10 Best Easter Movies on Hulu & Why You Should Watch Them

Easter movies on Hulu

We all have that special feeling around holidays and enjoy watching movies that take place on specific ones. Whether it is Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Thanksgiving, these are mostly always feel-good movies that bring a smile to our faces. This time we are going to write about Easter movies so we made a list of the 10 best Easter movies on Hulu.

Mary Magdalene (2018)

mary magdalene

What it’s about: We follow the story of Mary, a young girl from the village of Magdala who wishes to live as a free woman, not determined by her role as a wife and mother. After rejecting a marriage proposal, her family starts believing she is possessed by the devil and turns to Jesus for help. Mary is fascinated with Jesus’ words and personality and decides to follow him on his path to a kingdom of love and peace, which her family strongly opposes. On her journey with Jesus and her friends, Mary will learn the meaning of true friendship but also realize that the world she lives in is far from nice.


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Why you should watch it: This is a very well-told story of one of the most famous women from the Bible. It is interesting, with a great cast including Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix, and beautiful Italian scenery. It can at times be a bit slow but if you don’t have anything against it, you will probably like it.

Son of God (2014)

son of god

What it’s about: This is a biographical history-drama that brings us the story of Jesus, from his birth to his adulthood. We will learn about his beginnings, watch and listen to his teachings, witness his crucifixion and hear about his resurrection.

Why you should watch it: If you are ready for a somewhat more humble story about Jesus, without special effects and a lot of drama, you should give this flick a go. It concentrates more on his life as an ordinary man than on his miracles, but it is still full of details and it doesn’t lack anything important.

Hop (2011)


What it’s about: E.B. is Easter Bunny’s teenage son who travels to Hollywood, determined to become a rock n’ roll drummer. When E.B. arrives in Los Angeles he is accidentally hit by Fred, a slacker without work. Fred takes him in until he recovers and soon realizes that he might have made one of the biggest mistakes of his life since E.B. is one of the worst house guests ever. But step by step, these two interesting characters will figure out that this situation can only make them grow and help them find out what they want from their lives.

Why you should watch it: This is a beautiful state-of-art story blended with real action which might be interesting for the whole family. It is cute and funny, with excellent performances and voicing by James Mardsen and Russel Brand.

Noah (2014)


What it’s about: Noah experienced a vision about this great flood that would wipe out every living thing on Earth. This vision encouraged Noah to find his father, Methuselah who would help him understand his mission. His second vision showed that he is to construct a vessel to save all the animals so he begins to work on an arc that will help him. But the word of his work soon reaches Tubal-cain who is determined to find Noah, steal his vessel and survive this catastrophe at any cost.


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Why you should watch it: If you have always been interested in the story about Noah, this is a good choice to get to know him and his story. The fact that Darren Aronofsky directed it and chose Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, and Sir Anthony Hopkins as the leading roles are only a plus.

Rise of The Guardians (2012)

rise of the guardians 3

What it’s about:  This is a family fantasy comedy-drama about immortal Guardians who are given the task of protecting children from all over the world. They are faced with the evil spirit known as Pitch who decides to take over the world, which implies crushing and destroying the imagination, hopes, and beliefs, and most importantly, the innocence of the children which can’t be allowed. 

Why you should watch it: This cartoon has it all, adventure, mystery, excitement, and a beautiful message. It is very emotional and even the toughest viewers will definitely be moved by its story. 

All Dogs Go to Heavens (1989)

All dogs go to heaven

What it’s about: Charlie is a German Shepherd who escapes to earth from heaven, planning to take revenge on the shady pitbull who put him there. He soon befriends an orphan girl who can speak to animals after a series of interesting and sometimes dangerous adventures with her, Charlie will learn that friendship is the most important of all.

Why you should watch it: This is a truly adorable cartoon for the whole family. It has a beautiful message, it is spiritual, and has wonderful characters. The part about Charlie getting to Heaven is especially interesting.

The Miracle Maker (2000)

miracle maker

What it’s about: This is the story of Jesus Christ who decided to leave his job as a skilled and respected carpenter and preach the word of God. We follow his path and learn about all the people he meets on his way, each of them seeing him as a different person.

Why you should watch it: This animated biographical drama brings us some of the most important moments in the life of Jesus Christ and it is a great movie with brilliant voicing (Ralph Fiennes, Julie Christie, Ian Holm, and William Hurt) and wonderful animation.

The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)

last temptation of christ

What it’s about: This is another story about Jesus Christ, played by Willem Defoe. It is a more psychological view of his last days and all the temptations he has been dealing with. He is dealing with his own demons and finally decides to answer the constant call of God.  

Why you should watch it: Martin Scorsese directed one of the best movies about Jesus Christ and his story. Even though there has been a lot of controversy around this movie, it is a must-see movie that brings us a well-known story from another point of view, brave and intriguing.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1991)

peter rabbit

What it’s about: This is an animated family musical about one of the most famous characters ever, Peter Rabbit, written by Beatrix Potter. It is a tv-movie based on her book, one which tells the story of Peter trespassing into a vegetable farm and getting into a series of trouble.

Why you should watch it: If you are familiar with the stories about the mischievous little rabbit Peter, you will definitely enjoy this cartoon. But if you are not yet acquainted with his adventures, it is a great choice to get to know him. 

 Easter Basket Challenge (2021-)

easter basket challenge

What it’s about: This is a TV series about the world of Easter treats. It is a game show hosted by Sunny Anderson, with judges Claudia Sandoval and Jordan Andino.


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Why you should watch it: We have decided to include this game show in the list, to make it more versatile and introduce the readers to something they maybe haven’t stumbled upon. It might be interesting to viewers who like cooking shows. 

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