Andor: Does The Season Finale Have a Post-Credit Scene? Here’s What We Know

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The Andor season 1 finale is nearing its release, and fans of the most unique and darkest Star Wars series are now excited to see what’s in store for the soon-to-be hero of the Rebellion. Of course, Star Wars isn’t particularly known for delivering the post-credit scenes that we have grown accustomed to in the MCU. Nevertheless, there are reports that say that Andor will be different. So, does the season 1 finale of Andor have a post-credit scene?

There is a rumored post-credit scene at the end of the season 1 finale of Andor. The leak says that this post-credit scene allows us to see numerous droids assembling the different parts that the Narkina 5 prisoners were working on. As the camera pans out, the Death Star can be seen as it is being assembled.

The fact that the Death Star is shown during the rumored post-credit scene of Andor allows our theory about the Narkina 5 prisoners to gain more traction, considering that we already had our hunches that this massive space station was already being constructed during the timeline of this series. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about the Andor season 1 finale post-credit scene.

Does The Andor Season Finale Have A Post-Credit Scene?

Andor has been an enjoyable and emotional ride as the series has delivered great moments that allow us to see the dark parts of the Rebellion and what people had to pay for this Rebellion to succeed. Of course, we also saw how Andor’s journey as a future Rebel operative begins, even though season 1 of the series focused more on other characters, such as Luthen Rael and the different personalities that are looking to mount a rebellion against the Empire.

Season 1 of Andor is about to end as the finale draws near. Of course, we still have 12 more episodes in season 2 after the end of season 1, as the first season seeks to conclude and close some of the character arcs of the series. While we aren’t exactly sure what we’re in store for in the season 1 finale, there are rumors that episode 12 will have a post-credit scene.

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We aren’t strangers to post-credit scenes in the Disney era of entertainment, especially because the MCU movies and shows have their own post-credit scenes. Of course, season 2 of The Mandalorian had a post-credit scene as well, and that means that this isn’t something new to the Star Wars side of Disney. But what about Andor? Is it true that Andor will have a post-credit scene?


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A Reddit post seems to hint that there is going to be a post-credit scene in the upcoming Andor season 1 finale. Of course, some people working in the press have already gained access to press screeners, and that means that it isn’t too odd for certain people to have seen all of the episodes of Andor. And the fact that Reddit is notorious for its anonymity allows certain members of the press to post spoilers of movies and series before they even get released.

In that regard, we do believe that this Redditor is telling the truth in relation to what’s in store for us in the upcoming Andor season 1 finale. And that means that there is a good possibility that there will indeed be a post-credit scene at the end of episode 12 of season 1 of Andor.

That is why those who want to see what’s in store for them in season 2 should watch the post-credit scene. It is also possible that this scene will provide answers to the questions that some of the people have regarding the different events that have been happening in Andor.

What Is The Andor Season Finale Post-Credit Scene About?

While the Redditor said that the season 1 finale of Andor will have a post-credit scene, he wasn’t exactly that discreet when it comes to the details of that scene. That’s because the things that happened in that post-credit scene were outlined well enough in the Redditor’s episode 12 spoilers.

According to the Redditor, the post-credit scene allows us to see a droid assembling the pieces that the prisoners of Narkina 5 were working on. Remember that Andor was wrongly sent to Narkina 5 after he was accused of being a criminal while he was on vacation. He was sentenced to work in the factory of a moon called Narkina 5 as neither he nor any of the other prisoners knew what they were working on.

But the fact that the Empire meant for the prisoners to stay and die in that factory allows us to think that whatever the prisoners were working on was incredibly confidential. The Empire didn’t want any of the prisoners to serve their sentences and go home because they could leak information regarding this factory to any person who might be a rebel.

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Of course, we also know that Andor’s own story is related to the Death Star because he was one of the Rogue One crew members that obtained the plans of the Death Star during the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This allowed the Rebellion to deal a massive blow to the Empire back in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, as they knew all about the Death Star and its weaknesses thanks to the Rogue One crew members, who all died in that mission.

Going back to the post-credit scene, the scene also shows several more droids assembling the different pieces as the camera pans out. Eventually, the camera moves further away until the skeleton of the Death Star can be seen. In that regard, the parts that the prisoners of Narkina 5 were working on were actually meant for the Death Star.


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If the Redditor is telling the truth, that means that the Andor series is directly related to the Death Star. Of course, there were already hints of this, as it was mentioned in the series that the Empire was becoming more active in sending out parts to a certain sector of the galaxy. And we all know that something as huge as the Death Star would take time to build, and that means that the five or four years between Andor and Rogue One are more than enough for the Empire to construct this massive space station.

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We also know that the Empire needed manpower to finish the Death Star in a hurry, and that was why prison sentences were quickly handed out without even giving the accused a chance to defend themselves. This was the case for Cassian Andor, who was given a six-year sentence in a hurry for simply being a suspect.

So, with that said, season 2 might allow us to see more of the Death Star and how it was constructed, as this series was always meant to be a prequel story to the Rogue One movie. And we might even see how Cassian Andor himself learns more about what the Empire had been doing before he went on a mission to get the blueprints of the Death Star during the events of Rogue One.

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