All Disney+ Original Movies & TV Shows Releasing in April 2022

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Disney+ dramatically surged in popularity over the past several months. As the platform grows, so does the production of awesome Disney+ Original content, such as Marvel’s Moon Knight, a new installation of The Kardashians, and much more.

Here’s every Disney+ Original movie, TV show, or documentary coming to the platform in April 2022. Note that there are a lot of Disney-produced shows and films that are arriving on the platform but aren’t really Disney+ Originals, so they won’t be on this list.

Disney+ Originals In April 2022 At A Glance

Here’s the list of all the Disney+ Originals coming to the platform in April. You can find a more detailed review of all the titles below the list.

  • Moon Knight (03/30/2022)
  • Better Nate Than Ever (04/01/2022)
  • Single Drunk Female (04/06/2022)
  • Terapia Alternativa (04/06/2022)
  • The Dropout Ep. 8 (04/07/2022)
  • Riot Police (04/13/2022)
  • Ice Age: Scrat Tales Season 1 (04/13/2022)
  • The Ignorant Angels Season 1 (04/13/2022)
  • The Kardashians (04/14/2022)
  • Club Mickey Mouse Season 4 (04/20/2022)
  • Polar Bear (04/22/2022)
  • Bear Witness (04/22/2022)
  • The Biggest Little Farm: The Return (04/22/2022)
  • Explorer: The Last Tepui (04/22/2022)
  • Sketchbook Season 1 (04/27/2022)

Disney+ Originals In April 2022 In Detail

Moon Knight (03/30/2022)

disney originals moon knight

I know, I know, the first episode of Moon Knight premiered in late March. However, almost the entire show will come out in Aprile (one episode every Wednesday), so I genuinely believe it deserves a spot on the list.

Country of origin: United States

Type: Disney+ Original TV Mini-Series

Genre: Superhero, Action, Adventure

Synopsis: “The series follows Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift-shop employee, who becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life. Steven discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. 

As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of Egypt.”

Watch the trailer here.

Better Nate Than Ever (04/01/2022)

disney originals better nate

Country of origin: United States

Type: Disney+ Original Movie

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical

Synopsis: “13-year-old Nate Foster is an unpopular Midwestern kid who entertains vivid fantasies of becoming a big Broadway musical star. In the meantime, however, Nate can’t even get a decent role in his middle school’s drama productions, getting cast as a tree in the chorus instead of the lead role he craves. 

However, when he and his best friend Litty mastermind a daring trip to New York City, without their parents’ knowledge, to audition for “Lilo and Stitch: The Musical,” Nate may be on the verge of fulfilling his lifelong dream. But first, he has to overcome a series of comical obstacles that threaten his Broadway adventure with disaster at every farcical turn.”

Watch the trailer here.

Single Drunk Female (04/06/2022)

disney originals single drunk female

Country of origin: United States

Type: Hulu/Disney+ Original TV Series

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Synopsis: “Follows Samantha Fink, who, after a spectacularly embarrassing public breakdown, is forced to move back home with her overbearing mother to sober up and avoid jail time.”

Watch the trailer here.

Terapia Alternativa (04/06/2022)

disney originals terapia alternativa

Country of origin: Argentina (Spanish Language)

Type: Star+ Original TV Series

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Synopsis: “A couple of ex-lovers set out on an unusual couples’ therapy with a young and a bit unorthodox psychologist to try to put an end to their relationship, and this way stop lying to their families.”

Watch the trailer here.

The Dropout Ep. 8 (04/07/2022)

disney originals dropout

Another show that premiered earlier, but I’ve decided to put it on the list, as some of the episodes are being released in April. I love the show so far, so I urge you to give it a go. Amanda Seyfried is awesome.

Country of origin: United States

Type: Hulu/Disney+ Original Series (Inspired by true events)

Genre: Biography, Drama

Synopsis: “TV series that chronicles Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes’ attempt to revolutionize the healthcare industry after dropping out of college and starting a technology company.”

Watch the trailer here.

Riot Police (04/13/2022)

disney originals riot police

Country of origin: Spain

Original title: Antidisturbios

Type: Movistar+ Original TV Mini-Series

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller:

Synopsis: “Six riot police undertake an eviction in the center of Madrid, which goes awry to the point that a man ends up dying. A team from Internal Affairs takes charge of investigating the events and the six riot police are charged with involuntary manslaughter. 

The members of the squad try to find their own way out, which only ends up creating a rift between them and even further complicating the situation. Laia, one of the Internal Affairs officers, becomes obsessed with the case and ends up discovering that behind the ill-fated eviction, there is a much bigger story.”

Watch the trailer here.

Ice Age: Scrat Tales Season 1 (04/13/2022)

disney originals ice age scrat tales

Country of origin: United States

Type: Disney+ Original TV Animated Shorts Series

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

Synopsis: “‘Ice Age: Scrat Tales’ is a series of six all-new animated shorts starring Scrat, the hapless saber-toothed squirrel of the “Ice Age” adventures, who experiences the ups and downs of fatherhood, as he and the adorable, mischievous Baby Scrat, alternately bond with each other and battle for ownership of the highly treasured Acorn.”

Watch the trailer here.

The Ignorant Angels Season 1 (04/13/2022)

disney originals the ignorant angels

Country of origin: Italy (Italian Language)

Original title: Le Fate Ignoranti

Type: Disney+ Original TV Series

Genre: Drama, Romance

Synopsis: “Following the death of her husband in a car accident, Antonia discovers that he was having a homosexual affair with a man named Michele. At first devastated by the news, she finds herself building an unexpected friendship with this man she had never heard of. 

They both learn to know each other, to accept each other, to understand each other. Antonia thus discovers her husband’s other family made up of friends with unusual lifestyles and different sexual identities.”

Watch the trailer here.

The Kardashians (04/14/2022)

disney originals kardashians

If you think we’ve seen the last of the Kardashian family reality shows, you thought wrong. They are back with more drama, as Hulu & Disney+ decided to rejuvenate the show and launch a new Kardashian reality.

Country of origin: United States

Type: Hulu/Disney+ Original Reality TV Series

Genre: Reality-TV

Synopsis: The show has the same principles as the mega-popular Keeping up with the Kardashians. It follows the Kardashian family with their lives, business ventures, love dramas, and much more.

Watch the trailer here.

Club Mickey Mouse Season 4 (04/20/2022)

disney originals club mickey mouse

Country of origin: United States

Type: Disney+ Original TV Mini-Series (Shorts)

Genre: Comedy, Music

Synopsis: “‘Club Mickey Mouse’ follows the journey of the new Mouseketeers as they create new music and choreography and build friendships. “Club Mickey Mouse” is one of the first programs created entirely for social feeds. The new Mouseketeers are true digital-first creators, selected with talent, authenticity, and attainability in mind. 

Over the course of seven weeks, they will share their journey on the @ClubMickeyMouse Instagram and Facebook accounts through Instagram stories, Boomerangs, and Facebook Live videos as they document the behind-the-scenes process of writing their own songs, choreographing their dances, and their experiences on set. 

Each week will culminate in a unique musical performance and a marquee music video. Walt Disney Records will also distribute the original music weekly through online music stores, including a new “Club Mickey Mouse” theme song which will be released on September 12, 2017.”

Watch some of the sketches here.

Polar Bear (04/22/2022)

disney originals polar bear

Country of origin: United States

Type: DisneyNature Original Documentary

Genre: Documentary, Nature

Synopsis: “Narrated by two-time Academy Award® nominee Catherine Keener (“Capote,” “Being John Malkovich”), Disneynature’s “Polar Bear” tells the story of a new mother whose memories of her own youth prepare her to navigate motherhood in the increasingly challenging world that polar bears face today. 

Helmed by Alastair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson, the directing team behind Disneynature’s “Penguins,” and produced by Fothergill, Wilson, Jason Roberts, Keith Scholey, and Roy Conli, “Polar Bear” launches exclusively on Disney+ on April 22, 2022.”

Watch the trailer here.

Bear Witness (04/22/2022)

disney originals bear witness

Country of origin: United States

Type: DisneyNature Original Behind-The-Scenes Documentary

Genre: Nature, Documentary, Behind-The-Scenes

Synopsis: When Dinsey+ announced that Polar Bear was coming to the platform, they also announced that, on the same day, a behind-the-scenes documentary called Bear Witness was also coming to the platform. Bear Witness will present the filming process behind Polar Bear and what it takes to create such a mesmerizing nature documentary.

The Biggest Little Farm: The Return (04/22/2022)

disney originals biggest little farm

Country of origin: United States

Type: National Geographic/Disney+ Original Documentary

Genre: Documentary, Nature

Synopsis: The Biggest Little Farm was a 2018 successful documentary, following documentarian John Chester and his wife, Molly, on a mission to create a big, sustainable 200-acre farm just outside of Los Angeles.

The Biggest Little Farm: The Return will give us an update on their work, along with some new interesting facts. There’s not a lot of info about the details out there yet, but I’m sure they’ll come as the streaming date approaches. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for the first documentary to see what you can expect out of the new one.

Explorer: The Last Tepui (04/22/2022)

disney originals explorer last tepui

Country of origin: United States

Type: National Geographic/Disney+ TV Special Documentary

Genre: Documentary, Nature, Adventure

Synopsis: “Follows elite climber Alex Honnold and a world-class climbing team on a grueling mission deep in the Amazon jungle.”

Alex Honnold is one of the world’s best free climbers. He embarks on a journey to explore the secrets of the Tepui deep in the Amazon jungle. I’ve been following Honnold’s adventures for a while now, and when you combine that with Explorer – one of the longest-running documentary series from National Geographic, you know you’re up for a treat.

Sketchbook Season 1 (04/27/2022)

disney originals sketchbook

Country of origin: United States

Type: Disney+ Original Documentary Series

Genre: Documentary, Family, Animation

Synopsis: “This documentary series takes us onto the desks and into the lives of talented artists and animators. Each episode focuses on a single artist teaching us how to draw a single iconic character from a Walt Disney Animation Studios film.”

Basically, we get a sneak peek to see how the amazing artists create characters for Disney animated movies, from Olaf in Frozen, Mirabel from Encanto, all the was to Captain Hook from the old Peter Pan cartoons. It’ll be awesome!

Watch the trailer here.

Other Disney Content Coming To Disney+

There are tons of Disney-produced shows coming to Disney+ that aren’t Disney+ Originals. Still, there’s some amazing content worth mentioning, so here’s the full list of all Disney+ First Run shows and movies coming in April:

  • The Reason I Jump (04/01/2022)
  • Step Into… The Movies with Derek and Julianne Hough (04/01/2022)
  • Walk the Prank Season 1 (04/01/2022)
  • Disney Junior Music Lullabies (04/06/2022)
  • Ghost and Molly McGee Season 1 Episodes 11-16 (04/06/2022)
  • Life Bites Seasons 1-7 (04/06/2022)
  • NCIS Season 19 Episodes 1-3 (04/06/2022)
  • Sex Appeal (04/08/2022)
  • BabyTV: Giggle Wiggle, Ahoy Pirates, Rocco, Stitches, Dino and the Egg, Toto’s Kindergarten (04/13/2022)
  • Ghostforce Season 1 Episode 1-10 (04/13/2022)
  • Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir Season 4 Episodes 21-26 (04/13/2022)
  • The Queen Family Singalong (04/18/2022)
  • Superstar Season 1 (04/18/2022)
  • Roll it Back Shorts Season 1 (04/20/2022)
  • Space Chickens In Space Season 1 (04/20/2022)
  • Space Chickens In Space Shorts Season 1 (04/20/2022)
  • Captive Audience (04/21/2022)
  • Big City Greens Season 3 Episodes 1-5 (04/27/2022)
  • Dollface Season 2 (04/27/2022)
  • Mere Et Fille Seasons 1-2 (04/27/2022)
  • Mere et Fille: California Dream (04/29/2022)
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