‘Beast’ Ending Explained: Why Is The Lion Attacking Humans in Beast?


“Beast” is a new action-drama film starring Idris Elba in the main role. The film tells the story of a doctor and his two daughters. Nathan goes to South Africa with his daughters as they are still grieving over the death of his wife. In South Africa, they meet with an old friend from the past. When they go out to look at the wildlife, it becomes quite dangerous when they discover that a huge lion is killing people in the area, and if they are not careful, they will be next.

The film displays some amazing directing, as it is presented in huge long takes that never feel gimmicky or overdone, and are just there to enhance the tension as minute by minute, the stakes get higher and higher. Idris Elba does what he does best and delivers a very solid performance, in the role of a father that wants to get their daughters back, after a tragedy almost broke them as a family. There is a very heartwarming human story at the heart of this action-packed film.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for “Beast”. Read at your own risk.

Why Is The Lion Attacking Humans In Beast?

The film begins at night in the South African jungle. There, we are introduced to the poachers, illegal hunters that kill the animals and sell their bones, pelts, and much more on the black market. We see the poachers killing a pack of lions in cold blood. However, the poachers only manage to kill the females, but the main male lion escapes. He later attacked the poachers, killing some of them.

At this time, we jump to Nathan, who is arriving for the first time in many years to South Africa. Along with him, Nathan brings his two daughters. Nathan’s wife, the mother of her daughters, has died recently, and they are all grieving. They are received by Martin, an old friend of the couple. The girls call him “Uncle Martin” Martin takes them home, where it is revealed that Nathan’s relationship with her daughters is quite strained.


Mare, her older daughter, blames him because he wasn’t there when her mother died. Worst of all is that Nathan is a doctor. He blames himself because he couldn’t see signs of her sickness, and it was too late when they discovered it. Mare feels they are not being appreciated. Norah, the younger daughter, only feels disappointed that her family just fights and nothing more. She misses the time when they could laugh together.

The next morning, Martin takes the family along for a ride. Martin works for the reserve, and he calls himself a guardian. One of his responsibilities is to protect the animals within the reservation. They visit a pack of lions, and the two male lions receive Martin as a family member. One of the lionesses is hurt on a foot. Martin thinks it could be a bullet wound, which would mean that there are poachers in the vicinity.

Martin goes to investigate, and when he arrives at a nearby village, he finds that everybody is dead. All the bodies are dead, not by bullet holes, but by an animal. Martin suggests Nathan hide in the car with his daughters, while he goes and investigates. Sadly. Martin is attacked by the lion. Later, the lion attacks Nathan and the girls inside the car. This animal is beyond wild. It gets through the windshield and wounds Nathan.

Does Nathan Manage To Kill The Lion In Beast?

Nathan and the girls look for a tranquilizer rifle. They manage to find it, and Nathan tries to shoot the animal, but it is too quick. Norah grabs one of the darts and hits the lion in the ass with it. The Lion retreats. Without permission, Mare goes to save Martin, and thanks to the gap of time between the lion getting the tranquilizer and the tranquilizer running off, they save Martin. Nathan performs surgery as good as he can to save Martin’s life.

The night arrives and they are discovered by poachers. When the poachers discover that Nathan has Martin in the back of the car, they get ready to attack, but the lion does it first. Nathan takes the opportunity to look for the keys to the poachers’ truck. He manages to find the keys, but as he is on his way back, the truck is attacked by the lion, with Norah and Mare on the inside. The lion turns the truck upside down, and they fall from a cliff. Thankfully, Norah, and Mare managed to get out fast. However, Martin is still in the truck.


Martin sacrifices himself to hurt the lion, as he takes his zippo and ignites the truck’s gasoline. Nathan turns the poacher’s car on and leaves the area with his daughter. Sadly, Mare is wounded from the previous attack, and Nathan needs to treat her wounds. They stop at an abandoned school and look for supplies. At that moment, the lion appears and prepares to attack. The lion is wounded and tired, so Nathan gets ready to take the lion alone to protect his daughters.

Nathan and the lion fight, and it seems like everything is lost. The lion might be wounded, but it is still stronger than Nathan. However, Nathan has managed to push the lion into the territory of the lions they saw the day before with Martin. The lions attack the wounded lion together and finish it.

Nathan survives his massive wounds, and then he can finally visit his wife’s favorite spot in the jungle and take a picture of himself with his daughters. The family is one, once again.

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