‘Alice in Borderland’: How Tall Is Chishiya?

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Netflix does an outstanding job with its foreign original series. Alice in Borderland is one of them, based on a Japanese manga. In the show, Chishiya is one of the most polarizing characters; manipulative and cunning, but only to survive. That being said, many fans noticed he appears much shorter than others around him. So, how tall is Chishiya in Alice in Borderland?

Shuntaro Chishiya’s height was never disclosed in the show, but he does appear much shorter than others around him. The actor portraying Chishiya is named Nijiro Murakami, and he is not as short as Chishiya appears. Murakami is 5’6’’ (168 cm) tall.

In the manga and the anime, Chishiya is kind of short, but not as obviously shorter than others as in the Netflix series. Let’s explore the character’s height and role, and perhaps we can figure out why the showrunners wanted Chishiya to appear smaller than he actually is.

Who is Chishiya in Alice in Borderland?

Shuntaro Chishiya is a character from the Netflix original TV series Alice in Borderland. He appeared for the first time in the second episode of Season 1 of the show and is portrayed by the Japanese actor Nijiro Murakami.

Chishiya has shoulder-length dyed platinum-blonde hair and a recognizable mold underneath his left eye. He also appears to be much shorter than most other characters around him, even the characters we see him stand directly next to, such as Hikari Kuina.

Shuntari Chishiya is one of the smartest characters in Alice in Borderland, although some might consider him to be semi-villainous. He is sly, manipulative, cunning, and witty. You will often see him standing quietly in the back, but he has no problems manipulating other players to do the dirty work to survive in the games. That is why diamond games are his specialty.

That doesn’t mean Chishiya is shy or a pushover. He doesn’t shy away from speaking his mind and having a sharp tongue when talking to others.


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Is Chishiya a villain in Alice in Borderland?

Chishiya can’t be considered a villain in Alice in Borderland, but he is also far from a hero. That means he doesn’t do heroic deeds to put himself in danger. Rather, he does what he needs to do to survive, even if it means manipulating others to do things that allow him to thrive.

He is similarly portrayed in both the manga and the anime – sometimes, he helps the main heroes, but when push comes to shove, he’ll do what’s best for him.

How tall is Chishiya?

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Over the course of the show, you probably couldn’t help but notice that Shuntaro Chishiya seems a lot shorter than most characters in the series. That made many fans wonder, how tall is Chishiya?

Shutaro Chishiya’s height was never disclosed in the show, but it seems that the showrunners deliberately made him shorter than the actor actually is. You can see that when he stands, for instance, next to Hikari Kuina, who seems almost a head taller than him.

We know that the actor portraying Chishiya, Nijiro Murakami is 5’6’’ (168 cm) tall. On the other hand, the actress portraying Hikari Kuina, Aya Asahina, is only about 5’7’’ (171 cm), which isn’t that much of a difference in real life. So, why does Chishiya appear so much shorter?


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Well, my guess is that it was a deliberate move from the showrunners to make Chishiya not stand out. He is often seen in the background, observing and planning. Making him shorter takes the attention away from him, making his manipulative moves much harder to spot for other players and more imposing to us as viewers.

In any case, Chishiya is my favorite Alice in Borderland character despite him not being an all-out hero. He was definitely the most brilliant character throughout the show so far – especially in the second season.

Alice in Borderland is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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