Batwoman: The Latest Episode Finally Revealed Arrowverse’s Original Joker

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Although he was mentioned and there have been a lot of references on him, the famous DC villain Joker hasn’t been seen in the Arrowverse until the latest episode of Batwoman, which aired last Wednesday.

Batwoman series premiered in 2019 as a part of the Arrowverse universe. The series is set in Gotham City (of course) during the time when both Batman and Bruce Wayne are long gone and no one has seen Caped Crusader or the famous playboy billionaire for years. During his absence, a new hero has stepped into the spotlight: The Scarlet Knight — Batwoman.

The series featured many villains from both Batman’s past, including Victor Zsasz, Black Mask, and Poison Ivy. But what about Batman’s greatest enemy — The Joker? The Clown Prince of Crime was mentioned several times and there have been multiple references to him during the series. It was revealed how Arrowverse’s incarnation of Joker was Jack Napier, and that he was killed by Batman.


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But, before his reign of crime ended, the Joker once electrocuted a young Marquis Jet on the forehead with his joy buzzer, which caused Marquis to inherit Joker’s sociopathic behavior, which eventually turned him into Batwoman’s enemy years after the death of the original Joker.

But now, thanks to flashback scenes from the latest episode, it was finally revealed how the original Joker looked in the Arrowverse. The character was portrayed by Nathan Dashwood. Although his face wasn’t fully revealed, there’s a BTS image that fully reveals Arrowverse’s original Joker.

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Batwoman Season 3 Finale is set to air next Wednesday on the CW.

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