All 7 Genshin Impact Gods Explained & Ranked by Strength

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The world of Genshin Impact is a complex one that has a lore that’s very deep in the sense that its history is vast and full of different beings that are godlike in their status. As such, there are gods or archons that exist in the world of Genshin Impact, and these beings are the most powerful characters in terms of lore, even if they may not be the most powerful playable characters. There are 7 Genshin Impact gods in total, and we are here to learn more about them and rank them in terms of their strength.

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As mentioned, Genshin Impact has 7 gods in the form of the archons, which are beings that basically govern the different elements and countries in the game. They are powerful entities that are, lore-wise, more powerful than any character in the game. So, with that said, let’s get to know these gods and learn more about where they fall in terms of their strength.

7. Fontaine

Genshin Impact Fontaine

At this point, not a lot is known about Fontaine because Genshin Impact is yet to release a lot of information regarding her. In fact, among all of the different gods in the game, she has the least information available. Nevertheless, we believe that more information about her will be released in the future update and the storyline regarding her country of Fontaine. As of the moment, we are going to talk about the few things we know about her.


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Fontaine is the archon of the Hydro element and is also called the God of Justice because of her steadfast belief in justice. However, she is also a skeptical god and even judges the other gods from her country. In that regard, it will be interesting to see what kind of a god she is and how powerful this archon will be. So, as of now, we’re putting her at the bottom of this list because we don’t know anything about her yet.

6. Murata

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Like Fontaine, Murata is basically an unknown as well because we don’t know a lot about her personality and what kind of a god she is. But we do know more about Murata in comparison to what we know about Fontaine. Still, because we don’t know a lot of things about her, we are ranking her sixth on this list.

At this point, we aren’t even sure that Murata is the name of the archon because there aren’t a ton of things revealed about her but what we do know is that she is the Pyro element archon and is the goddess of the Natlan country. On top of that, Murata is also the God of War, as her ideals lean towards war. Aside from those, we don’t know anything about Murata, what her name is, and what kind of power she holds.

5. Barbatos

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Barbatos is the archon of the Anemo element and is the first Archon that Genshin Impact players met in the game. That’s because Mondstadt is the first country that players will experience, and this is where Barbatos is from. And it is the fact that Barbatos is the God of Freedom that makes him one of the most ideal gods, as he is capable of governing his people without necessarily intervening in their affairs.

The local name of Barbatos is Venti, and he is a character that holds more than 2,600 years of experience. He is one of the two original archons in the world of Genshin Impact, and that means that he has been around for a very long time and loves watching from behind the scenes as a simple bard that doesn’t want to interfere with what’s happening in the world of his people in Mondstadt.

Nevertheless, whenever he is needed, he actually intervenes because he is the one who is responsible for warming the tundra, controlling mountains, and keeping the weather kind enough to his people. And he loves freedom so much that he is willing to do everything in his power to protect his people’s freedom, even though he prefers to operate from the shadows.

4. Baal/Beelzebul

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Baal is the archon of the Electro element in Genshin Impact and is one of the most violent gods in the entire game. In fact, while the player’s experience with Barbatos and Morax is kind of enjoyable because of their demeanor, things will quickly take a different turn in the country of Inazuma under the rule of Baal/Beelzebul, who has locked her country in a fierce seclusion policy that limits its interaction with the outside world.

As the God of Eternity, Baal’s actions are often geared towards her pursuit of eternity. The Electro archon is also in control over the visions of the people of Inazuma have, as it is unknown to who the last vision was given in the story of Genshin Impact. In that regard, this character is very strict and stern in her approach.

Also called Raiden Shogun, which is her local name, Baal was one of the gods involved in the Archon War that happened 500 years before. Later on, it was revealed that Baal actually died in war and was replaced by her twin sister named Beelzebul, who took on the mantle of the Raiden Shogun.

3. Sumeru

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Sumeru is, as of this writing, the next in line for release and is going to be the newest god in the world of Genshin Impact as far as gameplay is concerned. However, despite being the next god in line for release, there aren’t a lot of things that people actually know about Sumeru and their country of Sumeru. Nevertheless, let’s look at what we know about this god.


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What we do know is that Sumeru is the youngest of the 7 gods because her rule only began after the Archon War, and that suggests that the archon that they replaced died in that war. That said, their identity is still quite a mystery to Genshin Impact fans because not a lot of people know anything about Sumeru. Genshin Impact seems to be quite secretive when it comes to the details.

Still, we know that Sumeru is the Dendro archon in the game and is the God of Wisdom. It is also possible that the local name that Sumero will take is a female named Kusanali. And it is possible that she is going to be one of the most gods beloved by her people, unlike some of the other gods in the story (Raiden Shogun, in particular).

2. Morax (Rex Lapis)

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Morax is the archon of Liyue and is actually the oldest among all of the different gods in Genshin Impact. That means that he is older than Barbatos, who himself is an old god. He is the god of the Geo element in Genshin Impact and is one of the gods that have a more involved relationship with his people, especially when you compare him to Barbatos.

Also known by his mortal name of Zhongli, Morax is given the name Rex Lapis by his people because he is very involved when it comes to guiding Liyue. He is the God of Contracts and is often said to be the reason why the country is capable of sustaining its economic growth. He is also responsible for being able to influence the way his country interacts with other countries, as he is aptly called the God of Contracts.

As Zhongli, Morax is very powerful and is capable of leveling entire landscapes with his powers. He was the one responsible for creating the Stone Forest of Guyun by using his spears during the Archon War. And, like all of the other archons in the game, he often lives among his people to observe what is happening to Liyue and intervene in their affairs whenever he is needed.

1. The Tsaritsa

Genshin Impact La Signora

The Tsaritsa is the seventh and quite possibly the strongest archon in the game, as we don’t know a lot about the character. That means that we are only speculating that they could be stronger than any other character. And while the Tsaritsa is yet to be released, we know a lot of things about the character because of their interactions with the different countries.

We know that the Tsaritsa is the archon of Snezhnaya and is the Cryo archon. We also know that this god takes the form of a mortal woman. It is also quite possible that the citizens of Snezhnaya don’t really like her but are still drawn to her side because of her power.

At this point, her true ideals and belief are shrouded in mystery because she is yet to be released. But what we can possibly say is that the Tsaritsa is a cruel goddess that is hated by her people because of the way she treats them. As such, she may be just as powerful or even stronger than any of the gods but has a cruel demeanor that’s unmatched.

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