

Darth Vader would have killed Ahsoka had Ezra not saved her after going back in time using the World Between Worlds. However, it was always going to be a part of the time loop that Ezra would save Ahsoka. As such, Ahsoka didn’t die on Malachor because Ezra was always going to save her.

The thing about the events on Malachor was that it was always going to be a part of a closed time loop where everything happened as it should. In that regard, even though some fans might believe that Ahsoka was supposed to die if Ezra didn’t save her, the truth is that Ezra saving her was always part of the timeline. That said, let’s look into this topic in greater detail.

What Happened To Ahsoka On Malachor?

Ever since she first appeared during the events of Star Wars: Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano was an important part of the entire Star Wars continuity because she always had a huge hand in the different events that happened throughout the entire storyline. Of course, while she was absent in the original trilogy and during the events of Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith, she has continuously appeared in the different shows that involved the rebels and even Din Djarin.

In that regard, Ahsoka survived the events of the original trilogy and went on to appear during the timeline of The Mandalorian when Luke Skywalker was already rebuilding the Jedi Order. But her most prominent roles came during the events of Clone Wars and Rebels. In Rebels, she was the secret Rebel leader codenamed Fulcrum, as she acted as some sort of a mentor to Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger.

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During the events of Rebels, Ahsoka accompanied Kanan and Ezra to the planet called Malachor, which used to be a Sith planet where an ancient Sith temple could be found. And they had to go there so that they could uncover potential secrets that could lead them to a victory against the Sith, as they knew that the ones in control of the Empire were two Sith Lords.

However, on their way to the Sith temple, the trio was attacked by three Inquisitors, who proved to be capable of fending taking them on. Ezra went ahead to the temple, as it was up to Kanan and Ahsoka to try to defeat three Inquisitors all at once, as Vader himself was on his way to Malachor as well. But the arrival of Maul turned the odds in favor of the good guys as the former Sith defeated and killed two Inquisitors with ease while Kanan finished off the other one.

However, Maul betrayed Kanan and Ahsoka but ended up getting thrown off the temple before he could get to the top. When Ahsoka got to the top, he saw that Darth Vader was already there and had made quick work of Ezra Bridger, who was about to die at the hands of the Empire’s greatest enforcer. 

A battle between Ahsoka and Vader commenced, as the Togruta didn’t even know that this man used to be her mentor. But after damaging Vader’s mask, Ahsoka heard Anakin’s voice once more as it was clear that he was her former master. The battle between Ahsoka and her former master allowed Ezra and Kanan to escape as the temple shut close. We didn’t see the outcome of the battle between Ahsoka and Darth Vader.

Did Ahsoka Die On Malachor?

After Kanan and Ezra escaped from Malachor, they didn’t know what happened to Ahsoka or whether or not she lived to see the light of day again after that battle with Darth Vader. In fact, Ahsoka wasn’t there to guide or help the crew of the Ghost out during the time when they needed her. As such, they came to the conclusion that she had actually died.

However, the truth was that Ahsoka never died in that battle against Darth Vader on Malachor. It might be true that she wasn’t strong enough to defeat her old mentor and that she was probably emotionally affected by the fact that she had to fight the man she knew as Anakin. But she didn’t die in that battle, as this was never confirmed to be true in the subsequent seasons of Star Wars: Rebels.

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In fact, Ahsoka was actually saved due to one of the weirdest and most mysterious Force events that Rebels revealed in the continuity of Star Wars. And she was able to survive that fight against Vader thanks to the timely assistance of Ezra Bridger.

How Did Ahsoka Survive Malachor?

Two years after Ahsoka had seemingly died in that battle against Darth Vader, Ezra Bridger found a Jedi temple in Lothal. In that temple, he was able to get to a portal that led him to a place called the World Between Worlds, which is a spiritual plane created by the Force. This world existed outside of time and space, as it allowed those who entered it to enter into a portal that led to a significant event no matter when or where it happened.

As such, Ezra was able to get to a portal that led him to Ahsoka’s battle with Darth Vader on Malachor two years ago. Just when Vader was about to strike the killing blow to his former Padawan, Ezra’s arm appeared in a portal behind Ahsoka as he grabbed her into the World Between Worlds.

Ezra, however, could not take Ahsoka back to his timeline because they got separated in the World Between Worlds when the Emperor, Darth Sidious, appeared in it. Ahsoka ended up exiting a portal that led her just outside the Sith temple on Malachor, as she eventually found another portal to the World Between Worlds, where she undertook a spiritual journey that supposedly lasted until the end of the reign of the Empire when the Emperor was finally defeated during the events of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi because she appeared before the crew members of the Ghost to embark on a search for Ezra.

Of course, some people believed that Ezra changed the course of history when he rescued Ahsoka on Malachor instead of allowing Vader to kill her. However, Ahsoka was always going to be saved by Ezra because that was already part of a close-looped timeline. Ezra was destined to appear in the portal from the World Between Worlds at that exact moment to save Ahsoka because that was already an event predetermined by the Force.

As such, when Kanan and Ezra escaped the Malachor Sith temple, the Ezra from two years into the future appeared behind Ahsoka just after his younger self had escaped the temple. It was always going to happen, and that’s why Ahsoka never died during that fight against Darth Vader on Malachor.

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