All Might vs. Thanos: Who Would Win in This Crossover Fight?

all might vs thanos

There are a lot of different powerhouses in the world of fiction, and most of them can be found in anime/manga and in comic books. In the world of anime/manga, My Hero Academia is home to a lot of powerhouses, but All Might in his prime is at the top. On the other hand, in Marvel Comics, one of the strongest powerhouses among the villains is Thanos. So, in a fight between All Might and Thanos, who would win?

Thanos is likely to win a fight against All Might. Although we can say that All Might is stronger and faster than Thanos, the Mad Titan simply has a lot of different powers and abilities that he can utilize against the Symbol of Peace. On top of that, Thanos is a lot more durable than All Might.

All Might is no slouch when it comes to how strong he is as we all know that he is capable of strength feats that are unimaginable in the world of My Hero Academia. However, Thanos is on a different level in terms of his powers and abilities as he is simply a god, for all intents and purposes. Now, with that said, let’s look at this hypothetical battle in greater detail to understand why Thanos would win.


The most defining part about All Might is his strength as he is capable of strength feats that are beyond imaginable in the world of My Hero Academia. He is strong enough that a single punch could generate a tornado and can create shockwaves that could destroy entire city blocks. In the series, his strength is so strong that a punch from All Might is comparable to a nuclear device to a lesser degree. This is why he was unmatched as a hero for years as no other person could find a way to overcome his massive strength levels.

Thanos is an incredibly strong Eternal that has enough strength to match the strength levels of some of the staple powerhouses of Marvel. Both the Hulk and Thor are strong enough to level entire cities but Thanos can easily match their strength levels. That means that Thanos has the strength to easily lift over 100 tons. On top of that, he is strong enough to match some of the strongest characters we’ve seen in Marvel Comics.


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While it might be impressive that Thanos is able to match the Hulk and Thor in terms of pure strength, the thing is that All Might’s punches can generate tornadoes and can release enough energy that’s comparable to a small nuke. That means that the Symbol of Peace is stronger.

All Might 1, Thanos 0


While All Might is best known for his strength, his speed is also equally impressive because he has enough strength in his legs and energy reserves to move at speeds that are tough for villains to keep up with. In fact, All Might moved so fast that Tomura Shigaraki couldn’t keep up with him even though the Symbol of Peace was no longer in his prime. He can even release countless punches in a matter of seconds, as that was what he did in the fight against the first Nomu in the storyline. He was even able to travel five kilometers swiftly using the power in his legs.

Thanos may be strong but his speed was never the most defining trait that he possesses despite the fact that he is far faster than most human beings at their peak. Due to the strength of his legs, Thanos can move rather swiftly and can react to moves that are blindingly quick. His speed is roughly equal to the average speed of a regular Eternal. Meanwhile, he can use teleportation powers whenever he wants to travel from one place to another.

This shouldn’t be up for debate because Thanos is simply no match for All Might’s speed. The Symbol of Peace can use his combination of strength and speed to overwhelm the Mad Titan in this hypothetical battle.

All Might 2, Thanos 0


On top of the fact that he is so strong and fast, All Might is also incredibly durable as he can withstand some of the strongest moves in the entire My Hero Academia storyline. He was able to take a direct hit from All For One’s Air Cannon, which is strong enough to level entire city blocks. All Might also withstand a direct hit from Bakugo’s explosive moves without even showing any damage whatsoever. That means that only an incredibly strong attack can damage All Might.

While Thanos is known for his strength, he is actually a lot more durable than most other characters. He is classified as nigh-invulnerable as it is incredibly hard to damage, hurt, or kill Thanos. Thanos can withstand hits from attacks that could destroy entire planets and has shown the ability to withstand the effects of some of the strongest metals in the world. He is even able to survive attacks from cosmic beings like Odin and Galactus.

adam warlock thanos

All Might’s durability is impressive but he has nothing on Thanos’s ability to withstand attacks that could level entire planets. This is what gives the Mad Titan the edge he needs in any kind of fight.

All Might 2, Thanos 1


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All Might possesses the Quirk called One For All, which is a stockpiling Quirk that allowed the previous holders to gather energy that was passed down from one generation to another. This is why All Might possesses incredible physical capabilities that are unmatched in the world of My Hero Academia. However, other than his enhanced physical prowess, he doesn’t have any other powers. He is unlike Deku, who possesses the Quirks of the previous holders of One For All.

Even though Thanos is often known for being a powerhouse in terms of his strength, he is also capable of energy projection abilities that make him incredibly powerful. He has shown the ability to blast energy-based attacks from his eyes and can even use his innate powers to fly. Thanos also has limited telepathic capabilities that allow him to withstand some of the strongest telepathic attacks in the world of Marvel.

black bolt thanos galactus

There is no doubt that All Might is strong. But at the same time, he is also quite limited in the things that he is capable of doing. That means that Thanos takes this round due to the fact that he simply has a lot more powers and abilities at his disposal.

All Might 2, Thanos 2

Fighting Skills

As the top hero in the world during his prime, All Might mostly brawl his way out of his fights because of his incredible physical prowess. He hasn’t shown the same kind of combat skills that some of the other heroes and villains have shown but we know for a fact that he has the experience that allowed him to win close-combat situations with numerous villains. Nevertheless, he was almost always a brawler during his prime as most of his moves were punch-based attacks that had the power of a small nuclear weapon.


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Thanos may be a brawler in the eyes of a lot of casual fans but he is actually an incredibly capable fighter that is trained in close-combat situations. Due to the fact that he has been around for thousands of years, he has the experience and training that allowed him to hone his hand-to-hand combat abilities. He was also trained in the Arts of War on his home planet of Titan, and that means that he is a trained fighter with experience that makes him even more dangerous.

thanos power 1

While All Might is an experienced fighter himself, he doesn’t have the same kind of training that Thanos has. That is why the Mad Titan takes this round once more.

All Might 2, Thanos 3

All Might vs. Thanos: Who Would Win In This Crossover Fight?

Despite the fact that he may not be as strong and as fast as All Might, Thanos is more durable, has more powers, and is a better fighter. Nevertheless, we can still see All Might taking this fight if he could find a way to neutralize Thanos’s advantages. But it is tough to see how All Might could damage or kill an entity that could survive attacks that could destroy entire planets. This is why Thanos should be able to win this fight against All Might, as close of a battle as it may be. 

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