Why Did Yelena Make That Face? (& Scare Armin?)

Why Did Yelena Make That Face? (& Scare Armin?)

If you’ve seen the recent Attack on Titan episode, “Sneak Attack”, you’ve also probably seen the iconic scene in which Yelena makes that face and scares Armin. The scene from Episode 18 of Season 4 of the Attack on Titan anime raised a lot of questions and also left fans confused as to the meaning of Yelena’s face and Armin’s reaction. In this article, we are going to explain to you why Yelena made that face and why that face actually scared Armin.

Yelena’s face is actually an initial reaction to Armin saying that they have to help the Yeagerists, i.e., that they have no choice. From what we know from the original manga and the context of the whole scene, Yelena uses this facial expression to show that she knew that Armin was not going to adhere to her plan like he was supposed to, and the expression was used to show him that. Still, as her subsequent reaction explains they did not come into direct conflict because of that.

In the continuation of this article, we are going to elaborate further on what happened in Episode 18 of Season 4 of the Attack on Titan anime. You’re going to find out more details about the scene we’re talking about, as well as the reasons behind it. The information we are going to provide you with will provide you with all the context you need to properly interpret the scene.

Why Did Yelena Make the Face that Scared BothFans and Armin?

If you’ve seen Episode 18 of Season 4 of Attack on Titan, you have certainly seen that scary face that Yelena makes at one point. The facial expression was truly horrifying and aside from scaring the sh*t out of Armin, whom it was directly aimed at, it also scared us as it was an expression we don’t really want to see again. Yelena immediately switched to friendly mode but that expression still haunts us. Why did she do it? Let us see.

The whole scene happens in the midst of a battle between the Armored Titan, the Beast Titan, and the Attacking Titan. Seeing that Zeke comes to rescue his little brother, Magath tries to eliminate the Beast Titan with the help of Pieck – who carries a cannon on her back. While the warrior expresses her doubts about the commander’s plan, some of the Yeagerists – including Floch – set off in pursuit.

The Jaw Titan and the Armored Titan, on the other hand, seem to be in very bad shape but continue the fight. At the same time, Conny, Jean and Armin free all the imprisoned soldiers, and find Shadis – seriously injured but still alive; then Dot Pixis, who confirms to them that he too drank Zeke’s cerebrospinal fluid.

The commander does not lose hope, however, and orders all his soldiers to go to the front to fight. On their way out, the old tactical squad cross paths with Yelena. With astonishment, all note that Zeke is present on the front. As they worry about Levi and Hansi, Armin, to avoid arousing suspicion, pretends to adhere to Yelena’s plan.

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The woman is not fooled though, but pretends to believe in her intentions – which the group notices from her expression, which horrifies both Armin, who thinks that his true intentions have been discovered, and the others present. Armin doesn’t know that Yelena actually saw through him, but decided not to pursue that fact further at the time.

However, the two sides do not come into conflict and Armin, Mikasa, Jean and Conny go to the front to support Eren. Later, Zeke notices that the Cart Titan has been disabled. As the Yeagerists cry victory, Floch realizes no one shot him. It is then that Magath shoots a few centimeters from the nape of the Beast Titan’s neck, as it falls from the wall and risks crying out at any time to protect itself.

So, what happens next? We won’t be spoiling the whole thing, but we’ll give you just enough information for you to understand the importance of Yelena’s expression.

Since the Beast Titan is now down, Marley’s army must prevent the two Yeager brothers from making contact; in which case, these will activate the big plan. Eren, in a panic, heads towards Zeke in his titanic form, only to be immobilized by the Jaw Titan, which attacks his calf. However, the Attacking Titan manages to defend himself without difficulty, until he knocks down his enemy.

Fortunately for Porco, Magath shoots the holder of the Founding Titan and thus prevents him from obtaining yet another titanic power. At the same time, the Commander and Pieck are surrounded by the Yeagerists while Mikasa shields Armin from a gunshot. He sees the danger represented by the Cart Titan and wishes to put it out of harm’s way, but resolves to annihilate the soldiers of Marley first.

So, after hearing Pixis’ directives to his troops, Armin strategizes to surprise their enemies. Meanwhile, Zeke, unable to help his brother, watches the fight. Reiner has the upper hand over the Attacking Titan, and implores Porco – in very bad shape – to get up. Devastated, he touches his titan and sends him the memories of his brother: Marcel.

Thus, it is through this note that Porco learns that he deserved to obtain the Armored Titan, unlike Reiner. Elsewhere, the Beast Titan gets up, determined to let out his cry to finally put an end to the fight.

What Episode Does Yelena Make that Face In?

As for the exact episode, the particular scene happened in Episode 18 of Season 4 of the Attack on Titan anime, titled “Sneak Attack”. It was the 77th episode overall and premiered on January 17, 2022. The episode is part of the final War for Paradis Arc.

As for the manga, in case you’re actually curious, this same scene happens in Chapter 118 of the manga, which is also titled “Sneak Attack”. Chapter 118 is actually Chapter 4 of Volume 29 of the Attack on Titan manga, and it shows that this scene in the anime was taken directly from the pages of the manga.

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