15 Greatest Fictional Characters With Purple Hair

15 Greatest Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Purple-haired characters are a rarity in movies and Western culture, but they are more prevalent in Eastern culture, particularly in anime and manga. This article aims to showcase some of the greatest fictional characters with purple hair from various media. While the majority are from anime, we’ve included a few unexpected surprises from different sources. Let’s see who made it to our list of best purple-haired fictional characters ever!

1. Ramona Flowers (‘Scott Pilgrim’)

Ramona Flowers - Characters With Purple Hair

Ramona Flowers, also known as “Rammy,” is an American expatriate currently working as a “Ninja delivery girl” for Amazon.ca in Canada. She first appears in Bryan Lee O’Malley’s ‘Scott Pilgrim’ series, making her debut in ‘Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life’ in July 2004. In the film adaptation ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,’ Mary Elizabeth Winstead portrays Ramona.

Ramona exudes independence and a free-spirited attitude, often dying her hair as a form of self-expression. In the movie, she maintains an air of mystery and guardedness, carrying a laminated list of her evil exes, which she hands to Scott after his confrontation with Roxie.

2. Hit-Girl (‘Kick-Ass’)

Hit-Girl 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Hit-Girl, also known as Mindy McCready, is a fictional superhero in the comic series ‘Kick-Ass: The Dave Lizewski Years.’ Published by Marvel Comics under the Icon Comics imprint and later Image Comics, the character was created by artist John Romita Jr. and writer Mark Millar.

Trained by her father, Damon McCready (Big Daddy), from a young age, Hit-Girl is a skilled vigilante, proficient in both superheroism and assassination. Initially introduced as a supporting character in ‘Kick-Ass,’ she later starred in her own self-titled comic series, ‘Hit-Girl,’ first published on February 21, 2018, by Image Comics. In the film adaptations ‘Kick-Ass’ and ‘Kick-Ass 2,’ she is portrayed by Chloë Grace Moretz, who was fourteen at the time.

3. Violet Song Jat Shariff (‘Ultraviolet’)

Violet Song Jat Shariff 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Violet Song Jat Shariff is the main protagonist in the 2006 sci-fi action film ‘Ultraviolet,’ portrayed by Milla Jovovich. Initially infected during a hospital incident, Violet undergoes study after losing her child and husband. Joining insurgents, she rebels against the government.

During an infiltration mission at the Arch Ministry headquarters, Violet fights her way out after being discovered. Despite orders to destroy an anti-Hemophage weapon, she evades pursuit and returns to a safe house. Determined to save Six, Violet faces intense combat, ultimately choosing to flee and continue her fight.

4. Violet Song Jat Shariff

Alice 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

‘Closer’ is a 2004 American romantic drama film directed by Mike Nichols, written by Patrick Marber, based on his 1997 award-winning play of the same name. The cast includes Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman, and Clive Owen. The film draws parallels to Mozart’s opera ‘Così fan Tutte’ in both plot and soundtrack. Clive Owen played Dan in the original play, a role portrayed by Jude Law in the film, and Natalie Portman played Alice in both the play and the film. The story is regarded by some as a modern and tragic adaptation of the opera.

5. Shinobu Kocho (‘Demon Slayer’)

Shinobu Kocho 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Shinobu Kocho is a major supporting character in ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,’ holding the position of the Insect Hashira within the Demon Slayer Corps. She is a petite woman with unique, insect-like eyes lacking pupils and her shoulder-length wavy hair transitions from black to dark purple. Typically, she styles her hair in a “yakai-maki” fashion and secures it with a white and purple butterfly ornament.


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6. Kae Serinuma (‘Kiss Him, Not Me’)

Kae Serinuma 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Kae Serinuma, also known as Kae Mutsumi later in the ‘Kiss Him, Not Me’ manga, serves as the main protagonist. A second-year student and avid otaku and fujoshi, she is the daughter of Hideo and Mitsuko Serinuma and the younger sister of Takurō Serinuma. In the manga, she eventually becomes the wife of Asuma Mutsumi and the mother of Shion Mutsumi.

7. Shinoa Hiiragi (‘Seraph of the End’)

Shinoa Hiiragi 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Shinoa Hīragi, the main female protagonist in the ‘Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign’ manga series, is the younger sister of Mahiru Hīragi. Additionally, she holds the role of the main female protagonist in the ‘Seraph of the End’ anime. Coming from the prestigious Hīragi Family, Shinoa is assigned as the supervisor of Yūichirō Hyakuya during his suspension. She serves as a sergeant in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and leads the Shinoa Squad in the Moon Demon Company. Shinoa possesses a petite, slender figure with long lavender-colored hair adorned with a magenta bow and side braids.

8. Ritsu (‘Assassination Classroom’)

Ritsu 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Ritsu, also known as Autonomously Intelligent Fixed Artillery, is a student in Kunugigaoka Junior High School’s Class 3-E, taught by Korosensei. She is an AI and one of the two official transfer students in the class. Ritsu’s main body is a large rectangular robotic casing with a video screen, equipped with various weaponry and a 3D printer for performing tasks. Originally just a head with lilac hair and red eyes, Korosensei modified her body, revealing her full appearance with red eyes fading to light blue. She adapts her outfit depending on the situation, such as swimwear for swimming lessons or a detective outfit for solving mysteries, while her most common attire is the winter school uniform.

9. Shorter Wong (‘Banana Fish’)

Shorter Wong 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Shorter Wong is the best friend and partner of Ash Lynx in the anime/manga series ‘Banana Fish.’ He leads Chinatown’s mafia but aligns closely with Ash’s gang. Shorter often watches out for Ash, engaging in espionage and coming to his rescue when needed. As the story unfolds, he plays a crucial role in helping Ash unravel the mysteries surrounding Banana Fish, facing impending threats together. Shorter’s distinct appearance includes a large purple mohawk covering the top and right side of his head, earning him the nickname ‘pineapple head’ from Ash. The shaved sides reveal a possibly natural hair color, with light brown eyebrows complementing his unique style.

10. Rize Kamishiro (‘Tokyo Ghoul’)

Rize Kamishiro 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Rize Kamishiro was a ghoul and the foster daughter of Matasaka Kamishiro. Originally born into the Washuu Clan, she was the illegitimate daughter of former CCG chairman Tsuneyoshi Washuu. As a child, Rize escaped from the clan and the organization V. Physically, she had a slender figure, chest-length purple hair with left-swept bangs, purple eyes, full pink lips, and an hourglass figure.


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11. Kyoko Kirigiri (‘Danganronpa’)

Kyoko Kirigiri 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Kyoko Kirigiri is a student in Hope’s Peak Academy’s Class 78th and a participant in the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. At the beginning of the Killing Game, she lacks memory of her talent, hence her title as the Ultimate ???. Her past as a young teenager is explored in the novel series ‘Danganronpa Kirigiri,’ where she participated in the Duel Noir alongside Yui Samidare. Kyoko has purple eyes and a pale complexion and wears her long lavender hair down with a single braid on her left side, tied with a black ribbon.

12. Mizore Shirayuki (‘Rosario+Vampire’)

15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Mizore Shirayuki is a Yuki-Onna who joins the Newspaper Club at Yōkai Academy and develops a possessive love for Tsukune Aono, one of her romantic interests. She has long light purple hair initially but later cuts it to shoulder-length. Mizore’s blue eyes, which have a hint of purple at the top, set her apart, and she is often depicted with a lollipop in her mouth to regulate her body temperature.

13. Sinbad (‘Magi: Adventure of Sinbad’)

Sinbad 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Sinbad, the former King of Sindria and World Innovator, is a prominent figure in the ‘Magi’ series. He serves as the Head of the International Alliance, the president of the powerful Sindria Trading Company, and leads the Seven Seas Alliance. Sinbad is known for being a Dungeon Capturer and a King Vessel.

Physically, Sinbad is tall and attractive, characterized by tan skin and a well-built physique. His distinctive features include golden eyes and exceptionally long, purple hair tied in a ponytail. He typically dons floor-length purple and white robes, a white turban adorned with feathers, and pointed red shoes.

14. Lucifer (‘The Devil Is A Part-Timer!‘)

Lucifer 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Hanzō Urushihara, also known as Lucifer, is a fallen angel and one of the generals in the service of the Demon King. Following his defeat by Hero Emilia, he is saved by Olba Meyer, with the condition that they join forces to defeat the Demon Lord. After another defeat, Lucifer seeks refuge with Sadao Maou and Ashiya.

In his human form, Urushihara appears as a short, slender teenager with fair skin. His distinctive features include floppy, dark purple hair that extends past his shoulders, a long fringe, and violet eyes.

15. Ultear Milkovich (‘Fairy Tail’)

Ultear Milkovich 15 Best Fictional Characters With Purple Hair of All Time

Ultear Milkovich is a skilled Mage and the daughter of Ur. She was once a member of the Magic Council and later joined the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart, leading the Seven Kin of Purgatory. Following her departure from the guild, Ultear became an Independent Mage and co-founder of Crime Sorcière. She eventually left Crime Sorcière after the X791 Grand Magic Games.

Physically, Ultear is characterized by her pale skin, dark purple hair, and brown eyes. Her attire varies, and in combat, she dons a tight-fitting battle outfit.

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