10 Characters That Can Beat Pickle in a Fight (Ranked)

beat pickle

In ‘Baki,’ we know how imposing Pickle was in his fight with the different martial artists that tried to elevate their techniques as fighters by fighting a caveman that was so much stronger and bigger than they were. Of course, while he was never a trained fighter, Pickle was strong enough to defeat all of the fighters he fought to prove that his prehistoric physiology was superior to the bodies of modern-day fighters.

Still, because Pickle lacks intelligence and techniques, he isn’t invulnerable, as we saw in his fight with the much smaller Baki Hanma. That means that some fighters can stand a chance against this massive caveman. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the fighters that can defeat Pickle.

10. Ryuukou Yanagi


While Ryuukou Yanagi isn’t the strongest character in the entire ‘Baki’ series and is far from the most imposing character in the entire storyline, the thing about him is that he can defeat opponents without relying on his strength. And that’s because he attacks his opponents in a manner that eats them up from the inside as he can poison them using his hands, as that was what he did to Baki.


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We aren’t sure whether or not poison can affect Pickle, given that his prehistoric body might be more resistant to Yanagi’s poison. But if Yanagi’s poison can affect Pickle, there’s a good chance that this technique would be able to defeat the massive caveman. Pickle also hates attacks that tend to attack him from the inside, as that was what he hated when he tried to eat a bee/wasp during his prehistoric era. Of course, Yanagi would have to find a way to hit Pickle first.

9. Gouki Shibukawa

gouki 1

One of the most unique characters in the entire storyline of ‘Baki’ is Gouki Shibukawa because he is a well-respected martial artist, even though he doesn’t have the muscle mass, strength, and imposing presence that all other martial artists have. Instead, he relies almost entirely on his martial arts techniques to defeat bigger and stronger opponents.

In the storyline of ‘Baki,’ Gouki showcased his abilities by finding ways to defeat much bigger opponents, including Jack Hanma. Of course, while Pickle is on an entirely different level than the other fighters that Gouki faced, there’s still a chance that this old man can use his martial arts techniques to trim the gap between him and the caveman’s strength.

8. Kaoru Hanayama


One of the most physically imposing characters in the entire ‘Baki’ storyline is Kaoru Hanayama, one of the strongest in pure strength and charging power. In fact, in a test of strength with Pickle, the caveman noticed that Hanayama has the strength of a triceratops, which was always the most difficult opponent that Pickle faced during the prehistoric era.

Of course, Hanayama and Pickle never faced one another in a real fight. But the thing is that, in the ‘Baki-Dou’ storyline, he could give Musashi Miyamoto a good fight even though this samurai was stronger than almost everyone else. Hanayama also didn’t back down from Musashi, who Pickle quickly realized was far too strong for him to defeat. As such, Hanayama might be at the same level as Pickle.

7. Biscuit Oliva

biscuit oliva

Arguably the most physically imposing human being of the modern era, Biscuit Oliva is the strongest American fighter in the storyline of ‘Baki’ and is often called by the US government to fight opponents that tend to be too strong for the military to handle. And while Biscuit doesn’t have any true fighting techniques, his muscles are so dense and strong that he can overpower any character.

Of course, Pickle is an entirely different creature in terms of his muscle strength, which means he may or may not be stronger than Biscuit. Baki also struggled against Pickle more than he did in his fight against Biscuit. But while it may be true that Biscuit is physically stronger than Biscuit, there’s a chance that Oliva’s experience and intelligence are more than enough to handle a mindless caveman.

6. Doppo Orochi


The greatest karate fighter in the storyline of ‘Baki’ is Doppo Orochi, one of the few fighters Yuujirou Hanma recognizes as a true fighter in terms of his strength and techniques. Of course, Doppo has struggled a few times against weaker opponents, but he has always showcased his ability to use his techniques to overpower enemies that don’t have the same kind of training that he has.

Katsumi Orochi, who fought Pickle well enough to give the caveman a tough fight, is weaker than his father. So, if Katsumi could give Pickle a hard time despite being weaker, then it means that Doppo should be able to give the caveman a harder fight. He might even be tough enough to beat Pickle.

5. Baki Hanma

baki 1

Of course, the star of the entire ‘Baki’ storyline should be strong enough to take on the caveman. After all, we did see Baki facing Pickle in a one-on-one fight. When healthy, Baki should have been able to give Pickle an even tougher fight as he was fighting him handicapped.


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Nevertheless, Baki was strong enough to adjust to Pickle’s strength and speed and even emulate the dinosaurs’ stances to scare the caveman. He was about to defeat Pickle in a martial arts fight until he asked the caveman to fight him using a test of stamina. Ultimately, Pickle could only defeat Baki by using martial arts as he needed to evolve. But the onlookers said that Baki won that fight because he forced Pickle to use a “weapon,” which was martial arts, so that he could trim the gap between him and Baki.

4. Kaiou Kaku


The greatest Chinese martial artist in the history of ‘Baki’ is Kaiou Kaku, the oldest fighter alive in the modern era. He is around 146 years old but is still strong enough to fight Yuujirou Hanma in a true fight. In fact, Kaiou Kaku was so strong that he could force Yuujirou into fighting a serious battle that required him to use his Demon Back. While Kaku was weaker than Yuujirou, as he needed to fake his death to stop the fight, he was still strong enough to push the Ogre into fighting him seriously.

So, given that Kaku could push Yuujirou well enough in their fight, he may be able to defeat Pickle. Of course, we’re not saying he can and will defeat Pickle, but he is strong and skilled to push the caveman to his limits. And he may even find a way to defeat Pickle as he was able to fight Yuujirou on par.

3. Musashi Miyamoto


Musashi Miyamoto is one of the main antagonists of the entire ‘Baki-Dou’ storyline, which comes after the ‘Baki Hanma’ arc. In this storyline, Musashi was brought back to life using a clone and a spirit medium that allowed his soul to fuse with a clone created from his cells. As such, he brought back his brand of martial arts into the modern world as he fought some of the world’s best fighters.

Considered the greatest samurai of his time, Musashi was an excellent swordsman and a dangerous hand-to-hand fighter. In his fight against Pickle, he used martial arts to slash some of the caveman’s vital parts. While the attacks weren’t enough to defeat or even push Pickle’s back against the wall, the caveman was afraid of the samurai because he resembled the wasp he couldn’t defeat in his prehistoric era. As such, Pickle had no choice but to run from Musashi. 

2. Yuuichirou Hanma


Yuuichirou Hanma may be dead, but he used to be the man considered to be the strongest fighter in the entire world. Of course, Yuuichirou was Yuujirou’s father, meaning he was Baki’s grandfather. And because he possessed the Hanma genetics, he also possessed the dreaded Demon Back that allowed the members of the Hanma family to become stronger.

At a point in time, Yuujirou admitted that the only man he couldn’t defeat was his father. Of course, Yuujirou may have already improved a lot since fighting his father, but we know that Yuuichirou is at least as strong as his son. And that means that he should be able to defeat Pickle.

1. Yuujirou Hanma


The man considered to be the strongest creature on the entire planet is Yuujirou Hanma, the father of Baki Hanma. He is the ultimate goal of Baki as he wants to be strong enough to defeat his father. And that means that no one alive is stronger than Yuujirou, including Pickle himself.


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It might be true that Pickle can match Yuujirou’s raw strength. But we also know that Yuujirou can become exponentially stronger using his Demon Back. As such, if he used his martial arts and full power against Pickle, we can’t see the caveman winning. After all, Baki is about to defeat Pickle, and we know that the younger Hanma is yet to reach his father’s level as a fighter.

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