Top 20 Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Anime Characters with Dreadlocks

Given the abundance of Japanese characters in anime series, it’s often hard to find characters with dreadlocks, let alone ones that play a major role. However, there are plenty of great characters to choose from that are representing the dreadlock hairstyle. Join me as we go through a top 20 list of anime characters with dreadlocks and get a bit of insight into them all, as well as find out what makes them tick.

Nils Nielsen

With the nickname, Early Genius, Nielsen appears in Gundam Build Fighters. Known for his scientific knowledge, he is nonetheless a rookie who makes his first appearance in the Gunpla Battle Championship. Piloting the Sengoku Astray Gundam, Nielsen is unique in that he designs his own Gundam suits using his amazing intellect.


Canary is a servant to the Zoldyck family from Hunter x Hunter. Taking her servant role seriously, Canary finds it hard to be close to her masters, such as Killua, due to her duty toward them. She’s known for not letting anyone onto the property, and will use force if necessary to eject anyone who won’t leave voluntarily. Her loyalty to Killua has caused her to take decisive action in defiance of certain norms and rules, but her quality decision making often means that this is the right choice.


A highly ranked Twilight from the anime Gangsta., and belonging to the Paulklee Guild, Doug is relatively short but uses this to his advantage, as many mistake him for a child. With long dreadlocks partly covering his face, he is short-tempered, loud and very obnoxious, but takes the consequences of overdosing on celebre seriously, warning off others from destructive behavior.

Izumi Curtis

Hailing from the Fullmetal Alchemist universe, Curtis is a master alchemist and skilled martial artist. A huge part of Edward and Alphonse’s life, she demonstrates how humans and alchemy should co-exist: rather than using alchemy for everything and all the time, Curtis reserves it for special situations. Despite her aggressive nature, Curtis is more than willing to help those in need and is extremely wise and perceptive.

Kaname Tosen

A captain of the 9th Division of the Gotei 13 from the Bleach series, Tosen was part of the Soul Society until his defection. An honorable man, Tosen tries to avoid killing and death and is academic, helping with the publication and writing of articles in the Seireitei Communication journal. Being a pure spirit, Tosen often comes into conflict with others and is notable for being blind.

Sid Barrett

Barrett is a zombie in most of the series, having been stabbed by Franken Stein. In Soul Eater, he mainly carries out missions or leads DWMA forces. Having a range of special abilities, he often will burrow underground to initiate surprise attacks and is extremely proficient with his tombstone attacks. His successful destruction of the Star Clan and raising of Black Star are some of his most important contributions.

Gem AKA Mr. 5

Starting as an officer agent in Baroque Works, he eventually ended up as a fireman. Featuring heavily in the Whisky Peak arc, he was also the main antagonist in the Little Garden arc. While confident in his abilities, his temper is infamous. He has tried to kill many people for perceived acts of disrespect, such as Usopp, and has even attacked Monkey D Luffy for spitting on his shoe.

After consuming the Paramecia-type Devil Fruit known as bomu bomu no mi, he can causes explosions from any part of his body, or even turn his entire body into one massive explosion. These attacks while highly destructive, leave him unharmed. This ability also has the secondary effect of rendering him immune to any type of explosive attack. He combines this with his flintlock .44 caliber six shot revolver, allowing him to put added damage on each bullet he fires by breathing into the chamber of the pistol.

Kyosuke Takakura

From the friendship series Nana, Takakura is an art student sharing an apartment in Tokyo. A side character via his friendship with Shoji Endo, Takakura is very laid back although his attitude towards women draws sharp rebukes from many of the other female characters. Leaning heavily into his dreadlocks, you can often see him with a Rasta hat and his style is often thought to be trying to copy the late Bob Marley.

Ermes Costello

First appearing in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Ermes’s sister Gloria was killed and she has been seeking revenge ever since. This saga leads her to be voluntarily imprisoned to get closer to Sports Maxx, her sister’s murderer, by committing armed robberies. Her personality is revealed fully by her complete disregard for her own life or survival: her only goal is to stay alive long enough to kill Maxx.

Meeting up with Jolyne Cujoh in prison, they bond and Costello offers some advice, meaning the two stay close during their stay in prison. Costello’s direct manner and decisive action mean she gets things done before others have realized what the situation is, although it does get her in trouble sometimes.

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Costello has many battles in prison, including using her stand to stop the janitor, Thunder McQueen, who had robbed her while she was laid up in the infirmary. She has further setbacks when she loses a bet to Miraschon and subsequently loses her gold tooth, money from her hiding spot and even her liver.

Rei Houomaru

A minor antagonist who got promoted to the main villain in Kill la Kill OVA special, Houomaru is a secretary often seen in her distinctive white business suit. All business, Houomaru doesn’t take advantage of her subordinates and her loyalty to her boss is unwavering due to him having saved her life.


A swordmaster and part of the Council of Swordmasters, Amahare features in One-Punch Man where he makes the ultimate sacrifice when an enemy is about to kill Atomic Samurai and Iaian. His victories include his ability to fight off multiple enemies, such as the mutating Black Sperm, and his swordsmanship puts him at the very top of many capable fighters.


Primarily a Greed Island player, Latarza has had several run-ins with Killua, however sensing Killua’s power, instead chooses to flee. With shoulder tattoos of the kanji for wind and thunder, he often plays on the themes of the weather and has a distinctive purple, dreadlocked hair style that is put into various upright bunches coupled with headphones.

Don Kanonji

Real name Misaomaru Kanonji, Kanonji is a Mediumship that hosts a television show called Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip in the Bleach series. Often sporting flashy outfits, Kanonji is well meaning and often tries to be the hero, refusing to surrender or run away. Hamming up his persona is done via trademark poses and phrases.

His tendency to think out loud often reveals his tactics and plans, to great comedic effect. His character has developed over the series, particularly after encounters with Ichigo Kurosaki. This has given a new dimension to the character, as his knowledge of Hollow and shinigami means his commentary is all the better and more entertaining.

Mira Nygus

The partner of Sid Barrett and also boasting medical skills, Nygus is loyal to DWMA and is a stickler for following orders. Her frank and candid nature cause conflicts constantly, but also come into use as she is able to see past subjective, fleeting emotions and notice the danger that lies beneath. Often wrapping herself in bandages to appear as a mummy, her actual abilities in combat are not normally showcased, though it can be assumed that her role as a trainer in martial arts means her level is very high.


Years of living in the slums hardened Cassim, causing him to look for ways to manipulate man and beast to get his way. Constantly suffering from an inferiority complex, Cassim often deems himself unworthy. While a strong leader, his closeness to Alibaba causes Cassim’s carefully laid plans to self-destruct sometimes.

Constantly recruiting people to the Fog Troupe, Cassim is always trying to get more powerful and take advantage of the situation, hoping to build up a big enough army to force a real revolution. Featuring several powerful attacks such as the Sword of the Black Binding Fog, and also the ability to turn into Djinn Form, effectively becoming immortal and also constantly increasing his power if a Black Rukh is present.


Teaching at UA high school, Snipe is in charge of the third year students. With his signature style of looking like a cowboy combined with a gas mask, Snipe is one distinctive character. Being cool under pressure, Snipe is able to calmly dissect the situation in front of him and make the best decisions possible, especially important when conveying to his students how to deal with battle situations.

Carole Stanley

Half of the eponymously named Carole & Tuesday, Stanley is an aspiring musician, getting by in Alba City. Differing from many on this list, Stanley is nice, inviting and patient. On top of this, she is very bright and passionate about her dreams, but unfortunately, this does not translate into her work ethic, as she gets fired a lot. However, generally, her main reason for getting fired is due to not dealing well with customers who think they own the place, and she is unable to hold her tongue.

Tom Tanaka

Working as a debt collector, Tanaka needs to be businesslike in his appearance, but his dreadlocks likely prevent him from seeming too polite and friendly, as in his line of work that is not a plus. Considering he doesn’t exactly deal with legitimate businesses, he is quite rough and harsh to his enemies, but deals well with his hotheaded bodyguard Shizuo Heiwajima like no one else seems to be able to.

This ability to keep Heiwajima in line is a massive plus for Tanaka, as not only can he deal with anything that is trying to attack Tanaka, but Heiwajima himself finds it hard to keep a job in the normal parts of society due to his destructive tendencies. Tanaka is also able to perfectly leverage the scary reputation of Heiwajima so that he can collect his debts without having to beat everybody up, ensuring quick payments and less bloodshed. This works for both Tanaka and Heiwajima, as the latter doesn’t actually want to do any violence.

Bob Makihara

Being one of the most physical characters in the series, Makihara doesn’t mind fighting and seems to enjoy it. Combined with the fact that he is very skilled, he is an imposing presence. A surprise attack one day makes it clear to Makihara that he can sense vibrations in the ground from his opponent, making him able to dodge attacks that he doesn’t see coming. With a background in capoeira, Makihara has all the tools necessary to be a great fighter, but does not follow the advice of his trainers and ends up way below his potential.

Yuuto Kidou

One of the main protagonists in Inazuma Eleven, he is the captain of Teikoku Gakuen, playing the position of midfielder. With his signature goggles that help him focus on the ball, Kidou is a master strategist, always coming up with ingenious ways to nullify other players. A conflict with Reiji Kageyama, the coach, causes Kidou many issues as Kageyama is implementing many illegal tricks and underhanded plays due to his win at any cost attitude.

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While he matures throughout the series, he definitely is quite reserved personality-wise, and is also not beneath do some shady things to get the win. Likely due to being raised in an orphange after his parents died, Kidou is very crafty but also extremely protective of his close friends and his sister, Haruna Otonashi.

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