Who Is Goku Black, How Strong Is He, & Is Goku Black Stronger Than Goku?

Goku black

Dragon Ball Super introduced a lot of different characters that were able to surprise fans because of how new and novel they are. One such character was Goku Black, who became one of the most surprising characters in the anime the moment he was introduced. The surprising part was the fact that he actually has Goku’s appearance but is skinnier and wears different clothes. But who exactly is Goku Black?

Goku Black is actually a Supreme Kai-in-training named Zamasu, who stole Goku’s body in Future Trunks’ timeline and was able to augment his already prodigious strength. In his base form, Goku Black was already stronger than Super Saiyan 2 Trunks and could easily pressure Super Saiyan 2 Goku.

The introduction of Goku Black into the anime made Dragon Ball Super a lot more interesting because of the fact that this is a new character that looked like Goku but fought differently. Still, the fact that he had Goku’s body allowed him to be very strong. In that regard, let’s look at what we know about Goku Black and how strong this mysterious character is.

Who Is Goku Black?

One of the most intriguing arcs in the entire Dragon Ball Super anime is the Future Trunks Saga because of the fact that it not only reintroduced Future Trunks into the new anime, but it also introduced new characters that eventually became very important to this new chapter in the life of Goku and his friends.

Of course, the reason why Future Trunks had to return to Goku’s timeline was the fact that his timeline was suffering from another problem in the form of a mysterious figure that not even he could defeat. Trunks was already strong enough to defeat the evil Androids of his timeline, but this new enemy was someone who was beyond his own capabilities. The character we are talking about is Goku Black. But who is Goku Black?


At first, neither Trunks nor Goku knew who Goku Black was. But what we did know was the fact that he looked like Goku but was much skinnier and had different clothes. On top of that, his fighting style also doesn’t resemble the one that Goku uses, although he does have a power level that resembles Goku’s own might.

It was discovered, however, that Goku Black was actually a Supreme Kai apprentice named Zamasu, who was working under Gowasu, who is the Supreme Kai of Universe 10. He was always a prodigy in terms of his skills, but he wanted more power due to the fact that he distrusted mortals and was disenfranchised by the lack of the other Kais action towards what mortals were doing, And that was why he used the Super Dragon Balls in the future to wish for him to have Goku’s body so that he could become more powerful as he needed the power to eradicate all of the gods in the multiverse.


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Because of the fact that Beerus in Future Trunks’ timeline was already dead due to the fact that Shin had died, Goku Black was able to make use of Universe 7 as his home base. The life link between the Supreme Kai and the God of Destruction made it possible for him to stay in Universe 7 without fearing Beerus, who was much stronger than he was. After that, he began working with the Zamasu of that timeline so that they could wish themselves to become immortal, eliminate the Super Dragon Balls, travel around the different universes, and kill the Supreme Kais so that there would no longer be any Gods of Destruction to stop them.

From there, Goku Black used the name Son Goku to travel from one planet to another to kill all life there for the sake of his own twisted brand of justice. That was when he went to Earth, where he was on his way to annihilating all life on the planet before he saw resistance in the form of Mai and Trunks, who both tried their best to defeat him but to no avail.

Trunks used Bulma’s time machine to travel all the way to Goku’s timeline. That was when Goku Black followed them all the way there so that he could kill Trunks. He confronted both Goku and Vegeta in their timeline and was able to fight them on par before his Time Ring pulled him back to the future. Beerus noted that he indeed was not Goku because he did not have the same ki.

The duel with Goku allowed Goku Black to become stronger. This allowed him to unleash his Super Saiyan Rosé form, which was able to overwhelm Goku and Vegeta, who both had to travel back to the past to get stronger.

black and zamasu

When Goku and Vegeta returned to the future, they fought Goku Black and Future Zamasu. This eventually culminated in Goku Black and Zamasu fusing together to form Fused Zamasu, who was so strong that he forced Goku and Vegeta to fuse into Vegito. Nevertheless, the Potara fusion eventually wore off as it was Future Trunks who defeated Fused Zamasu, whose entire existence was erased by Zeno in that timeline.

How Strong Is Goku Black?

When he was introduced, Goku Black was shown to be incredibly strong. Zamasu was already the strongest Kai in history and had the potential to become just as strong as Goku. But when he took over Goku’s body, he eventually became incredibly powerful to the point that his base form was stronger than Future Trunks’ Super Saiyan 2. Future Trunks said that base Goku Black is at least as strong as Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 transformation.

After clashing with Goku in the present timeline, Goku Black returned to his own timeline to become even stronger than he already was. At this state, Goku Black was now strong enough to actually pressure Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta.


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Eventually, when he transformed to his Super Saiyan Rosé form, Goku Black became so strong that he was able to easily defeat both Vegeta and Goku while they were in their Super Saiyan Blue transformations. He even dealt a mortal wound to Vegeta using an energy blade weapon that he conjured up using his own ki.

black vs vegeta

It was only in the third battle that Goku and Vegeta were able to match Goku Black’s strength as they trained hard after they were forced to retreat during their second fight against the mighty Goku imposter.

Is Goku Black Stronger Than Goku?

In a way, yes, Goku Black was stronger than Goku because of the fact that his base form was able to match Goku’s Super Saiyan 2. Meanwhile, after the first bout with Goku, he became so strong that his base form was able to match Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue form before he completely overwhelmed the Saiyan prince in his Super Saiyan Rosé form, which is simply his version of Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue.

However, as Goku and Vegeta were able to learn from their previous battles with Goku Black, they were able to train hard and become stronger so that they could match Goku Black. At one point, Vegeta was able to match Goku Black’s Rosé form and even put him on the defensive during their third fight. And considering that Goku is at least as strong as Vegeta, he was also able to match Goku Black’s strength.

vegeta and black

Since the end of the Future Trunks Saga, Goku has become a lot stronger. He has mastered his Ultra Instinct form and was able to become stronger at his base form. That means that there is a possibility that he is now a lot stronger than Goku Black was during the Future Trunks Saga, although Goku Black could have also matched his might had he not been killed.

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