Batwoman: Arrowverse Is Introducing Its Own Version Of The Joker

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The recently released Batwoman mid-season finale presented Arrowverse’s version of the iconic Batman’s villain. Or Batwoman’s in this case. DC’s universe known as Arrowverse, which kicked off in 2012 with a TV show Arrow started as a mini-universe that tried to introduce heroes and villains for which back then we would never think they would show up on the big or the small screen; Green Arrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Batwoman, etc. But as the franchise was expanding, the appetite for better-known heroes, and particularly villains started to grow. Superman, the most known character there is, got his own TV show last year, and other shows started introducing better-known characters, or the new versions of them.

We all know who Joker is, and although it was mentioned throughout the show that Jack Napier, original Joker, fought Batman back in the days, Arrowverse decided that it’s time for the new generation to take over. One of the storylines that season 3 of Batwoman has set up is that Marquis Jet, played by Nick Creegan, experienced a Joker-related accident in his childhood which messed up his mind and eventually turned him into a Joker-like sociopath. And what’s even more interesting, Marquis is the half-brother of Ryan Wilder, better known as Batwoman.


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This is already a second villain for which the show introduced a new version. Dr. Mary Hamilton, one of the series regulars was recently poisoned by Poison Ivy’s veins which turned her into a new version of the villain. Although, it was announced that the original Poison Ivy, Pamela Isley, will show up in the second part of the season played by Bridget Regan, which means we’ll actually have two versions of the Poison Ivy.

Of course, what makes these new versions of the iconic villains is that it wasn’t their choice to become a villain. In both cases, an innocent person was directly corrupted by the original villain, so there’s a guess that the persons that Mary and Marquis were before those accidents happened can be brought back. Everything will be resolved in the second part of season 3.

Batwoman returns with all-new episode on January 12, 2022.

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