12 Best Cheerleading Movies on Lifetime to Stream Right Now

12 Best Cheerleading Movies on Lifetime to Stream Right Now

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If one thing the Lifetime channel is known for, it’s cheerleading movies. Often uncovering the ugly underbelly of high-school cliques, cheerleading can be an endless source of drama, rivalry, competition, and well, in the case of these movies, crime as well. In honor of that, we’ve decided to put together this list of best cheerleading movies on Lifetime. Watching them you will either eye-roll excessively or be shocked by high-school machinations that lead to shocking events. Let’s go. 

1. Cheerleader Nightmare (2018)

Cheerleader Nightmare 2018

Cheerleader Nightmare follows Sophie, a smart girl with access to drones. While flying one, in a shocking turn of events, she discovers her boyfriend cheating on her with the head cheerleader. Every breakup is hard, but this one is objectively much more complicated due to the head cheerleader ending up dead. Sophie’s ex tries to convince her of his innocence, but it seems both of them will run out of time since the killer struck again. 

2. The Wrong Cheer Captain (2021) 

The Wrong Cheer Captain 2021

This movie is a prime example of deadly rivalry. Anna dreams of becoming a cheer captain, and when Emma, a new girl that joined the squad gets the position Anna is not too happy about it. A third girl Kate notices the conflict and things are further complicated when Emma ends up dead, and all things point in the direction of Anna being behind it. 


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3. Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleading Scandal (2008) 

Fab Five The Texas Cheerleading Scandal 2008

Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleading Scandal is a movie based on a true story. In McKinney, Texas cheerleading team made out of stuck-up rude girls is wreaking havoc in the local high school. They harass and humiliate everyone they come in contact with, and the administration seems to be at wit’s end about what to do with them. Dubbed “Fab Five”, this is the movie about the cliques’ rise and fall. 

4. Killer Cheer Mom (2021) 

Killer Cheer Mom 2021

Killer Cheer Mom stars Denise Richards in the role of stepmom willing to go to great lengths to secure a place in the cheerleading squad for her step-daughter Riley. Riley after some time notices that wherever she goes injuries and tragedies follow her and she wonders how much of this is caused by her step-mom. 

5. Cheerleader Abduction (2020) 

Cheerleader Abduction 2020

Cheerleader Abduction follows a chilling story of Olivia, a straight-A perfect student with a huge secret. Olivia is pregnant and she is trying to hide it. One of the reasons Olivia is hiding her pregnancy is the fact that her family is quite influential around the town, and it has high hopes for her. She ruled out abortion and promised her baby to Pam. Pam is involved with the shady world of illegal abortions, and she promised that she can deliver the baby safely and secretly. Trish, Olivia’s mom has a limited time to uncover what’s wrong with her daughter and save her grandchild from being lost forever. 

6. Pom Poms and Payback (2021) 

Pom Poms and Payback 2021

Three high-school cheerleaders are left betrayed and brokenhearted when their boyfriends leave them. In a true high-school drama fashion they plot a nasty and sizzling revenge for them. However, there’s a seed of doubt growing within the group that maybe, their boyfriends are not the only ones to blame and they should look higher on the hierarchy of the team to find the culprit. 

7. The Cheerleader Escort (2019) 

The Cheerleader Escort 2019

The Cheerleader Escort follows Cassie Talbot. She managed to secure a place in a good college and secure her place on the cheerleading team as well. At first, she is in an awe of the privilege, status, and attention that comes with it. Things turn sour when she figures out that cheerleading is only a front for an escort ring that goes deeper than she would have ever suspected. 


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8. Cheer for Your Life (2021) 

Cheer for Your Life 2021

We’re continuing with our list of best cheerleading movies with Cheer for Your Life, a chilling thriller about the risks that come with being on the cheerleading team. Cindy Braverman is crushed after being humiliated during Cheerleader Initiation Week. She never dreamed that things can only get worse until one of the girls from the team end up dead. 

9. The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders (2019)

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders

The Secret Lives of Cheerleader is one more entry on this list that stars Denise Richards. The movie follows Ava, Ava is a golden girl, she just moved to a new town with her family and she is rising in popularity in the local high school quickly. Katrina, the current leader of the pack at high school, (basically a royalty being both cheer captain and the homecoming queen), feels threatened by this. Ava’s life quickly descends into chaos as both her social life and her private life and threatened by Katrina. 


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10. Webcam Cheerleaders (2021) 

Webcam Cheerleaders 2021

This movie has a similar plot to The Cheerleader Escort. The story follows Maisy. She is shocked by the death of her sister and infiltrates her former college to make sense of things and uncover who is responsible for her death. What she finds is a ring of webcam girls who are at the same time a part of the cheerleading squad. Uncovering the truth may cost her her own life. 

11. Death of A Cheerleader (1994) 

Death of A Cheerleader 1994

One more cheerleading movie based on a true story. Stacy Lockwood is a golden girl, she is popular, she is loved, and rich and every girl wants to be her. Stacy Lockwood also ends up dead after she humiliates Angela Delvecchio, an outsider girl from the wrong side of town who just wanted to fit in. There’s also a 2019 version of this movie as well. Both movies follow the same murder incident and involve the same characters. 

12. Deadly Cheers (2022) 

Deadly Cheers 2022

Deadly Cheers follows Julie. Julie just moved to town and she’s making a big splash in the social circles by joining the cheer squad. Things rapidly take a more dramatic turn when one girl on the squad ends up dead, and Coach Allison tries to cover it up. Will Julie manage to go through this alive, or will she be just collateral damage in a deadly cover-up?

And that’s it! We hope you find something enjoyable on this list. And in the meanwhile, if nothing suits your tastes, why don’t you check out our other list of best horror movies on Lifetime!

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