Austin Abrams Allegedly Declined the Role of Sentry in ‘Thunderbolts’

austin abrams as sentry2

The highly-discussed ‘Thunderbolts’ MCU project, unveiled by Kevin Feige in September, solidified its cast with David Harbour, Hannah John-Kamen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sebastian Stan, Wyatt Russell, and Olga Kurylenko reprising their roles. Notably, Yelena Belova was confirmed to join the Thunderbolts team.

Initially, Steven Yeun was set to portray Sentry, a choice that faced criticism due to perceived disparities with the character’s comic book appearance. After Yeun withdrew, attributing it to post-SAG-AFTRA strike scheduling conflicts, rumors circulated that Austin Abrams might step into the role. Abrams, recognized for his performances in ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Euphoria,’ and various films, was purportedly considered for the complex character of Robert Reynolds.


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However, based on the latest batch of speculations reported by Daniel Richtman on X, Abrams declined the opportunity to take on the role.

In addition to Yeun and Abrams, another contender for the role surfaced in the form of Dev Patel. However, Patel also opted not to take on the portrayal of Sentry, one of Marvel Comics’ most formidable superheroes. The search for the next Sentry appears to be more challenging than anticipated. Production for ‘Thunderbolts’ is slated to commence in March or April, with the film still on track for a 2025 release. Share your fan casting choices for Sentry in the comments below!

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