All 3 ‘Curious Caterer’ Movies in Order

curious caterer mysteries in order

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Hallmark is well known for their original TV movie mystery series, and the ‘Curious Caterer Mysteries’ are among the newest additions to its ever-growing list. So far, there have been three ‘Curious Caterer Mysteries’ movies released, and more are potentially coming in the future. If you want to check them out in the correct order, you’re in the right place.

‘Curious Caterer Mysteries’ movies in order by release date

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are three ‘Curious Caterer Mysteries’ movies released so far. If you don’t want to hear details and spoilers and just want to dive into the series right away, here is the correct release order list:

  1. ‘Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate’ (2022)
  2. ‘Curious Caterer: Grilling Season (2023)
  3. ‘Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows’ (2023)

All three movies are a part of the same series and revolve around the same characters, with a similar theme and vibe throughout all the films. Meaning if you like the first one, you’ll probably enjoy the rest of the series, too.

Over the rest of the article, I’m going to explain how the movies are connected to each other and what the best way to watch them is. Keep in mind there will likely be spoilers throughout the rest of the article.

Are ‘Curious Caterer Mysteries’ movies connected? What’s the best way to watch them?

curious caterer mysteries

Although every movie revolves around its own main storyline and murder/mysterious death, all ‘Curious Caterer Mysteries’ movies are actually connected and belong to the same series.

The entire series basically hinges on two main characters – Goldy Berry, a Colorado-native caterer, and Tom Schulz, a detective first tasked with solving the mysterious death of one of Goldy’s close friends. The two characters lead the way in all three movies, and we explore their relationship just as much as we do the mysteries in each film.

In the first film, Goldy goes through a rough divorce but is still a part of the same friend group as her ex-husband. One of the members of the group dies after driving off of a cliff, and Goldy can’t rest until she finds out what actually happened. That’s how she meets Tom Schultz, who is totally annoyed with her at the beginning as she keeps meddling in the investigation.

Schultz quickly figures out that Goldy is valuable to him and the investigation, and they solve the crime together. Now, in the second film, Goldy Berry kind of becomes the focal point of the investigation, whether she likes it or not, because a grill that she used last at a reception blows up and kills a woman. Tom and Goldy help figure out what actually happened.

Finally, in the third film, they are kind of love interests already when Goldy gets hired to cater a wedding – the new marriage of Tom’s ex-wife and a wealthy town native. After the rehearsal dinner, the groom is found dead while the bride disappears, but Tom is removed from the case because of his former connection to the bride.

The detective that takes over kind of hates Tom, and he quickly becomes the prime suspect, so now Goldy is trying to help Tom clear his name the same way he did for her in the previous film.


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I’m telling you all of this to get to the answer – the best way to watch these films is by release order, which is essentially the chronological order of events as well. You’ll get to witness the slow growth of Goldy and Tom’s relationship while getting to meet them as characters, as well as the people that surround them.

Also, despite the fact that each movie can basically stand alone as its own mystery flick, you’ll understand character relationships and motivations the best if you watch the movies in the correct order. For instance, you’ll see why it was so important to Goldy to help Tom in ‘Fatal Vows’ – he did the same for her in the previous movie, etc.

‘Curious Caterer Mysteries’ movies in chronological order

The chronological order of the ‘Curious Caterer Mysteries’ movies is the same as the release order of the films: ‘Dying for Chocolate,’ ‘Grilling Season,’ and ‘Fatal Vows.’ I strongly suggest watching in this particular order because you’ll get the most out of the stories. 

Also, it is the chronological order of events, meaning you’ll learn more about the characters and won’t miss out on little details in the second or third film that have been shared before in previous installments but not repeated in those movies.

Where to watch the above-mentioned movies?

curious caterer fatal vows

Seeing that the ‘Curious Caterer Mysteries’ franchise is a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries original, you can naturally find them there, on Hallmark Movies Now and Hallmark Movies Now Amazon Channel. 

Apart from the Hallmark Channels, the first film, ‘Dying for Chocolate,’ is also available for streaming on Fubo TV, DIRECTV, Peacock TV, The Roku Channel, Spectrum TV, Philo, and Frndly TV.

The second film, ‘Grilling Season,’ is available on Peacock TV, The Roku Channel, and Frndly TV, whereas the third movie, ‘Fatal Vows,’ can be found on Philo, Fubo TV, DIRECTV, and Sling.

For all of these films, however, I suggest you try finding them on Hallmark first, as that’s the easiest way to find them.


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Will there be more ‘Curious Caterer Mysteries’ movies?

Currently, there are no additional ‘Curious Caterer Mysteries’ movies in the works – at least not announced – which is to expect considering the fact that the last film came out only a few weeks ago. However, fans of the series shouldn’t be pessimistic. In fact, I’m almost sure that more ‘Curious Caterer Mysteries’ will eventually come out.

You see, the movies are actually based on a book series called ‘Culinary Mystery’, written by Dianne Mott Davidson. There are 17 books in the series, whereas the last film, ‘Fatal Vows,’ was the adaptation of only the fourth book. This means we still have about 13 books worth of materials to adapt, so it’s basically a matter of time before another film is made.

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