The 30 Best Dog Movies on Netflix To Stream Right Now

Best Dog Movies On Netflix

There have been countless dog and pet-based movies over the years, and some productions have found a truly special place in our hearts. With so many great options on Netflix‘s amazing platform, planning out your next movie marathon can become tricky.

Netflix has countless dog movies available for animal lovers to enjoy, packed with fun-filled animations and tear-inducing plot twists. We’ve assembled some of the best dog movies in no particular order, from classic reruns to new releases featuring a ton of unique premises and even true stories.

1. Life In The Doghouse


Life In The Dog House is incredibly unique, often gaining the title of Netflix’s best dog movie to date. The story follows Danny and Ron’s Rescue, exhibiting their special approach to rescuing dogs in need. This movie is an eye-opener, and while it offers some valuable lessons, it may not be the best choice for sensitive or young viewers.

What makes this movie even more heartwarming is the fact their work is real, and so are the effects they have on dogs in their region. Their dedication and commitment have saved thousands of precious dogs in their time, all of which vary in size, shape, breed, and personality. Join Danny and Ron as they rescue and adopt out these cute, innocent little friends.

2. Pick of The Litter

pick of the litter

Pick of the Litter would be a great choice for a classic family movie night. The story is based on a dog who is determined to become a guide for people with visual impairments, following a litter of puppies as they train for around two years.

This movie embraces the journey’s ups and downs, highlighting the importance of never giving up. It definitely reminds us how strong-willed, caring, intelligent, and capable these furry little animals are.

3. The Stray

the stray

The Stray focuses on a dog named Pluto, who appears to simply pop out of absolutely nowhere and help a family in distress. This movie makes for a unique yet tear-inducing experience, as it’s based on a true and undeniably heartwarming story.

4. To Be of Service

to be of service

To Be of Service is an incredibly heartwarming story that would spark emotion in anyone. However, there are quite a few darker elements throughout this movie, so it may not be the best choice for younger viewers.

The story follows veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), struggling to find their way in the world while battling with their past experiences. Discover a new side of humans and hounds as you witness how loving, kind, and devoted dogs can help these men return to everyday life.

5. White Fang

white fang

Netflix’s adaption has done a fantastic job at embracing the classic novel by Jack London, using striking animations and vivid colors that bring the story to life. The movie is centered around White Fang, a loyal wolf-dog who was separated from his mother as a puppy.

White Fang is an exciting yet emotional story, filled with plot twists and unforeseen hurdles. He ends up having three masters throughout his life, supported by a friendly Native American tribe. But, he matures and faces darker challenges as he comes across cruel and vicious humans.


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Fortunately, there is a silver lining for White Fang, and you’ll be happy to know you’ll be shedding tears of joy by the end of this movie. White Fang is a heartwarming tale that perfectly captures the light and darker sides of humanity and outlines principles that will be remembered forever.

6. All Dogs Go To Heaven

all dogs go to heaven

Flaunting a unique blend of movie genres, All Dogs Go To Heaven uses a touch of everything – from dancing and music to adventure and fantasy. This movie is filled with lessons about love and kindness, and it does have some comedic moments. But, it may not be the best choice for very young viewers.

As the title may suggest, the movie follows the journey of a dog who passes away. The main character is a german shepherd named Charlie B. Barkin who was tragically killed by a former partner.

However, he sneaks out of heaven and returns to earth in the form of a dog angel, where he meets an orphan girl that can speak to animals. Prepare for unavoidable tears, laughter, and thrills as you follow Charlie along his journey of self-discovery, love, and friendship.

7. Pup Academy

pup academy

Pup Academy revolves around a secret world, where puppies go to become man’s best friend. The movie follows three dogs and their owners, as they work together and build the foundation of their relationship. It’s an amazing choice for family nights, as this movie has a great focus on friendship, love, and loyalty.

8. Due Date

due date

Due Date features a mixture of highly reliable challenges, including strings of bad luck, pressure, and the bond between human and dog. The story follows a man trying to make it home in time for his baby’s delivery. But, due to some unforeseen events, he needs to hitch a ride from an aspiring actor and his dog, leaving him subject to all of their hilarious shenanigans.

9. The Secret Life of Pets 2

secret life of pets 2

Following in the footsteps of an iconic animation can be tricky, but The Secret Life of Pets 2 will not disappoint! They’ve done well in accurately depicting the movie as a sequel, focusing on Duke and Max as they embark on numerous fun adventures with all of their fluffy friends.

This movie is a great choice for anyone, as it’s goofy and funny to children while being surprisingly relatable to parents and older viewers. It does have a few heartwarming moments, and it would be ideal if your family is looking for a movie night filled with uncontrollable laughter.

10. June and Kopi

june and kopi

This movie is an excellent choice for anyone interested in exploring different cultures since it’s based on Indonesian culture. While reading subtitles may take some extra effort, this movie is worth it. It will be absolutely unforgettable for anyone old enough to read!

June, a stray dog, becomes attached to a kind woman who returns her affection. Unfortunately, her husband is not as open to the idea of caring for a stray and only wishes to care for their pit bull named Kopi. But, Kopi takes a liking to June, and they soon become best friends.


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Kopi is desperate for June to be accepted into the home and helps her adjust. June and Kopi is filled with plot twists, tearful moments, and fun, as June works hard to earn their trust and detach herself from the ‘stray dog’ stereotype.

11. The Healing Powers of Dude

healing powers of dude

Noah, an 11-year old boy starting middle school, faces internal conflict as he battles with an ongoing social anxiety disorder. He finds solace in a fluffy and scruffy little dog named Dude, who provides emotional support and needs Noah’s love much more than he knows.

This family production premiered on Netflix in 2020, becoming incredibly popular amongst viewers since its release. The Healing Powers of Dude is full of action and humor, balanced by a very daunting challenge that many viewers can relate to.

12. Patrick


A young woman named Sarah inherits a plump and spoilt pug named Patrick after her grandmother’s passing. Sarah is a teacher based in the United Kingdom and has quite a busy life. As a result, she is in no position to take on the responsibilities of owning a dog.

She faces a range of challenges as she adjusts to her new lifestyle, but quickly becomes attached to her adorable, quirky, and lively friend. Patrick is filled with funny moments and an incredibly comedic hound, topped with valuable moral messages.

13. Hotel for Dogs

hotel for dogs 1

If you loved the original Hotel for Dogs movie, you’ll be happy to know that it’s now available to watch on Netflix! For those of you that haven’t watched this timeless classic, now is your chance. Just like the original, this movie focuses on the life of two orphans named Andi and Bruce, who desperately want a dog.

While their foster parents kind and caring, they are not too keen on the idea of having pets. But, there is a bright side, as the protagonists embark on a unique journey where they use their skills and wit to hide dozens of strays in an abandoned hotel. With so many valuable lessons, unavoidable shenanigans, and interesting plots, this movie is a fantastic choice for all ages.

14. Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story

benji 2

This short family movie is filled with love and kindness, and it may be an ideal choice if you’re strapped for time or are in a festive mood. Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story follows Benji along a public tour in Switzerland, where he tries to convince Kris Kringle that he must deliver presents to all of his loved ones.

15. Arctic Dogs

arctic dogs

This animated movie would be a great choice for viewers of all ages, as it features a perfect balance between comedic adventures and interesting challenges. Arctic Dogs focuses on an arctic fox named Swifty, who desperately wants to be the Top Dog and venture out on deliveries.

But, Swifty happens to stumble upon an evil scheme to melt the Arctic, and he assembles a team of unlikely heroes to help him save the day. Join Swifty as he embarks on an astounding adventure in the attempt to prove he is worthy by saving the planet.

16. Pup Star

pup star

This dog movie starts off on a goofy note, starring an eccentric Yorkshire Terrier who is about to compete in a singing contest. But, things take a turn when she gets separated from her caregiver and gets dognapped by a devious individual.

Join these creative and witty hounds as they face challenges with flair and pizazz! Featuring plenty of musical pieces and a huge selection of singing and dancing dogs, Pup Star will undoubtedly be fun and entertaining for the whole family.

17. Pup Star: Better 2Gether

pup star 2gether

Much like the other Pup Star releases, Pup Star: Better 2Gether is crammed with singing and dancing dogs. But, this movie has a primary focus on the value of friendship, as it follows a tale of mistaken identity.

18. Pup Star: World Tour

pup star world

Embodying the feel of the classic, Pup Star, Pup Star: World Tour flaunts a ton of musical numbers performed by dogs, sure to have the entire family laughing. It features new songs and fascinating dances, making it an excellent choice for younger viewers.

The movie follows a group of dogs as they show the world that music is truly a universal language. Join these talented dogs as they travel around the world, sharing their passion and love for the performing arts.

19. Puppy Star Christmas

puppy star christmas

If you love Christmas and are looking for a songful, adventurous dog movie, Puppy Star Christmas may be the one for you! This festive and whimsical movie is filled with fun and classic Christmas magic.

The family-friendly movie follows a group of adorable dogs who somehow end up stuck on Santa’s sleigh. Join these mischievous hounds on their journey to find out how they save the Christmas spirit!

20. Canine Intervention

canine intervention

If you’re looking to binge-watch some real-life dog drama, Canine Intervention would be a great choice. This popular show revolves around Jas Leverette, an Oakland dog trainer who operates one of the best dog training sites in California.

Although this is not technically a movie, many viewers have claimed that Canine Intervention is amongst the best dog productions on Netflix, as it’s filled with excitement, dramatic moments, and real-life stories. Join Jas as he tackles the challenges faced by numerous dog breeds and helps owners build stronger relationships with their fluffy friends.

21. Mr. Peabody and Sherman

peabody and sherman

Unlike many other dog movies, this animation uses role reversal to spark a ton of laughs and unique moments. Mr. Peabody, an intelligent dog who enjoys learning, adopts a human son named Sherman. Such an interesting take on the relationship between man and dog is undeniably fascinating, leaving plenty of room for unexpected plot twists.

The entire story revolves around their adventures, as Mr. Peabody teaches Sherman about history by traveling through time. Mr. Peabody and Sherman would be a perfect choice for all ages, as it’s crammed with loads of silliness while teaching valuable lessons about loving one’s family and embracing individual passions.

22. Pets United

pets united

Pets United is perfect for anyone who loves dogs and all of their potential fluffy friends, as it follows a group of pets on their many adventures. This animated production is fantastic for viewers of all ages, flaunting a lovely balance between fun and action.

The movie follows a street-savvy dog, who unexpectedly teams up with a somewhat spoilt cat named Belle. They are joined by a band of odd and unlikely furry heroes and embark on a mission to save their city from the evil mayor and his army of evil robots. Follow these adorably adventurous and brave pets in this miraculous mission to find out how they save their home.

23. K-9

K 9

If you’re an avid dog lover that’s interested in crime documentaries and police-based movies, K-9 may be an excellent choice. This timeless, action-packed movie combines the thrill of chasing down bad guys and the adorable relationship between a tough character and his dog.

The movie follows a devoted cop named Michael Dooley, who has generally preferred to work alone throughout his career. However, when one of his primary cases goes sideways, he is assigned a partner to help him with his mission.


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Surprisingly, his new teammate happens to be a fuzzy and sweet dog named Jerry Lee, who is eager to become Michael’s partner in justice and best friend. They team up and embark on an adventure in order to take down a notorious drug kingpin.

This movie wouldn’t be a great choice for very young viewers based on the overall premise and exposure to certain topics. But, it’s an amazing choice for mature audiences and young adults, as it’s packed with plenty of twists and turns topped with the beauty of a budding friendship.

24. Wasao


If you are looking for a heartwarming dog movie based on a true story, Wasao may be a great choice. Unlike many dog movies, Wasao is more of a drama than a comedy, as it does feature some truly touching moments that are not overshadowed by humor or puns.

The story focuses on a large, abandoned Akita named Wasao, who ventures across Japan in an attempt to find his owner. It may leave you shedding more tears than you’d like to admit. Still, this true story is undeniably unique and special, and is definitely worth it – just make sure you’ve got some tissues handy!

25. Dogs


Dogs would be a great option for anyone looking for a blend of entertainment and education, as it explores the bond between humans and dogs. It’s a timeless and enjoyable selection of documentaries, sure to leave you contemplating the relationship you have with your own pets.

26. Beethoven


Beethoven is a classic dog movie, well-known and loved by more mature viewers. The original movie was released back in 1992, and is being featured on Netflix for dog lovers of all ages to enjoy! A stressed-out and workaholic dad reluctantly takes in a puppy, who grows into a fluffy and loveable dog.

The movie follows Beethoven, who matures into a massive and playful hound who would do anything to make his family happy. This intelligent yet mischievous dog manages to solve a range of complex problems, such as scaring off bullies or even spurring on young love.

27. Seventeen


Seventeen is a comedic movie following a 17-year-old boy named Hector, who embarks on a journey to find a well-matched therapy dog. The movie touches on quite a few darker aspects, which may be understandable for more mature viewers or older teens. But, it’s probably not a great choice for younger audiences.

Hector faces a ton of hurdles and challenges, as he escapes from juvie, ventures across the heart of Cantabria, and attempts to reconnect with his older brother and grandmother. The movie highlights the importance of family and love in the midst of darkness and even bad decisions, and it is elevated even further by the presence of an adorably affectionate pooch.

28. Benji


The original Benji movie was released as a Netflix original in 2018. But, Benji is back with a fresh and modern take on the classic – although this updated version is undeniably nostalgic. The movie strikes a perfect balance between comedy, affection, and adventure.

Two young children, Frankie and Carter, find a dirty and helpless Benji on the streets. Their mother isn’t too happy about taking him in, but she soon develops a bond that cannot be undone after Benji attempts to save her children from grave danger.

29. A Dog’s Way Home

dogs way home

Any pet owner or animal lover can relate to the feeling of being separated from fluffy family members. A Dog’s Way Home focuses on Bella, a sweet puppy who somehow gets stuck around 400 miles away from her family in Denver.

Still, she is absolutely determined to find her way back to them, overcoming any obstacle along the way. The movie has a huge focus on the power of puppy love, exploring the devotion and loyalty of dogs. Join Bella in her challenging 2-year mission, as she makes new animal and human friends in her attempt to find her way back home.

30. Balto


Ending off with an iconic classic from the 90s is Balto, a beloved animation that follows the life of delivery dogs in the Arctic. This movie is sure to be nostalgic for mature viewers while gifting younger audiences the chance to enjoy vintage cartoon movies!

The movie follows Balto, a wolf-dog subjected to ridicule and discrimination from disapproving humans. But, with the help of his supportive and trustworthy friends, Balto overcomes his doubts to deliver a valuable package of medicine in the midst of a harsh Alaskan winter.

Netflix has an incredibly tempting dog movie lineup, from timeless classics to new releases, and even noteworthy series. These movies are sure to keep everyone entertained, whether you’re looking for a hilarious or a heartwarming experience with your family and pets! So grab your popcorn, tuck into those blankets, and get ready for an unforgettable dog movie marathon.

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