Andor Season 1 Ending Explained: Including Post Credit Scene

andor finale

Season 1 of Andor has just concluded, and it has already allowed us to see an action-packed finale that explains of the people of Ferrix feel about the Empire. Of course, there were underlying stories hiding within the different scenes of this episode, especially when it comes to the various characters involved in the Andor storyline. But at the center of all of it was always Cassian Andor.

The season finale focused more on Cassian’s return to Ferrix and the funeral of his mother, who died offscreen while he wasn’t around. But the thing is that this funeral was more than just a festival but was actually something bigger in the grander scheme of things, especially when it comes to what the Rebellion stood for. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened at the end of Andor season 1.

The Prodigal Son Returns

Back in episode 11, Cassian found out about the death of his mother when he tried to pass on a message to her after he had escaped from Narkina 5. However, he was told that his mother had died, and that was the reason why he needed to return to Ferrix, as it was important for him to be there during her funeral. But the thing is that he also had a hunch that the Empire was waiting for him in Ferrix, and that was why his return was a secret.

andor ferrix return

In Ferrix, Cassian learned that Bix had been taken by the Empire and was kept locked up in the hotel. But while he wanted to attend his mother’s funeral, he was told his mother’s last words to him as Maarva said that whatever happened to her wasn’t his fault. In that regard, he was told to get Bix and allow the other people of Ferrix to take care of his mother’s funeral.

Of course, the Empire was ready for what was to come after they had allowed the funeral festival to push on. The funeral was supposed to be a trap for Andor, who Dedra Meero believed could take him to the man she called Axis, who was actually Luthen Rael. After all, the Empire completely wiped out Kreegyr’s forces and left no one alive for the ISB to try to interrogate. That was the reason why Cassian was so important to Meero.

The festival began, and it was clear that things weren’t really what the Empire expected as many different people attended the funeral and marched on the street to pay their respects to Maarva, who was one of the most respected people on Ferrix. Meanwhile, Cassian focused more on getting to the hotel where Bix was being held, as he could do so now that the Empire was more focused on making sure that the people attending the funeral would not do anything out of hand.


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Mon Mothma’s Problems Solved

Meanwhile, back in Coruscant, Mon Mothma was seen confronting her husband about his gambling problems, all while telling their driver (who she believed was a spy of the Empire) to give them some privacy. She might have anticipated this already, but the driver did not give them privacy as he was listening to their conversation the entire time.

Mon told her husband that he knew about his gambling problems and that he had been gambling again. But Perrin continued to deny that he had been gambling as he wanted to know where Mon had gotten this rumor that he had been spending their money on gambling. He even went on to say that he didn’t even know where to get the money for his gambling habits.

But the truth was that this was all planned by Mon, who was always a supporter of Luthen’s rebellion. She was the one sending money to him the entire time, and the only way for her to be able to avert the attention of the Empire away from her bank accounts was to give them a reason to believe that her husband was spending it on his gambling habits. As such, this allowed Mon to momentarily stay away from the peering eyes of the Empire, as she was always someone that the Imperial officers constantly monitored due to her more radical ideas.

Still, we also saw Mon allowing her daughter to meet Davo Sculdun’s son, which was the condition that was required of her for her financial problems to be settled. As such, allowing her daughter to have an arranged meeting with Davo’s son allowed the Empire to think that this was a way for her family to make up for the gambling debts of her husband.

A Skirmish Of A Funeral

Maarva, who had been turned into a stone brick, was paraded throughout the city as the procession of her funeral continued. The stone was taken to Rix Road, where B2EMO broadcasted Maarva’s holographic message to the people of Ferrix. 

She recounted how she had experienced a lot of funerals in Ferrix throughout her entire life and how she always felt that she was eventually going to be the one whose funeral would be attended by the people of Ferrix. However, the one thing that she always wanted to be to the people of Ferrix was to lift them up. And as she was monologuing in her message about how the Empire had taken a lot from them, that was when she urged the people to take up arms and fight the Imperial forces.

rix road

When one of the Imperial officers tried to stop the broadcast, a skirmish ensued. The people of Ferrix revolted and took up arms against the Empire in what was an all-out battle that forced the Imperial forces to open fire on them. But the people continued to push back, all while Andor was rescuing Bix from the hotel.

During the skirmish, several important people of Ferrix were able to get on a ship, and Andor followed after them and allowed them to take Bix with them. He didn’t come with them because he knew that there was something he needed to do first, and that was clear when he actually saw Luthen Rael in the crowd during the time he was still trying to rescue Bix.

We know for a fact that both Luthen and Vel wanted Andor dead because he was a loose end that they needed to take care of. They didn’t want anyone to find Cassian and lead them to Luthen, who was the most important member of the rebels at that time. And because Cassian was aware of this, he went out looking for Luthen instead of escaping together with the others.

Cassian Joins Luthen

Luthen failed in his mission because he never anticipated that an all-out skirmish would happen in Ferrix. That was why he headed back to his ship so that he could return home to Coruscant. However, what he didn’t know was that Cassian had snuck onboard his ship to confront him.


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Cassian told him that he knew that Luthen wanted him dead. That was when he offered his life to him. He told Luthen that he could either kill him or take him. And the surprised yet somewhat pleased look on Luthen’s face indicated that he was happy to take Cassian and quite possibly include him in his circle of rebels.

The Death Star Looms

After that scene involving Cassian and Luthen, the mid-credits rolled out. And after the mid-credits, there was a post-credit scene that allowed us to see several droids putting together the star-shaped materials that Cassian and the prisoners on Narkina 5 were creating.

As the camera panned out, there were several more droids seen working on what seemed to be the main gun of none other than the Death Star. This confirms that the materials that the Narkina 5 prisoners were working on were supposed to be for the Death Star. And that was the reason why the Empire had no intention of allowing the prisoners to go home after serving their sentences.

death star.jpg

In that regard, this post-credit scene teases the possibility of the Death Star becoming more involved in season 2 of Andor. Cassian and the Death Star have always been intertwined with one another because Cassian takes on a mission to find the blueprints of the Death Star in the Rogue One movie. 

As such, season 2 might show us how Cassian ended up becoming one of the best operatives of the Rebellion and how he eventually got to learn more about the existence of the Death Star and what the Empire was planning to do with it.

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