Are Buggy and Luffy Friends? (& When Do They Become Friends?)

Are Buggy & Luffy Friends? (and When Do They Become Friends?)

The interpersonal relationships between One Piece characters are, in most cases, very dynamic and highly entertaining. If you add Luffy to the equation, they generally become even more dynamic and entertaining. This is why we have decided to do just that. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most intriguing relationships between two One Piece characters – the one between Luffy and Buggy. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Luffy and Buggy are friends.

Although they were previously enemies in the East Blue, Luffy’s relationship with Buggy is generally similar to Buggy’s relationship with Shanks. Although Buggy was a formidable opponent for Luffy in the past, he is now nothing more than an annoyance to the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. He, for his part, tends to try to take advantage of Luffy’s naivety for his own personal gain.

The rest of this article is going to give you a lot of details about the relationship between Buggy and Luffy. What started out as a frenemy type of relationship turned into something more friendly later on, and Buggy could, now, even be described as Luffy’s friend and ally. We shall explore the details of this in the paragraphs that follow.

Are Buggy and Luffy friends?

Buggy is the Captain of the Buggy Pirates, the leader of Buggy’s Delivery, a former Sea Warlord, and a former member of the Roger Pirates. The two share an antagonistic relationship but were able to work together as allies. Buggy finds Luffy irritating the same way he finds his former teammate Shanks irritating. However, he is willing to work with Luffy if it is to his advantage.

Despite this, he dislikes Luffy for giving him all the trouble and spends some of his time chasing after the Straw Hats’ Captain in an attempt to kill him. Luffy initially disliked Buggy and considered him an enemy but has since let go of his hostility and learned to tolerate him. The two first met during the Orange Town Arc, where Buggy and his crew caused trouble for the local residents.

With Nami and Zoro’s help, Luffy could defeat the Buggy Pirates and liberate Orange Town. After Buggy went to the trouble of putting his body back together, he followed Luffy to Loguetown while forging an alliance with Alvida, who is also looking for Luffy. While in Loguetown, he managed to trap Luffy on Gol D. Rogers’ execution platform and attempted to execute the Straw Hat Captain but was miraculously prevented from doing so.

The two would only cross paths again at the Impel Down Arc, where Buggy reluctantly worked with Luffy to escape the infamous prison and track him to the Marineford Summit War, with Buggy taking him along and Jinbe safe near the end of the battle. Buggy didn’t like Luffy when he first met him because the Straw Hat Captain insulted him in the face, which he is sensitive to.

After losing to him, he remained bitter and spent half his time hunting down the Straw Hat Captain, even allying with Alvida, who also wanted to find Luffy to achieve this goal. However, circumstances continued to get in his way, and he eventually found his attempts futile. He is often irritated by Luffy’s reckless and reckless decisions, such as when they came on a frozen wave in the Marineford Summit War, and he suggested breaking them, which caused him and all of them to fall on the battlefield.

He was also very upset when Luffy used his body as a shield in his fight against Dracule Mihawk. By the time he met him again at Impel Down, Buggy had mellowed a bit and was more than willing to work with Luffy to escape but grew frustrated as he continued to sink deeper and deeper into the prison.

Buggy finally admitted how much stronger Luffy had become since they fought. Despite his great irritation and occasional animosity towards Luffy, he agreed to save his life when he and Jinbe were thrown at him by Crocodile and transported to Trafalgar Law’s submarine. He even returned Luffy’s Straw Hat after Shanks bribed him.

At the start of the conflict, he desperately tried to tell Luffy to shut up when he contradicted Emperor Whitebeard and was shocked when the two started talking friendly. When he discovered that Luffy’s father was Monkey D. Dragon, he was completely amazed and commented that his father was a big deal. Buggy also benefited from Luffy’s actions as he saw an increase in his shipping company’s business after Luffy defeated his sea warlord, Donquixote Doflamingo, in Dressrosa.

When did Buggy and Luffy become friends?

As we have said, originally, Luffy disliked Buggy and his crew because of the chaos they were causing in Orange Town. He got mad at Buggy for piercing the straw hat that Shanks gave him. However, after defeating him, he no longer held any serious hatred towards him and was quite calm about Buggy’s attempt to execute him in Loguetown.

After meeting Buggy again at Impel Down, he agreed to a truce and worked with him to progress to Ace level. He happily gave the armband to Buggy that Nami had given him in exchange for his help. Either out of carelessness or just out of carelessness, Luffy shows no anger at Buggy’s attempts to leave him behind and always treats him like an ally.


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However, he was upset when Buggy revealed to him that he lied about how to reach level four of Impel Down. Luffy was grateful for Buggy’s help because when his old enemy revealed his intention to dump him with Mr. 3, he simply thanked him for getting him this far. When he used Buggy as a human shield against Dracule Mihawk, which ultimately hilariously caused Buggy to explode by his own attack, Luffy ran off, stating that he would never forget him.

As you can see, the story of Buggy’s and Luffy’s friendship is a very dynamic one and we’re glad to have been able to present it to you.

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