How to Make a Book in Minecraft? Follow These 4 Simple Steps

How to Make a Book in Minecraft? Follow These X Simple Steps

Books are one of the most important basic items in your Minecraft inventory. You can make several other items to use for enchanting, crafting, upgrading your base, weapons, and other stuff. Hence, learning to craft a book is the basis for making valuable items. But how do you do it, and what items do you need?

Crafting the books uses two main ingredients. The first ingredient is paper, and the other is leather. To make one book, you will need one part of leather and three parts of the paper. Collect paper or craft it using sugarcane. Collect leather from killing animals. Go to your crafting grid and craft a book. Drag the crafted book into your inventory once crafted.

Books are not handy on their own. You could find them from fishing, mining a bookshelf, or in old chests in temples and dungeons. But they are very crucial for crafting & upgrading certain items like bookshelves or enchanted books. The ingredients are not very difficult to obtain, and you could definitely find yourself in a situation needing a book. So here’s how you can make one.

Ingredients required to make a book

A book is available in all the versions of Minecraft, and crafting a book only requires two items.

  • Leather
  • Paper

One piece of leather and three pieces of paper will craft one book. You do not require the crafting table to make a book. You can do it in a regular crafting grid in your inventory.

How To Obtain Leather

Leather is a dropped item that you can gather by killing some specific animals in Minecraft. Those animals include cow, mule, horse, donkey, mushrooms, rabbit, and Llama. Occasionally, you can also find it from fishing, but it is very rare.

How To Obtain Paper

Crafting the paper uses sugarcane. Finding sugarcane in Minecraft is not difficult. You can find it growing next to a water body. Sometimes, chests also contain paper.

How to Make a Book in Minecraft

Let’s go through the steps you’ll have to follow to make a book.

How to Make a Book in Minecraft? Follow These X Simple Steps

1. Collecting Sugarcane

Sugarcane is sometimes frustrating to find and collect. Three pieces of sugarcane make three pieces of paper. So I would suggest you grow it on your own farm so that you may never end up running out of paper. Paper is also an essential ingredient to make several items.

Sugar cane is a reed and is normally found near the coastline, marshes, or water bodies. Make sure that you are looking for it near the warm waters and not frozen waters.

Better yet, grow it on your farm if you intend to craft more books, make a library, or want to decorate your place with bookshelves. All of such items will require paper as a basic ingredient.

Paper makes books > Books make other items.

2. Making Paper

Once you have collected three pieces of sugarcane, go to your crafting table and place the sugarcane pieces in a row one by one.

This will get you three pieces of paper.

3. Finding Leather

Now that you already have paper, it’s time to collect leather. The easiest way to collect leather is by killing cows. Cows are not hard to find, and you would be able to find them in almost all of the plains and savannahs. Horses are rarer and harder to find.

Cows and horses drop zero to three pieces of leather, even more, when you are using the looting enchantment. However, you will need only one piece to make a book. You can also kill rabbits to make leather. Killing four rabbits and collecting their hides will give you one piece of leather.

You can also get pieces of leather from fishing. But the chances of that are extremely rare.

4. Crafting A Book

Once you have all the ingredients, go to your crafting grid. Place a piece of leather in any of the squares, and three pieces of paper around it in the 3×3 crafting grid. Place them in such a way that the paper should cover at least three sides of the leather.

That will give you a book. Drag it to place it in your inventory.

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