Attack on Titan: How Yelena’s Creepy Meme Face Stole the Show

Attack on Titan: How Yelena's Creepy Meme Face Stole the Show

Attack on Titan episode 77 was more than dynamic since we had a chance to see Eren fighting two Titans while Zeke’s Titan also got hit by the Cart Titan using Anti-Titan heavy artillery – so a lot of Titans in that havoc. However, despite the battlefield tension and the fact that the fandom is not sure whether Zeke is dead, Yelena’s creepy face stole the show. The way Yelena looked at Armin made everyone around uncomfortable, also making the audience creep out. Yelena’s creepy face also started a series of memes, making the internet overflown with Yelena’s weird expression.

Yelena IS creepy most of the time if you ask a great number of fans following up with the popular anime series. Some fans on Reddit reminded everyone how calm Yelena was when she shot Griez – a former Marleyan soldier serving in the Marley Navy. She just shot him without a word and then apologized instead of him for his rudeness. That leads us to a conclusion that Yelena is someone who is good at burying emotions – as one of the Redditor fans suggests in the thread.

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One of the fans also reminded everyone how Yelena would assassinate anyone who went against her, making other of her followers do whatever she wants them to. Another Redditor suggests that the reason why Yelena looked that way at Armin was because she knows the group is lying, but she still wants to use them to save Eren. In general, Yelena’s creepy facial expression and then the fast switch to a happy-go-lucky face might mean that she doesn’t trust Armin.

Whatever the case, everyone present took a step back and held their breath seeing her face turn to a creepy meme expression. In the meantime, Connie and Jean don’t seem to be sure which side to choose. The next episode will air on January 23rd, the following Sunday, and will be titled Two Brothers, so might learn more about Zeke and Eren’s faith in the series.  

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