All 6 ‘The Wedding Veil’ Movies in Order

The Wedding Veil Movies

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Hallmark’s Wedding Veil movies have become a fan-favorite series as the saga of the Legend of The Veil continues to amaze. The idea of a wedding veil that helps whoever holds it to find their true love hit the sweet spot with many fans leading to the franchise’s huge global fan base. The first trilogy showed all the three friends that found the veil find love, but not before adding flesh to the mystery of the veil’s origins.

2023 saw the release of a second Wedding Veil trilogy that follows the three friends into their love lives after they found ‘true love.’ Avery, Emma, and Tracy are the three friends at the center of the series, with each movie covering each lady’s life after she takes possession of the magical veil. So, let’s look at how many Wedding Veil movies there are and the best order of watching them.

How many Wedding Veil movies are there?

The Wedding Veil Cast Emma Avery and Tracy

So far, Hallmark has released six Wedding Veil movies since the release of the first trilogy consisting of The Wedding Veil, The Wedding Veil: Unveiled, and The Wedding Veil: Legacy in February 2022. The second trilogy (The Wedding Veil: Expectations, The Wedding Veil: Inspiration, and The Wedding Veil: Journey) was released in January 2023.

All Wedding Veil movies at a glance

All six Wedding Veil Movies are:

  1. The Wedding Veil: 2022
  2. The Wedding Veil: Unveiled: 2022
  3. The Wedding Veil: Legacy: 2022
  4. The Wedding Veil: Expectations: 2023
  5. The Wedding Veil: Inspiration: 2023
  6. The Wedding Veil: Journey: 2023

Who stars in The Wedding Veil movies

All the movies were executive-produced by Lacey Chabert, who also plays Avery Morrisson in each movie. Her friends Autumn Reeser and Allison Sweeney play Emma Lowell and Tracy Goodwyn, respectively. Each plays the lead in one movie, while the other two play the main supporting roles.


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Their partners are Kevin McGary, who plays Avery’s lover, Peter Hastings, and Paolo Bernardini, who plays Emma’s Italian lover Paolo. And Nick Webster, who plays Tracy’s lover, Nick. Another couple also affected by the veil are Emma’s teaching assistant Lily and her husband’s cousin Matteo played by Kacey Rohi and Carlo Marks.

Are Wedding Veil movies connected?

The Wedding Veil Posters

All The Wedding Veil movies tell the love stories of three college friends after they buy the magical wedding veil in an antique shop. The movies are released back-to-back as trilogies, each covering one character’s story, starting with Avery, Emma, and then Tracy.

The original movie introduced the three friends and their first encounter with the wedding veil. It goes on to cover Avery as she falls in love with Peter. It was closely followed by the release of The Wedding Veil Unveiled and The Wedding Veil Legacy, covering Emma and Tracy’s stories, respectively, as they each meet their lovers after taking possession of the veil.

The second trilogy immediately follows the first three, starting with The Wedding Veil: Expectations, which picks up Avery and Peter’s marriage. The Wedding Veil: Inspiration covers Emma and Paolo as they struggle with a long-distance relationship after their whirlwind romance in Unveiled. The trilogy ends with Journey, which covers Tracy’s marriage as she and Nick go on a long overdue honeymoon in Greece after their marriage in Legacy.

What is the best order to watch all The Wedding Veil movies

Wedding Veil Cast

It is best to watch The Wedding Veil movies by their release date for the best viewing experience. Watching according to the release date gives you a glimpse of the supporting characters’ love lives even before you watch the next movie, making it more fun.

Alternatively, watching each movie in the first trilogy and following it up with its corresponding counterpart in the second trilogy gives the best chronology for each character’s love story.

The first movies of both trilogies (The Wedding Veil and The Wedding Veil: Expectations) focus on Avery but still star Emma and Tracy in supporting roles. So viewers get to see Avery uncover the mystery of the veil and the painting in the museum while also getting tips on what is happening with Emma and Tracy.


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Consequently, the second movie (Unveiled and Inspiration) tell Emma’s story from when she takes the veil on her trip to Italy, where she meets Paolo. The second movie reveals how she finds combining her career with marriage difficult, especially with Paolo returning to Italy.

Tracy, the Cynic, is proven wrong in the third movie of the first trilogy (Legacy) when she falls in love with Nick after taking the veil, although she doesn’t believe in the legend. The second movie (Journey) follows her struggles to balance her career and marriage, just like her friends, but she also becomes a parent and fulfills her life’s dream after finally going on her honeymoon in Greece.

The Wedding Veil Movies by release date

1. The Wedding Veil: 2022

The Wedding Veil original movie

Three college friends, Avery ( a museum curator), Emma (an arts and history lecturer), and Tracy (an art collector), find a wedding veil while shopping at an antique museum. Avery decides to take it after being informed that the veil connects whoever has it with their true love.

While wearing the veil in San Francisco, Avery meets Peter Hastings, who, like Avery, also comes from Boston and has just joined the board of Avery’s museum. The two become close and later fall in love.

They also find an abandoned painting at the museum, which Avery discovers to be a painting of a woman in a wedding dress wearing the same wedding veil she and her friends bought from the antique shop.

2. The Wedding Veil: Unveiled: 2022

The Wedding Veil Unveiled

Emma decides to take her passion for art a step further by researching the legend of the veil to its origins in Italy. She also plans to teach art history in Italy while at it.

While in Italy, she meets and befriends Paolo, whose family has been making Italian Laces for generations. Although her research doesn’t bear much fruit, the veil does as she falls deeply in love with Paolo.

3. The Wedding Veil: Legacy: 2022

The Wedding Veil Legacy Poster

Despite her Cynicism, Tracy agrees to take the veil after encouragement from Avery and Emma. Throughout the movie, she grows close to Nick, with whom she falls in love, proving the legend true.


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Legacy also brings the veil back home because Nick’s family is revealed to be the original owners of the painting at the museum, with the lady wearing the titular veil. The veil is still mysterious, but its powers are no longer questioned.

4. The Wedding Veil: Expectations: 2023

The Wedding Veil

After falling in love in The Wedding Veil, Avery and Peter are now married, but Peter’s busy schedule has affected their love life. Avery is pregnant, but she can’t find the right time to tell her ever-busy husband the good news.

Peter is busy working two jobs while also working on renovating an old house for the family to stay in. On the positive side, Avery and Peter have discovered the christening dress belonging to the daughter of the wedding veil painting’s owner and hope to connect the dots.

5. The Wedding Veil: Inspiration: 2023

The Wedding Veil Inspiration

After moving to the US with Emma and opening a new lace shop in Chicago, Paolo and Emma live their dream lives after meeting in Unveiled. However, the two get separated when Paolo has to move back to Italy to care for his sick father.

The long-distance relationship is hard for both of them, leading Emma on a path of self-realization since she is also pregnant and wants her family to live together. Despite having her dream job as a history lecturer, Emma discovers that her real passion is making art more available to everybody.


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Emma decides to follow her passion as she watches her assistant Lily and Paolo’s cousin Matteo fall in love after taking the veil. The separation being too hard for the both of them, Emma must make the hard choice of leaving the university and joining Paolo in Italy.

6. The Wedding Veil: Journey: 2023

The Wedding Veil Journey

Despite getting married, Tracy and Nick haven’t found the right time to go on their dream honeymoon in Greece because of their busy work schedules. When they finally go to Greece, they realize that their love would be better served if they made better career choices.

In Greece, they also meet and adopt a young artist called Leonidas. Poor and orphaned, Leonidas’ prospects in Greece seem horrible despite being very talented, so Nick and Tracy decide to change that, and the three become a family.

Where can you watch Wedding Veil movies?

All The Wedding Veil movies are streaming on The Hallmark channel, where they were originally released. They are also available for streaming on Fubo TV and DIRECTV.

Will there be more Wedding Veil Movies?

The Wedding Veil series is yet to be renewed for a third trilogy after the release of the sequel trilogy in January 2023. The series was renewed because of the positive reception of the first trilogy, and the same might happen if the 2023 release performs as well as the first one.

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