All Might vs. All For One: Who Won the Fight? (& Is He Really Stronger)

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Two of the most powerful characters in the My Hero Academia storyline are All Might and All For One. All Might was, at one point, the top hero in all of the world and is widely known as Japan’s symbol of peace because of his proficiency with his quirk, One For All. Meanwhile, All For One possesses a quirk called All For One, which allows him to steal quirks from other people to make them his. So, in the battle between All Might and All For One, who won?

In the two fights that All Might and All For One had, All Might emerged victorious. All Might critically wounded All For One in their first fight to the point that the villain was basically deformed. But All For One left All Might wounded as well. In the second fight, All Might defeated and put All For One away.

While All For One was, for many years, regarded as the strongest character in the entire world, he realized that All Might was a threat to him, and that was what forced him to plan for the future while grooming Tomura Shigaraki. Nevertheless, despite all of his machinations, All For One was defeated by All Might in his final act of heroism. That said, let’s look at the battles between them.

All Might vs. All For One: Who Won The Fight?

Even though the greater story of My Hero Academia focuses on Izuku Midoriya’s rise as the successor of the quirk called One For All, we also get to see more of All Might’s own character development and backstory as well. In fact, All Might’s rise as the strongest hero in the world and the symbol of peace in Japan was told well enough in the series.

Of course, All Might’s ultimate goal was to defeat the villain called All For One, who has always been the man manipulating the villain world from the shadows throughout the entire history of the My Hero Academia world ever since the rise and discovery of quirks. It was during All Might’s era that All For One became afraid of the one who possessed One For All because that was when the quirk became strong enough to become a threat to his rule.


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All Might, as the symbol of peace, eventually found a way to reach All For One as they battled in what was arguably the toughest fight that they ever had in their entire lives. Of course, in the manga and anime, we also saw them fighting each other one last time during the Hideout Raid arc, where the rematch of the century happened. So, who won the fights between All Might and All For One?

The first battle between All Might and All For One actually ended with the hero winning. Nevertheless, he didn’t come out of that victory in one piece. All Might’s attacks managed to leave critical wounds on All For One, who nearly died in that encounter with the strongest hero. However, All For One was able to deal a massive blow that managed to critically wound All Might as well.

In fact, the wound that All For One left on All Might was what made it impossible for him to keep using his quirk through extended periods of time. He had a time limit in his quirk because half of his respiratory organs were destroyed by the wound left by All For One, who also became deformed due to the wounds that the hero left on him. 

all might injury

As such, All Might had no choice but to look for a successor to pass his quirk, One For All, to. The fact that All For One could no longer heal from his cauterized wounds also made it clear that he needed to find a successor. And that was the reason why he began grooming Tomura Shigaraki as a possible candidate for his quirk, All For One.

Meanwhile, after All Might had already passed his quirk to Izuku Midoriya and was beginning to lose One For All, he was still strong enough to fight during the Hideout Raid arc. This was when he and All For One were able to finally fight again in what was the rematch of the century.

Throughout most of the fight, All For One was seemingly winning against All Might because he had acquired new quirks that were able to give him an advantage over the hero despite the fact that he could no longer see and was severely hampered by the wounds he suffered during their first fight. Meanwhile, All Might was limited by the fact that he was losing One For All and that he had a time limit on his muscular form. On top of that, All Might was also concerned about the civilians that were around the vicinity, as the villain used them to his advantage in the fight.

Nevertheless, All Might focused all of his remaining power on one arm, as All For One deduced that he only had one final attack left in him. Endeavor and Edgeshot arrived just in time to assist All Might and allow him to gather his final attack before they end up getting blasted away by All For One. 

All For One also enlarged his arm by focusing a lot of quirks on it as it mutated and became strong enough to match All Might’s enlarged arm. The two clashed with their strongest attacks. However, at the very last second, All Might transferred his remaining power from his other arm to his right arm to hit All For One with his strongest attack, which was able to deliver a mighty blow he called the United States of Smash. This ended the rematch in All Might’s favor, despite the fact that the final attack burned through all of the embers of the One For All quirk he had in him.

Who Between All Might And One For All Is Stronger?

Even though All Might defeated All For One in both of their encounters, does that really mean that he is the stronger hero compared to the mighty villain? Well, it is best to look at their quirks and abilities to truly determine who is stronger.

All Might Quirk and Abilities

all might

In a nutshell, All Might possesses a quirk called One For All. The history behind this quirk is that it was passed down from All For One’s brother, who he thought was quirkless. That was the reason why All For One gave him the ability to stockpile power, as this was basically useless at that time because he couldn’t stockpile power long enough to become a threat to All For One.

However, what All For One didn’t know was that his brother had a quirk that allowed him to pass his quirk to other people. When All For One gave him the stockpiling power, the two quirks combined to become One For All, which had the ability to stockpile power and pass this from one generation to another. And, as displayed by Izuku Midoriya, the quirk also allows him to use the quirks of the previous possessors of One For All.


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As such, when All Might became the new successor of One For All, the quirk had stockpiled enough power to enhance his overall physical abilities to the point that he was physically the strongest man in the entire world. On top of that, All Might also had enhanced durability that allowed him to brush off attacks that would normally knock out or kill any other hero. But All Might’s greatest asset is his indomitable will, which allows him to continue to press on during a fight despite being the one at a disadvantage.

All For One Quirk and Abilities

all for one

All For One is an older person that was able to live for a very long time due to the fact that his quirk, All For One, allowed him to steal any kind of quirk he wanted. In that regard, his body is a host of a lot of different quirks that he could use at any given moment as long as he has enough skill to know how to properly use them.

As such, All For One has a lot of quirks that include Search, Warping, Air Cannon, Impact Recoil, Hypertrophy, Life Force, and Infrared, among others. He can even combine one quirk with another so that he candimprove the power of those quirks. That was why his control over Air Cannon was so strong that it was able to actually destroy a huge chunk of an entire city.

The fact that All For One has a lot of different quirks that he could use at his disposal and even combine with other quirks makes him incredibly powerful to the point that he was the longtime leader of an underground villain group that he controlled from the shadows. 

Is All Might Really Stronger Than One For All?

While we don’t really know what happened during the first fight between All Might and All For One, it is safe to say that they were both able to push each other to the limit, as suggested by the fact that All For One said that he could never forget All Might’s face when the hero was backed in a corner in their first encounter.

However, their second fight suggested that All For One was actually stronger than All Might because he now had more quirks that he was able to use effectively against the hero’s physical strength. In fact, he probably stole those quirks specifically to counter All Might’s abilities.

But the only reason All Might was able to win was the fact that he had the indomitable will to win that All For One didn’t have. It was his will to win and show the world that he was still the symbol of peace that allowed him to land one final blow on the villain. 

Of course, he had the help of Endeavor, Edgeshot, and Gran Torino in that fight against All For One. That is why, had that been a one-on-one fight, All For One would have won. But true heroes work well with each other. As such, All Might’s willingness to work with his fellow heroes and his indomitable will allowed him to defeat All For One in their final fight.

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