Here’s How To Make the Best Enchantment Room in Minecraft

how to set up enchanting room in Minecraft

Enchanting is an incredibly important aspect of Minecraft. It allows you to get progressively stronger while unlocking beneficial upgrades for your tools and weapons. You will hardly reach the Ender Dragon and “finish” the game if you’re not utilizing enchantments in one way or another, but to be able to play with them, you’re going to need a special room, and today we’re going to tell you have to build it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • To build a perfect enchanting room, you will need an enchanting table and at least 15 bookshelves.
  • Bookshelves need to be separated from the enchanting table by at least one block with nothing between them.
  • You will know that the bookshelves are connected with the table properly via small glyphs emanating from them and floating towards the table.

Editor’s Note: This guide was updated in November 2023 and reflects the most up to date mechanics in Minecraft.

Materials you will need to build the enchanting room in Minecraft

Enchanting in Minecraft doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive and resource-intensive; well, it depends on which stage of the game you are in. If you’re just starting it, you will hardly be able to set up everything properly without cheating; however, somewhere in the middle of the game, you might feel more comfortable spending that lapis lazuli and obsidian, including the leather.

To create the best possible enchanting room, you will need two things: an enchanting table and bookshelves.

An enchanting table is created by combining 2x diamonds with 4x Obsidian blocks and a single book.

crafting enchanting table

Bookshelves are created by combining 6x wood planks of any type and 3x books. Considering that you will need 15 bookshelves to reach level 30 enchantments this means that you will need 90 wooden planks in total and 45 books. Both Wooden Planks and Books are easy to acquire.


Arranging bookshelves around the enchanting table

Now that we’ve created everything we need, it’s time to set up the room, obviously, you will need a prepared room for this, along with the floors and walls, but those are completely up to you in terms of design.

When it comes to setting up the bookshelves around the enchanter, you need to make sure that they are properly connected to the table. If they are not, you will basically not reap any benefits of it.


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Bookshelves around the enchanter have to be at least one block away from the enchanter itself, and the space between them and the enchanter has to be empty, so no placing torches or other solid blocks.

setting up enchanting room

The best indication that all bookshelves are arranged around the enchanter properly is the presence of small floating glyphs that emanate from the bookshelves.

Once you’ve made the layout and placed the bookshelves, you are ready to start enchanting. Make sure to stock up on the lapis lazuli as well since it’s used as secondary fuel for the enchanter, and you will not be able to tamper with items without it.

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