Anime Adventures Tier List: All Characters

Anime Adventures Tier List: All Characters (2022)

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Anime Adventures is a fresh new tower defense game that allows players to use their favorite anime characters against floods of foes. But, creating an awesome team can be tricky with so many amazing heroes. Stick around to find out about each of the characters in Anime Adventures, as we rank them in Tiers according to their strengths and attributes.

Anime Adventures Tier List (S Tier)

The S Tier is dedicated to only the best of the best in Anime Adventures. At the time of writing, only a small handful of characters have made it to the top.

Lelouch (Mythical)

Lelouch is an overpowered character in Anime Adventures, well known for the summoning skill. This character is able to summon a ton of soldiers with 2,000 health each, capable of dealing some really impressive damage to enemies.

Akainu (Mythical)

Akainu is by far one of the best mythical characters in the game, with some really high damage output and the largest AoE range. That being said, this character’s SPA is fairly average compared to most, although his amazing stats definitely make up for this shortcoming.

Blackbeard (Legendary)

Blackbeard is infamous for the curse effects on enemies, allowing allies to deal more damage than usual. The assault is fairly weak, but that’s alright since the job is based on ability. This character has good SPA and range stats as well, topped off with full AoE – making him not only decent in terms of combat but pretty valuable on any team.

Anime Adventures Tier List (A Tier)

The A Tier comprises all of the ‘best characters’ overall, apart from S Tier characters which have varied skill sets. These characters make up the bulk of first choices for most players, especially considering that finding the characters comprised in the S Tier may be challenging for most.

Katakuri (Mythical)

Katakuri is a really good choice for just about any player, and while this character is not the toughest in terms of damage output, the main advantage is debuff strikes. These cause slow effects, and the character can still be useful for great AoE and range.

Broly (Mythical)

Broly has some massive DPS, range, and some really good AoE as well, much like the classic Broly. Although this character does offer some amazing benefits, the main downfall is that the cost is fairly expensive.


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Shanks (Mythical)

Shanks is considered to be the best mythical character for utility in the game – possibly the most beneficial hero overall as well. This character offers some great damage and incredible abilities, such as stunning foes with a large range and taking on minions or bosses with ease – all topped off with a ridiculously powerful SPA.

All Might (Mythical)

All Might is another great option in terms of mythical utility characters, offering some solid damage output and range. This character’s Bubble AoE strike can inflict damage on most enemies, making him quite a cost-effective option as well.

Madara (Mythical)

Madara can cause some massive damage to enemies in the game, capable of dealing high AoE damage with a pretty good range of strikes. This character is definitely a solid choice, and it was only placed lower recently due to other characters performing better.

WhiteBeard (Mythical)

WhiteBeard offers some solid DPS overall, with Cone AoE and full AoE skills like Earthquake. But, this character does have a few cons that still place it lower on the tier list. While this character is a solid option for many, this character is still outperformed by heroes like Broly and Akainu.

Dio (Legendary)

Dio is a pretty versatile option for just about any player, as this character’s upgrade will turn ATK into Timestop. The stats are quite good, and this character’s SPA is slightly higher than usual as well.

Erwin (Legendary)

Erwin is considered to be the best legendary support character in the entire game, with the ability to grant a damage boost to allied in range. This character can also summon a unit with 1000 HP every 10 seconds, providing massive coverage for the whole team.

Giorno (Legendary)

Giorno is quite a balanced character, with some pretty good stats overall. While it may lack slightly in terms of abilities, this character has some solid DPS, SPA, range, and fairly affordable cost.

Jotaro (Epic/ Rare)

Jotaro is a pretty good hero, flaunting some amazing damage output for an epic unit topped off with a large line of fire as well. This character has the ability to freeze opponents with a handy Timestop, and despite the fact that this character is primarily useful for handing out single-target damage, the abilities make it incredibly useful.

Todoroki (Epic/ Rare)

Todoroki is considered to be the toughest debuff character in the entire game since the attacks will burn targets after a short period of freezing them. This character has some stellar stats and incredible damage for an AoE-based hero, especially when combined with a strong range and his awesome SPA. All of these traits make him an incredible debuff character for just about any player.

Anime Adventures Tier List (B Tier)

Characters placed in the B Tier are considered to be fairly good for some reason or another. While they aren’t the first choice, they can still make for a good team depending on numerous aspects.

Levi (Mythical)

Levi is considered to be the best support in the entire game, with some amazing DPS, range, and SPA as well. However, the AoE is pretty small compared to other characters, meaning this character can be great support but probably won’t be able to carry you through an enemy encounter.

Ace (Legendary)

Ace can only be obtained from Ocean Star or by trading x100 Fire Shards to Luffy next to summon. This character offers some solid damage with some good SPA and range, topped with amazing AoE. But, this character is pretty expensive.

Bulma (Legendary)

Bulma is considered the best legendary character for money in the game. This character can make up to approximately 8,000 per round and can perform pretty well when paired with expensive units. While it’s not the best choice concerning stats, this is definitely the best character for money in the entire game.


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SSJB Goku/ Goku Blue (Legendary)

Goku Blue, also referred to as SSJB Goku, has some stunning stats with excellent DPS topped with a decent SPA, range, and AoE cone. This character can perform pretty well in the story mode or infinite mode, but the main downfall with this character is that it is really expensive.

Pain (Legendary)

Pain has a really useful skill pushback that can be handy in any game mode, with awesome AoE and the ability to knock back enemies. Although, Pain is expensive and does not have the best DPS – plus a limited amount of hits.

Speedwagon (Epic/ Rare)

Speedwagon is the next-best option in terms of money-making characters in the game, previously the best before Bulma took that spot. While this character no longer holds that title, he is still super helpful for units in handling hefty upgrade costs.

Frieza (Epic/ Rare)

Frieza is quite neutral, which is ironic considering the classic Frieza’s personality. This character deals some solid damage for an epic character, possessing a powerful AoE attack with some impressive range. While this character can lack concerning ability, the output can definitely make up for it.

Gaara (Epic/ Rare)

Gaara can shock enemies with attacks, lasting for a couple of seconds each time. This character is the second-best choice for rebuffing due to stellar DPS, impressive range, and its large AoE circle.

Inosuke (Epic/ Rare)

Inosuke is a pretty good neutral character, with powerful DPS, SPA, and range. He has a single-direction type of strike with an AoE cone, making him work well for both modes.

Josuke (Epic/ Rare)

Josuke is considered the strongest rare character in the game at the moment due to his abilities. This character can stun enemies for a couple of seconds after each strike, making him quite useful for many situations. But, he is quite expensive.

Killua (Epic/ Rare)

Killua is the best-balanced character out of all the epic heroes in the game, with good damage output, a good range, and a reasonably sized AoE circle. This character performs really well when combined with a good SPA.


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Overhaul (Epic/ Rare)

Overhaul has some pretty strong damage output with a good range and fairly big AoE circle, topped off with a strong SPA. But, this character is pretty expensive.

Anime Adventures Tier List (C Tier)

Characters placed in the C tier are considered average overall, but they can still do well in some instances.

Future Gohan (Mythical)

Future Gohan is a pretty balanced mythical character offering some solid damage, range, SPA, and AoE circle. However, Future Gohan does have lower stats compared to others, placing him lower on the tier list.

Rengoku (Mythical)

Rengoku has some fairly average stats but can still be useful in quite a few scenarios. This character offers decent damage and damage over time, but it has some pretty good range and decent SPA that can still make it a good choice for some players.

Kizaru (Legendary)

Kizaru doesn’t have the best damage out there, also lacking ability overall. But, this character does have some decent AoE and SPA.

Kakyoin (Epic/ Rare)

Kakyoin is considered to be subpar, with fairly low damage and no special abilities. This character does have excellent range and a large AoE circle, but the cons generally outweigh the pros.

Sakura (Epic/ Rare)

Sakura is considered the second-best character in the game in terms of attack buffing, as she is a full AoE attacker that can grant a 10% attack buff. But, her attack is fairly weak with short range, and Erwin can help with similar aspects.

Sanji (Epic/ Rare)

Sanji can deal strong burn damage every second time he attacks, topped with some good AoE damage and solid DPS. He’s not the best choice but can be used as a backup in some cases.

Anime Adventures Tier List (D Tier)

Characters in the D Tier are not the best choices, but they might be useful in certain situations.

Diavolo (Mythical)

Diavolo has some decent DPS and is good for inflicting single-target damage – plus, the Erased Time skill can be quite handy in infinite mode. It’s a good choice in infinite mode, but it’s not the best option for story mode.

Zeke (Legendary)

Zeke is a newly added character with some decent damage and higher-than-average SPA. This character can hit enemies from across the map with his large AoE circle.

Goku Black (Legendary)

Goku Black has underwhelming stats, to say the least, with some really low DPS. However, this character offers some good SPA, range, and a solid AoE cone.

Itachi (Legendary)

Itachi does not have good stats overall, but this character does have a handy ability. This character has dark flames that burn, and while it’s all underwhelming for a legendary, the ability places him higher than expected.

Mihawk (Legendary)

Mihawk is not considered to be a good option for most situations, with below-average damage output and an underperforming AoE line. This character does have good SPA and range, but the cons generally outweigh the pros for most players.

Zenitsu (Epic/ Rare)

Zenitsu offers some decent damage output, range, and a solid straight-line AoE cone. But, this character is generally unreliable for any game mode, has poor DPS, and is way too expensive for the benefits.

Kakashi (Epic/ Rare)

Kakashi is not the worst out there, but this character does have some underwhelming stats. He has a decent range, good SPA, and a fair AoE cone, but the DPS output is quite low.

Anime Adventures Tier List (E Tier)

Characters placed in the E Tier are essentially considered the worst of the lot. Of course, they can still be used if you love them – perhaps they can be made handier depending on various influences.

Armin (Mythical)

Armin is considered to be the worst choice out of all the mythical characters in the game, primarily due to low damage output and not too valuable abilities. This character does have a huge full AoE cone, but can only attack in intervals which can result in low damage overall.

Dabi (Legendary)

Dabi is considered to be the worst character in the game overall at the time of writing, with low stats in pretty much every department. This character does have a high SPA and a large AoE circle, but it is essentially useless in most instances considering its low DPS and an underwhelming range.


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Eren (Legendary)

Eren may have ranked higher up before Erwin came into the picture, and having Erwin around has made Eren feel almost useless in the game. This character’s minions have lower HP and the attack is not much better than Erwin.

Genos (Epic/ Rare)

Genos is considered to be a poor hero overall, with only one target utility. This character has average single-target DPS and SPA, and despite his extensive range, his low damage output isn’t worthwhile for most players.

Ichigo (Epic/ Rare)

Ichigo is seen as the worst hero for many players, with low DPS. He does have fairly good AoE and a decent range, but this character is not recommended.

Piccolo (Epic/ Rare)

Piccolo is a really poor hero overall, with a pretty bad straight-line AoE and below-average DPS. This character does have a wide range for his attack, but the pros simply do not outweigh the cons.

That’s all of the popular Anime Adventures characters, ranked into tiers based on their strengths and downfalls. While all of the heroes on this list could be ranked differently depending on opinions and preferences, the overall Tier sorting outlined here is believed and followed by most of the Anime Adventures gaming community.

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