Every One For All User in My Hero Academia (Ranked)

every one for all users in my hero academia (ranked)

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One For All is a transferable Quirk that has been possessed by many hosts, the first being Yoichi Shigaraki and the most famous being All Might. The most recent recipient of his power is Izuku Midoriya. The One For All is one of the best and most powerful Quirks in My Hero Academia and in this article, we have decided to list and rank all of the One For All users in the series based on their powers and abilities in general.

9. Yoichi Shigaraki

Frere afo

He was the younger brother of the mighty villain, All For One. It was initially believed that he had no Quirk, but in reality he had a Quirk with no power other than to transfer it to another person. One For All was formed from the fusion of his original Quirk and the stockpile of power that All For One had forced upon him.

Although small and sickly, he had a strong sense of justice and did not back down to oppose his brother’s evil deeds. The younger brother attempted to defeat his older brother with his newly fused Quirk, but did not have a sufficient power level to do so. He then passed on One For All to an as-yet-unnamed successor, in hopes that someone in the future would end up stopping his older brother once and for all, a cycle that has continued to the present day.

Even long after his death, the younger brother is aware that Izuku is the ninth wielder of One For All, due to his consciousness being embedded in the Quirk. He thus showed Izuku the events leading up to the Quirk’s creation. Yoichi is shown in the anime to be similar in size to All For One and, like his brother, he has white hair. Opening “No.1” revealed that he also has green eyes the same shade as Izuku.

And later in the manga, when Tomura Shigaraki began his rise to power, there was a flashback sequence where All For One gave Tomura his name and when the latter asked if his surname had a meaning (“Tomura” means to cry) All For One simply stated that “Shigaraki” was his surname. So it can be assumed that the surname of the First Users was “Shigaraki” as well.


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8. Unnamed Second User

The second user of the One For All has long been shown in shadow or from behind. At the end of Chapter 305, the first user invites him to join the chat that all the other users have with Izuku. It will be necessary to wait for Chapter 310 for the Second User to reveal his face, without revealing his name. He is the last of the users to speak in the echoes of One For All, the Third User having preceded him shortly before.

Presumably a servant of All For One in his heyday, the Second User decides, along with the Third User, to free Yoichi Shigaraki from the cell All For One had locked him in. Symbolically, he extends his hand to her, thus marking the beginning of a long fight against All For One.

7. Unnamed Third User

3rd user

The third user of the One For All has also been shown in shadow or from behind. At the end of Chapter 305, the first user, likewise, invites him to join the talk that all the other users have with Izuku Midoriya. It will be necessary to wait for Chapter 310 for the Third User to reveal his face, without revealing his name, though, just like the Second User.

He is expressed in the echoes of One For All just before the Second User, the last to speak. He talks about when All For One was at his peak, and he had to make tough decisions, along with his predecessor, to see the fight against All For One through.

6. Hikage Shinomori

Hikage Shinomori 28129

He has two cracks on his face near the left eye, going across the left eye to the lower left lip. This damage came from the strain One For All put on his body after using it for so long. He also appears to have light hair. Unlike the other users, Hikage chose not to confront All For One, aware of the huge power gap between them, and instead spent his time in isolation, training and strengthening One For All for his successor.

During the last years of her life, her body began to decay, causing scarring. Hikage spent One For All in Daigoro before dying of old age at the age of 40. In All Might’s notes on previous One For All users, he had information about Hikage scribbled down. It was revealed that All Might scribbled down the cause of death, due to suspicions he had about One For All’s side effects.

So users learned the truth: Anyone who wields One For All while already possessing a Birth Quirk will have their lifespan shortened due to the power load on the body. His mastery of One For All is unknown, though he likely used it in conjunction with his base Quirk, Danger Sense. Excluding Toshinori, Hikage is the user who has used One For All the longest, a total of 18 years.


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5. Daigoro Banjo / Lariat

Daigoro Banjo Anime Portrait

Daigoro is described as a “super funky” man and compared to other One For All users, who are quite calm and reserved, Daigoro shows a more energetic personality. Daigoro likes to joke around even in serious situations as he quickly called out his predecessor, Hikage Shinomori, a weird guy who lived a hermit’s life and was constantly pestering him while he was talking to Izuku Midoriya at his predecessors’ meeting.

Despite his energetic personality, Daigoro has extremely strong willpower and is serious about the One For All’s power and his duty within it, as before he died, he stopped All For One from stealing the One For All from him. and when Izuku woke up his Black Whip, the first thing he did was encourage him to make an effort and explained how it works.

His Quirk, Blackwhip, allowed him to create tendrils of black energy from his arms. These tendrils were excellent for grappling and increasing his mobility. The One For All was transferred to him from the fourth user. Daigoro’s second Quirk allowed him to accumulate a huge amount of raw energy, allowing him to significantly enhance all of his physical abilities to a higher level. This results in incredible levels of strength, speed, agility, and durability.


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4. En


At some point in the past, En received the One For All from his predecessor, the fifth user Daigoro Banjo, after being injured and trapped under a pile of rubble. Daigoro extended his injured hand towards him so that En could acquire the One For All after consuming Daigoro’s blood. Some time later, All For One attempted to steal the One For All from En twice, but failed. At some point, as the sixth user, he met Nana Shimura. After being seriously injured in a battle with All For One, En gave Nana some hair to become the seventh heiress of One For All.

During the duel between Izuku and Hitoshi Shinso in the U.A. Sports Championship tournament, Izuku asw brainwashed by Hitoshi’s Quirk, who orders him out of bounds, to be eliminated. Although Izuku tries to resist, he cannot disobey the order. When he is about to step over ringside, En and the rest of the previous users appear to Izuku as shadowy mental figures.

They awaken his spirit and allow Izuku to use the One For All in his fingers, allowing him to escape hypnosis and win the fight. For several months, none of the users reappear in Izuku, until the eve of Joint Training, where En and several of the previous users, including All For One’s younger brother and Nana, appear in a dream but with his real appearance, and not as a shaded figure.

The dream shows Izuku’s memories of the first user. En doesn’t say anything, but the first user speaks for everyone and assures Izuku that he’s not alone. Izuku’s dream ends with all of his predecessors looking at him with benevolent expressions, seemingly aware that he is the ninth user and welcoming him.

In the aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War, when Izuku is comatose, he speaks with all the remnants within One For All. While conversing, Daigoro mentions that he and En nearly had the One For All stolen twice by All For One, but both times managed to keep the power out of the villain’s hands.

The full extent of En’s abilities are unknown, but as a remnant of One For All, it can be assumed that he is strong. However, he wasn’t strong enough to defeat All For One. En possessed a Quirk, called Smokescreen, that allowed him to generate smoke, which allowed him to be invisible for a certain period of time. It was added to the heart of One For All and is reused by Izuku Midoriya.

The One For All was transferred from Daigoro to him. En’s second Quirk allowed him to store a huge amount of raw strength, allowing him to greatly enhance all of his physical abilities to a level superhuman. This resulted in incredible levels of strength, speed, agility, stamina, and endurance.


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3. Izuku Midoriya / Deku

One For All Full Cowl

Izuku, the second Quirkless user, was chosen by All Might to become the ninth wielder of One For All, after the student proved himself worthy of inheriting the Quirk, having done so by ingesting a lock of All Might’s hair. At first, Izuku could only unleash powerful displays of strength at the cost of severely injuring his own body.

The ten months of training before obtaining the Quirk consisted of getting him to the point where he could physically hold One For All without blowing his limbs. Despite his lack of training or control, the physical challenge of One For All was the first step Izuku had to take to master this power. When Izuku manifests the power of One For All, his body begins to glow and emit sparks, with red, vein-like streams running through his body.

He first used the full power of One For All to destroy a giant villainous robot with a single blow at the cost of breaking his arm and both legs. Eventually, Izuku found a way to minimize the damage to himself by concentrating One For All’s power into his fingers individually. Later, he began to subconsciously hold back the power of One For All against living beings.

From then on, Izuku began to learn how to properly modulate his Quirk’s output more effectively. By concentrating One For All in certain parts of his body, he can limit the Quirk’s power to avoid breaking bones. He demonstrated this when fighting against Shoto Todoroki during the U.A. Sports Championship.

He was able to focus One For All in his hand to break Shoto’s defense during the Battle of the Cavaliers, and also hit him a few times during their match in the finals. At that time, All Might believed that Izuku was able to harness only five percent of One For All’s power with no side effects. Izuku’s fight with Shoto proved he was okay with getting hurt as long as he believed he could be cured later by Recovery Girl. After the final battle, Recovery Girl made it clear that she now refused to heal the self-inflicted wounds, demanding Izuku find a new way to use her Quirk.


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2. Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura27s smile

Nana is Toshinori’s predecessor and mentor. She is the seventh user of One For All and the only woman among previous users. Little is known about Nana’s skill with One For All, other than that she wasn’t able to knock All For One down. She mentored a boy named Toshinori, and transferred One For All to him.

We know, however, that she had a Quirk named Float in addition to One For All, which allowed her to fly, as her name suggests, thanks to telekinetic power. We have, to date, no more information than this concerning the seventh holder of One For All. Her Quirk allowed him to work with his friend Sorahiko, known as Gran Torino, Izuku Midoriya’s second mentor.

1. Toshinori Yagi / All Might

Episode 49

As the world famous hero All Might, Toshinori is the eighth owner, the first Quirkless, and a very proficient user of this power. Throughout his career, Toshinori was considered the most powerful hero of all time and went undefeated. Aiming to be a pillar of society, he put One For All to good use, defeating all kinds of criminals, saving countless people from danger, and turning himself into a legend.

Toshinori is probably the most well-known Quirk user, if not one of the most talented. Gran Torino has previously stated that Toshinori didn’t take long to adapt to One For All, having been blessed with an extremely resilient body despite being born Quirkless. He was able to control and focus his power into any end he chose without recoil. However, due to an incurable wound inflicted on him by All For One during their first known encounter, he could only use his Quirk for three hours at a time.

Even if he were forced to employ One For All, the time limit for using his Quirk would be shortened as a repercussion. After transferring the power to Izuku, his ability to use One For All quickly diminished. During his second battle with All For One during the League of Villains Raid, Toshinori completely drained all of One For All’s remnants from his body in order to defeat the villain, leaving him mostly unscathed Quirk one more time.


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Although he can still transform for a moment, he can no longer maintain his muscular form as it causes great pressure on his body. After retiring from heroic activity because of this, Toshinori is now solely dedicated to helping Izuku master the power of One For All so that he can become a great hero himself.

Of all the previous users, Toshinori has been using One For All the longest. He used it for nearly 40 years. Being still alive, the One For All created a ghost of his subconscious capable of transmitting information to previous users.

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