Attack on Titan: The Cart Titan Explained

The Cart Titan in Attack on Titan Explained

The Titans of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan are truly fascinating beings. They’re powerful, they’re visually impressive and they are certainly one of the highlights of the whole series. Now, along with the “regular” Titans that we’ve seen throughout the franchise, there are the Nine Titans, who are extremely powerful and look different than the others. In this article, we are going to present one of them to you as we explain everything you need to know about the Cart Titan.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Cart Titan is one of the Nine Titans. It provides its user with the ability to transform into a quadrupedal titan.
  • He is extremely agile and strong enough to carry the necessary equipment without losing speed, which makes this titan perfect for transportation and support.
  • Pieck Finger was its last owner until the disappearance of the Titans.

Cart Titan: Origins

Like the other Nine Titans, the Cart Titan was created after the soul of Ymir Fritz split into nine parts. The resulting Nine Titan shifters used their abilities to create noble Eldian families. They fought each other for the next 1,700 years until King Karl Fritz withdrew to the island of Paradis and abandoned his subjects on the mainland.

In the wake of the Great Titan War, the Cart Titan was then conquered by Marley. Pieck inherited the Cart Titan’s powers in 842 as part of the Marley warrior program. After the other recruits also inherited a titan, their skills were tested against an enemy nation. During the battle, the Cart Titan crossed a canal clad in armor, carrying a box in its mouth containing the Colossal Titan’s bearer, Bertholdt Hoover.

Pieck was able to park the Cart Titan behind enemy lines, allowing Bertholdt to wreak havoc. When some of the warriors were sent to Paradis to reclaim the Founding Titan, the Cart Titan stayed behind in Marley to defend the land from possible attack. Eight years later, however, no word had been heard from Marley about the warriors in Paradis, and so the Cart Titan and the Beast Titan were also sent to Paradis.

Who is the Cart Titan?

The only known possessor of the Cart Titan was Pieck Finger. Although she certainly wasn’t the first or the only possessor of the Cart Titan in history, she is the only one that Isayama revealed in the manga.

The Cart Titan’s human form

Pieck points at Eren Jaeger

Pieck is a petite young woman with shoulder-length black hair and relaxed dark eyes. Her attire consists of a white blouse, a long trench coat, an ankle-length skirt, and black lace-up boots. Adhering to Marley’s authority, she wears the Eldia armband on her left arm.

Following the Marley Middle East War, Pieck requires a crutch to walk upright due to losing the ability for two consecutive months in her Karrentitan form. Despite this, she can walk on all fours, a preference she chooses when there are fewer people around, claiming it “feels more natural.” In her younger years, Pieck wore her hair in a ponytail.

Who inherited the Cart Titan after Pieck?

Actually, Pieck Finger was the last possessor of the Cart Titan. Since she survived until the War for Paradis Arc, she also got to see Mikasa kill Eren Yeager as the Founding Titan, which, in turn, resulted in the disappearance of all Titan powers. So, Pieck Finger was the last possessor of the Cart Titan, and with Eren’s death, the powers of the Cart Titan simply disappeared.

Who killed the Cart Titan?

Well, this depends on your point of view. If you consider its possessor, Pieck Finger, the Cart Titan wasn’t killed. Pieck had a near-death situation, but she eventually survived the events of the War for Paradis and wasn’t killed. Three years after Eren’s death, the survivors of the “Battle of Heaven and Earth” at Fort Salta are named ambassadors of peace between the remnants of the outside world and Paradis.

As the ambassadors set sail for Paradis to begin peace talks in the year 857, Annie points out that the odds of them successfully negotiating with Paradis are low. Armin, however, is certain that the sight of the Warriors and the Survey Corps, former enemies, working together will be enough to get the Eldians of Paradis to listen.


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On the other hand, the Cart Titan did indeed die, but that was the result of Eren’s death. Namely, when Mikasa killed Eren in the form of the Founding Titan, the Titans, and the Titan powers simply disappeared, and with them, the powers of the Cart Titan as well.

The Cart Titan: Powers and abilities

The Cart Titan stands out among the Nine Titans with its exceptional stamina, enabling its wielders to engage in prolonged missions lasting several months without reverting to human form. This heightened fatigue resistance allows the Titan to sustain its form for extended durations and carry various armaments, including combat armor, mobile machine guns, and cargo packs. These capabilities make it well-suited for diverse tactics such as trench clearing and prolonged operations in enemy territory.

Cart Titan 28Anime29 character image 28Pieck Finger29

Despite its exceptional endurance, the Cart Titan’s regeneration after severe injuries is slower compared to other Titan shifters. Its remarkable stamina allows its owner to undergo numerous transformations—over a hundred times, as noted by Pieck Finger—without fatigue, unless fatally wounded.

The Cart Titan’s distinctive quadrupedal form sets it apart among the Nine Titans, possibly inspiring its name. Notably, it exhibits considerable speed, akin to the Jaw Titan, demonstrated in the Battle of Shiganshina when it swiftly retrieved Zeke Yeager and Reiner Braun while pursuing skilled soldiers like Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoe. Moreover, Pieck’s Cart Titan can communicate intelligibly, though not as fluently as Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan or Ymir’s Jaw Titan.

Cart Titan is however the weakest Titan

The Cart Titan is relatively weaker in terms of physical strength compared to other Nine Titans but excels in practicality, speed, and utility. It can carry weapons and navigate enemy territory efficiently, making it more of a utility Titan than a direct fighter.

Despite its weakness in combat, its formidable stamina surpasses that of any other Nine Titans, providing near-invulnerability to biological absorption and the ability to transform hundreds of times consecutively. However, its resistance to attacks is notably low, making it susceptible to defeat by both humans and other Titans.

Cart Titan character image 28Pieck Finger29

The Cart Titan, despite its smaller size, serves as a scouting and transport Titan rather than an offensive one. Equipped with a backpack-like platform, it can carry multiple objects, and Marley enhances its capabilities with armor and turret platforms, enabling soldiers to engage enemies from its back. While not suited for direct combat, these modifications allow the Titan to compensate for its weaknesses and contribute from a distance.

Though not as formidable as the other Nine Titan shifters, the Cart Titan is still more powerful than regular Titans and humans, possessing superior abilities. Underestimating the Cart Titan would be a mistake, as it has proven to be a formidable force despite being considered the weakest among the Nine Titan shifters in the world of Attack on Titan.


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Can the Cart Titan walk?

The Cart Titan’s mobility is distinctive, as it walks on all fours, unlike other humans or the Nine Titans that walk on two feet. While it can stand and move on two feet, it’s notably slower in that stance. As a result, the Cart Titan primarily moves on all fours, which significantly enhances its speed. This exceptional speed, comparable to the Jaw Titan, was evident during the Battle of Shiganshina, where it swiftly retrieved Zeke Yeager and Reiner Braun while keeping pace with skilled soldiers like Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoe, showcasing one of its most notable features.

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