Baki Will Eventually Beat Pickle, Here’s How

bakio punches pickle

One of the things that we saw in the earlier part of season 2 of the ‘Hanma Baki’ anime was that Baki Hanma struggled in his fight with a prehistoric caveman named Pickle, whose physical abilities were far beyond that of any ordinary human being. Of course, Baki lost that fight in a manner that forced Pickle to evolve and use martial arts. But people are now wondering whether or not Baki will eventually beat Pickle in a straight-up manner. So, will Baki eventually defeat Pickle in a fight?

Baki will beat Pickle, but not in the conventional manner. During Baki’s fight with Yuujirou Hanma, Pickle suddenly appeared to butt in and try to take Yuujirou himself. However, Baki punched Pickle out of nowhere, knocking his teeth out in the process. Pickle understood that he wasn’t supposed to interfere in that fight.

Even though Baki and Pickle don’t fight ever again, the thing is that this moment between them during the fight between Baki and his father was indicative of just how strong Baki had become and how he was now stronger than the caveman after their fight. Pickle didn’t even try to fight back when Baki punched him, as he already understood that he shouldn’t have tried to butt in. Now, let’s see how Baki “won” against Pickle.

They don’t actually fight again

If there’s one thing that Baki fans were wondering about in the fight between Baki and Pickle, it’s that certain fighters and witnesses claimed that the true winner was Baki. At the end of the fight, Pickle was the one left standing after he used a martial arts move to defeat Baki when they squared off in a test of stamina and endurance. The logic behind Baki’s victory in that fight was rooted in the fact that Pickle, supposedly stronger and bigger than Baki, had to use a martial arts weapon to defeat a weaker opponent.

So, the fact that Pickle had to use a weapon against a weaker opponent was his subconscious way of admitting that he couldn’t beat Baki using only his primitive way of fighting. He needed to evolve to defeat Baki, and that was why the consensus was that Baki was the victor. And to prove that Pickle understood what that moment meant, he didn’t even try to eat Baki after and simply befriended him.

pickle and baki

Nevertheless, after that fight, Baki moved on to his father, who he thought was his next step as a martial artist. On the other hand, Pickle decided to prowl the streets of Tokyo as a wild man just waiting for his next prey.

As such, the greatest father and son fight between Yuujirou and Baki took place right on the streets of Tokyo, Japan, with a large crowd witnessing the fight between the two strongest human beings on the planet. And Pickle was up there on one of the buildings to witness the fight happening between two people who were just as strong or stronger than him.


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So, in a way, Baki and Pickle don’t fight in a rematch ever again, as they already understand what their fight with one another means. Baki realized just as much that he had become stronger after fighting Pickle and that he may have won that fight after forcing his prehistoric opponent to “evolve” in the middle of their brawl.

On the other hand, Pickle learned to respect Baki as a friend and as the only fighter he didn’t see as his prey. And that’s why it is unlikely that they would ever fight in a true rematch again.

Baki scolds Pickle

Nevertheless, Pickle had to stick his nose up someone else’s business. Yuujirou was manhandling Baki during a certain portion of their fight. The Ogre was dominating Baki and was pummeling him to the ground. And while Baki was helpless on the ground, Yuujirou was about to beat him down by crushing him with his fist or stomping him to a bloody pulp.

yuujirou baki

But before Yuujirou could choose his next move, Pickle appeared from behind as if he were telling the Ogre that he had proven himself worthy enough to be his next prey. Pickle was observing the fight not because he was interested in the fight but because he was a natural hunter who only wanted to eat creatures that could match him in a fight. And by appearing just before Yuujirou was about to beat down Baki, Pickle was saying he was now about to attack his prey.

Yuujirou realized that Pickle had arrived just before he was about to beat down his son. He thought that the caveman’s sudden appearance made the entire event interesting. But before either Yuujirou or Pickle could react to each other, Baki sprang up from his seemingly lifeless position and punched Pickle out of nowhere.


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Baki’s punch was strong enough to knock out several of Pickle’s teeth. Baki also told Pickle that this fight had nothing to do with him, as the caveman was seemingly capable of understanding what his friend was saying.

While Pickle could never understand human speech, he understood that he had just violated one of the fundamental laws of nature, which is to never butt in the middle of a fight between two alpha creatures.

Pickle also understood that the gap between him and Baki had widened because the punch was strong enough to knock out his teeth, which had never been knocked out of his mouth before. His teeth were strong enough to bite through dinosaur skin, flesh, and bone. They were also strong enough to withstand the attacks of the strongest martial artists in the world.

pickle sitting

But after Baki knocked his teeth out, Pickle understood that he got scolded by his friend and that he had no business interfering in that fight. This was the first time Baki showed weakness without even trying to fight his opponent to prove that he was stronger.

He completely submitted to Baki’s scolding after that punch. As such, he had no choice but to sit down and observe the fight because he knew he shouldn’t have interfered in that fight between two alpha predators.

So, in a manner of speaking, Pickle lost to Baki as he may have admitted that he wouldn’t have been able to defeat Baki even if he had fought back after that punch. He knew that Baki was on an entirely different level at that moment, especially because he was fighting the strongest creature on the planet. And that was why the only thing that Pickle could do was to submit to Baki.

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