Who Is Bix Caleen in Andor? Meet Adria Arjona’s Character

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Andor is the newest Star Wars story to hit Disnery+ as it tells the narrative behind Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor, who fans were able to love and adore in the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie that hit a billion dollars at the box office. Of course, this series has its own cast of unique characters as well, as that is where a strong female lead like Bix Caleen comes in to spice things up in the life of Cassian. So, who is Bix Caleen in Andor?

Bix Caleen is a mechanic that lives on the planet Ferrix. He seems to be quite close to Cassian because she was the one he went to when he needed help in relation to an item that he had acquired. However, because of her relationship with Cassian, she got mixed into the mess with Pre-Mor.

At this point, it already looks like Bix is going to become one of the most important characters in the series, especially because she seems to be the female lead to Cassian’s male protagonist. But we aren’t so sure what will happen to her in the future and how her relationship with Cassian will determine her ultimate fate. Now, with that said, let’s look at what we know about Bix Caleen.

Who Is Bix Caleen In Andor?

When Andor was announced, it was already clear that the series would be exploring the life of Cassian Andor before the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. After all, he and the rest of the crew of Rogue One perished during the events of the movie as they had to sacrifice their lives to make sure that the plans of the Death Star would make it to the Rebel Alliance.

That said, the series wasted no time in showing us that it takes place in 5 BBY, which is five years before the events of Rogue One and A New Hope. And it was clear at the beginning of the series that Andor follows Cassian’s story before he even became a Rebel that was fighting the Imperial forces.


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Instead, Cassian was simply trying to make ends meet while living on the planet called Ferrix. In the beginning, he was seen going to what seemed like the entertainment district of the planet as he went into a bar to ask questions regarding a Kenari girl that could be working in that very same establishment. Nevertheless, he couldn’t get a lead on the girl but ended up getting in trouble with two guards working for Pre-Mor. The fight he had with these men resulted in their deaths, as it was clear that Cassian was troubled about what had happened because he tried to cover his tracks the moment he got back to his own town.

Nevertheless, Cassian also spent a good amount of time trying to meet with a secret buyer so that he could make enough money in the hopes that he could get out of Ferrix to escape trouble and possibly search for his long-lost sister. That was when Bix Caleen came in as one of the characters that he tried to ask for help from. So, who is Bix is Andor?

bix and cassian

The way that Bix was introduced seemed to indicate that she was a mechanic of some sort and owned a junk shop where she fixed things and quite possibly sold them or even took apart certain items for their parts. It was also inferred that she was selling different items and parts to a yet-to-be-revealed buyer that Cassian wanted to meet so that he could sell something to him.

Cassian said that he had an untraceable NS-9 Starpath unit that he believed the buyer was going to be interested in. He wanted to sell this unit to the buyer so that he could cool things off while he was away from Ferrix because he knew that this item was worth a lot of money.

Nevertheless, Bix wasn’t happy about the fact that Cassian was hiding that from her because she knew that she could have also earned money from him by helping him sell that item. Cassian tried to convince her to contact the buyer not only because he wanted to sell the item to him but also because Bix once told him that the buyer wanted to meet him. And that was when Bix seemed to have agreed to at least think about contacting the buyer.

Bix did indeed contact the buyer while keeping the entire arrangement with her boyfriend, Timm, a secret. But Timm suspected something that was happening between the two as he noticed that they were awfully close with one another. As such, he decided to keep a close eye on the off chance that he could find something about what she was hiding from him. 


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It was also Timm that tipped off Cassian to the Pre-Mor investigators because he was the only other person aside from Bix that knew that Cassian came from Kenari. And Bix found out about this later when she tried to help Cassian, only for Timm to prevent her from doing so.

When the Pre-Mor forces attacked their settlement in the hopes of finding out where Cassian was so that they could bring him to justice for the deaths of two of their employees, Bix happened to be one of the people that the Pre-Mor forces suspected could be hiding something, and that was when they apprehended her forcefully.

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Timm, who was concerned about what they were doing to Bix, tried to help her. However, this ended in him getting shot by one of the Pre-Mor guards, who was seemingly trigger-happy enough to kill him. 

What Is Bix’s Relationship With Cassian?

At this point, we are rather unsure of what Bix’s relationship with Cassian is because they seem to be awfully familiar with one another to the point that Andor was physically close to her whenever he was asking her a favor. Of course, we all know that Bix’s boyfriend during the first three episodes was Timm, who she clearly cared for deeply because she knew that he was someone who was willing to do anything for her.

bix and cassian

In that regard, it is possible that the relationship between Cassian and Bix is nothing more than just a secretive professional arrangement wherein Cassian scavenged parts, and Bix was willing enough to collect them and sell them to the buyer. This was implied when Cassian said that he knew that Bix was skimming off the top of the prices of the things that he scavenged. And Bix was also angry at Cassian, who was hiding the fact that he had a Starpath unit that was worth a lot of money.

But it is also possible that, at one point in the past, they dated. This was suggested by B2EMO, who said that Cassian told her that he came from Kenari. And the reason why she might have been his girlfriend in the past is that Maarva said that Cassian had told his ex-girlfriends that he was from Kenari. 

We don’t know what is truly going on with the two, but it was possible that they did indeed date in the past, only to realize that things wouldn’t work out between them. And that was probably the reason why they only ended up making their relationship a professional one wherein they both benefited from the parts that Cassian acquired.

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