5 Craziest Alice in Borderland Theories & Could They Be True?

alice in borderland

Alice in Borderland is one of the most successful series that you can watch on Netflix, as it has had two great seasons with a lot of twists and turns that happened along the way. While the entire storyline is based on the manga of the same name, there are some fans that actually never read the manga or even bothered doing so. That is why it was unavoidable for certain people to develop their own theories while watching the two seasons of Alice in Borderland.

Of course, some of these theories make sense, while some of them are just outright bonkers. There were also theories that were debunked along the way, while some of them are still unanswered and could still be true. So, with that said, let’s look at some of the craziest Alice in Borderland theories out there.

Craziest Alice in Borderland Theories

5. Chōta And Karube Were Still Alive

arisu friends

We all know that Arisu’s best friends, Chōta and Karube, played important roles in his life because they were the ones that provided him comfort and company when he was in the real world. However, in season 1, the Hide and Seek game tried to tear their friendship apart, as Mira thought that it would be interesting to put them in such a situation to test their friendship. While the game was initially successful at tearing them apart, Chōta and Karube eventually decided to die in Arisu’s place so that he could move on and defeat the Borderlands.


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While we did see Chōta and Karube dying when their heads blew up, fans were not done speculating about the possibility that they could still be alive. That’s because some fans didn’t know the true nature of the Borderlands. Meanwhile, in season 2, we saw a moment where Arisu was seen talking to Chōta and Karube before he returned to the real world and that only added fuel to the fire of this theory.

4. The Nature Of The Borderlands

the borderlands.

At first, the nature of the Borderlands was quite an enigma because it resembled Tokyo but an emptier version of it. On top of that, futuristic things were going on in the Borderlands, as the games themselves were operated by futuristic mechanisms. There was also a part wherein the Borderlands showed that there were people betting on the outcome of the games.

In that regard, there were a lot of theories that came out about the nature of the Borderlands. Some people thought that it was a simulated world where people were sent so that rich people in the real world could gamble and make bets. But others thought the entire storyline was set in the future and that Arisu and his friends were mentally sent to a different world through some futuristic tech so they could take part in a high-stakes series of life-and-death games.

3. It Was All In Arisu’s Mind

arisu hospital

The second theory that is quite crazy is that it is possible that it all happened in Arisu’s mind. After all, everything important in the Borderlands revolved around Arisu, much like everything important in Alice in Wonderland revolved around Alice herself. There are even theories that everything that happened in Alice in Wonderland took place in Alice’s mind, which could mean that the same could be true in Alice in Borderland, considering that it was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

So, it is possible that the things that happened in the Borderlands happened in Arisu’s mind, as this was one of the things that Mira brought up in the final episode when she tried to trick Arisu into giving up in the Queen of Hearts game. As such, there was a good chance that the things that happened were only happening in Arisu’s mind.

2. There Is “Someone” Behind Everything

joker card

When the Face cards were revealed at the end of season 1, the widespread belief was that they were the ones in charge of the events happening in the Borderlands. After all, they were the ones in charge of the games. But season 2 revealed that the Face cards were only “residents” of the Borderlands and were not necessarily the ones in control over this parallel world. So, with that said, they didn’t have any control over the larger narrative happening in the Borderlands.


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That was when the Joker card was shown at the end of season 2, as there was a hint that this card could be something important in the future. In the manga, the Joker was shown before Arisu left the Borderlands, and that was when it was suggested that this entity could be the one in charge of everything happening in that world. And that means that there is a good chance that the one in charge of the mysterious Borderlands is the Joker card shown in the final scene.

1. They Aren’t Out Of The Woods Yet

arisu and usagi hospital 2

Of course, in connection to the Joker card, there’s a good chance that Arisu and the others probably aren’t out of the woods yet. Despite the fact that they were able to return to the real world after completing all of the Face cards and that Arisu and his friends were able to survive the life-threatening event that happened to them in the real world, the Joker card could still remain a threat.

After all, if Arisu and the others were already out of the woods, the Joker card’s appearance at the end of the season would have been useless and meaningless. So, if there’s a continuation of the events of Alice in Borderland, it is possible that it is connected to the Joker and that there’s still a chance that Arisu and his friends could get into trouble once more.

Could These Theories Be True?

Some of the crazy theories we enumerated above were already disproven in the storyline of Alice in Borderland. For one, the nature of the Borderlands was revealed as it was actually the world between the living and the dead, and this is where people who are still on the verge of death are sent to. Meanwhile, even though we saw Chōta and Karube in the final episode of season 2, it is also true that they were only shown to give Arisu closure. Finally, it was also proven that the Borderlands were not a figment of Arisu’s imagination.

Of course, it is still possible that the Joker card will play a huge role in the future of this franchise, especially if season 3 gets the green light. That means that the theories surrounding this mysterious card could still be true, depending on what happens in the continuation of Alice in Borderland.

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