Are Marvel Legends Worth Collecting?

Are Marvel Legends Worth Collecting?

Marvel Legends is one of the oldest and the most active action figure lines out there. There is definitely some appeal to the line, but the mixed opinions between different collectors usually put new collectors off from the collection. This is why many new collectors wonder whether the action figure line is actually worth collecting?

Marvel Legends are a great starting point for new and casual collectors, but older and more experienced collectors may skip out on the line in favor of other more expensive action figures.

The rest of the article will present you with an analysis of the figures and the price guide as well as a few pointers as to where to start if this is your first collection.

Are Marvel Legends worth collecting?

As one of the longest-running toy lines which depicts one of the most popular comic book universes, Marvel Legends became extremely popular and many new collectors want to get into it but the question is wheatear the line is worth collecting.

The answer comes down to what you want out of your collection. If you are looking for quantities in your collection this should be your go-to line. Marvel Legends is one of the largest toy lines out there and you can collect but unlike many similar lines collecting Marvel Legends is much easier.

For starters, Marvel Legends are much more available than other action figures. With all the common places you can find other action figures, Marvel legends can be found at places such as Target, Wal-Mart, and other widely available internet sites.

In addition to being available, Marvel legends are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other action figures which means you can have a larger collection for a smaller amount of money. Some of the figures go for as little as 11 dollars.

These two features make Marvel Legends a great collection for new collectors or casual collectors only looking to get their favorite figures.

One thing that comes with the inexpensive prices and mass production is the fact that the figures will be of lower quality. If you like to collect figures simply to display them this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you like to move the figures around the fragility of the figures may be something that will put you off from the collection.

On the other hand, two things that constantly get brought up when talking about the Marvel legends are the number of figures there are in the collection and what that does to collectors. 

The first problem with the huge number of action figures in the Marvel Legends series is the fact that new collectors will have a lot of catching up to do if they are aiming for the whole collection.

Although they are inexpensive buying a large number of figures at a time or buying a few in short intervals of time can quickly become a very expensive hobby. 

Many collectors also bring up how after a while of constant additions to their collections Marvel Legends become more of a chore than a hobby. 

This is also often combined with the critique that the amount of money you are spending on individual figures could be spent on more quality figures.

If you prefer quality over quantity in your collection you should probably skip on Marvel Legends and only get the few figures you like. However, if you are a casual collector Marvel Legends will be a good starting point for getting into the collecting business and could be sold later on to help you switch to a different collection if you chose to do so.

How to start collecting Marvel Legends? 

Marvel Legends is one of the largest toy lines ever created and as such can be a bit overwhelming to new collectors. Usually, similar lines will have a logical order of collecting, but this is not the case with Marvel Legends.

There are two different approaches you can take while starting your marvel legends collection and those are starting based on preference or starting off based on budget.

Based on preference you could just get the figures you like and then work your way up from that. The best method for this approach is selecting a series you like, for example, X-Men, and getting all of the X-Men figures. Once you are done with collecting one group of figures or you have a decent amount you can move on to a different group you would like to have.

If you like collecting but don’t want to spend a lot of money on this hobby you should start with cheaper figures to catch up and then start getting the more expensive ones. Places like comic book stores and GameStop will usually have older figures which are cheaper or some sort of a sale before the new wave comes out.

Places like Wal-Mart, Amazon, or eBay will most likely also have some good deals on some older figures. If you don’t mind getting the second hand you’ll probably be able to find some newer and rarer figures as well.

You can also start with collecting the rarest ones first; however, this method is not the most budget-friendly so it is important to pace yourself while getting them. It would be a good idea to set a certain amount of time in between the purchases or setting a limit on how many figures you can get each time since it is pretty easy to go through bigger amounts of money when you get lost in the figures.

One of the most popular rare collectible pieces is Marvel Legends: Black Widow and Winter Soldier Variant which is available on some collector sites and Amazon in small quantities.

If you want to build your collection quickly you should start with sets and progress onto single figures once you acquired the desired amount of figures. The two most popular sets are the anniversary sets; Marvel Studios 10th anniversary and Marvel Comics 80th anniversary.

If you prefer movies over comic books you can start with collecting all the figures that have made an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and expand as the new movies come out. One of the popular movie packs is Spider-Man Homecoming 2 pack.

These are just some of the few options, however, given the size of the Marvel legends line you can start collecting them whichever way you want. The only important thing is that collecting is fun for you. The only thing you should keep an eye out for is pacing yourself and making sure you aren’t spending more money than you budgeted for your collection.

Marvel Legends prices

We already mention that the Marvel Legends action figures are relatively available; however, depending on what you are looking for the prices can become a bit bigger than the average.

Some less rare single figures can go for as low as 11 dollars, but an average price for single figures is around 20 to 30 dollars. The price will go over this mark if you are looking for a rare or an older figure depending on how popular the figure you are looking for is and how many are out there.

You can get a better deal when you are looking for two or three-pack of figures. It will probably allow you to get a more popular character for more or less the same cost of a single figure per figure in the set.

Packs of four or five figures usually come with a few accessories and are the most expensive figures you can get with prices of the packs with more popular characters and rarer packs usually being around 200 dollars.