15 Best Online Escape Games (Paid & Free)

best escape room games

Everyone loves the excitement that comes from playing tag with friends. However, trying to escape from monsters, not to mention solving mysteries and puzzles, all in a game, is something else. This activity can be both thrilling and quite scary sometimes. This is why, in this article, we are bringing you the best escape games you can play online.

Escape rooms and games are games in which players discover clues, solve puzzles and carry out tasks. In these, the goal is to complete the said tasks successfully within a limited period. Also, these games promise to give you that adrenaline rush and satisfaction which is worth your money. Here are 15 of the best escape games online, both paid and free which will blow your mind:

15. Escape Hunt: The Fourth Samurai

Escape Hunt The Fourth Samurai

We start our list of best escape games online with Escape Hunt: The Fourth Samurai. As the name quite interprets, you’re a Samurai learning how to use and control your sword. As it proceeds, you’re faced with clever puzzles to solve and clues to interpret to escape. However, you have just an hour to figure everything out and escape.

The story of Escape Hunt: The Fourth Samurai is set in ancient Japan with you as a Samurai. The emperor orders you to defeat an evil warlord called Tanaka Masamune, who uses a powerful curse. However, this curse makes him super-powerful and unrivaled.

Consequently, the only way to defeat him is by stealing the magic stone on his sword. This renders him super-powerful and difficult to defeat. But to start, you must first escape from a dungeon his henchmen locked you in, all within an hour. 

Escape Hunt: The Fourth Samurai was created by Escape Hunt Group and costs very little depending on the number of players.

14. Agent Venture

15 Best Escape Games Online in 2021 (Paid and Free)

Agent Venture is an intriguing and interesting escape room game that connects you with friends worldwide through Zoom. This game was created by a team of competent game developers and presented by “Adventure is Real.” It is capable of hosting 4 to 5 players on the Zoom platform on different devices.

The story is about the secret covert Agent, Venture, tasked by “The Agency” to expose B.A.D. Corp. However, B.A.D. Corp is a large company whose CEO, J. Bozo is guilty of various crimes, which he always gets away with.


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However, Agent Venture must uncover his deeds with the help of a world-class support team. This team happens to be the 4 or 5 players connected on Zoom and Agent Venture, being the 6th player.

Each player has an appointed role to perform and solve puzzles and challenges to advance to the next level of Agent Venture. Also, within a period of 60 mins, players are expected to decipher the case and bring J. Bozo to justice.

13. Puzzle Break: The Grimm Escape

Puzzle Break The Grimm Escape

The storyline of Puzzle Break: The Grimm Escape follows an evil witch who placed a curse on an enchanted forest. The players are then tasked with the responsibility of breaking the witch’s curse. 

Players of Puzzle Break: The Grimm Escape are connected via Zoom from anywhere in the world on a video chat. These players all work together to solve puzzles and riddles to win. Players are expected to complete the tasks before the time limit of 1hr runs out. 

Puzzle Break Long Island created the game to give its fans an indoor gaming experience.  Nevertheless, it’s a really exciting escape game as it takes you into the world of magic and heroes. Kids from ages 11 and above can play it.

12. Murder At The Manor

Murder At The Manor

Murder at the manor is a paranormal-based escape room game that takes you into the world of the supernatural. It was created by “The Panic Room,” amongst their many other exciting escape games. 

Murder At The Manor starts with you being a paranormal investigator who has just recently entered the line of work. However, after waiting patiently for a job, you receive mail from a famous and wealthy family, the Zanox family. This family needs your services to find the reason behind the three deaths, and you’re expected to do your best.

Murder At The Manor game offers a player range of 1-6 players and is open to individuals from age 12 and older. Now, you must all work together to fish out the murderer so that the angry souls of the dead can rest. “Murder at the Manor” has a time duration of 1hr and difficulty levels of easy, medium, and hard.

11. Sherlock Escape Room

15 Best Escape Games Online in 2021 (Paid and Free)

If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes and into detective stuff, you’d love this escape game. The game allows you to experience working as a famous detective and solving other cases.

The story is set in 1921, and it follows an 18-year-old Sherlock Holmes, working on an investigation. Now, Lord Harrington in Chapelgate Manor has been assassinated. Thus, as Sherlock, you must form a team to investigate the manor and solve the case. 

Sherlock Escape Room includes solving crazy riddles and puzzles, as well as uncovering clues that will help your investigation. The game is open to players of all ages and has a limit of 6 players per team. Within only 60 minutes, players must complete their tasks before the time runs out as the difficulty increases. 

Sherlock escape room is a truly captivating game and can be played by friends connected through Zoom or Skype. It was created by XscapeNow!, winner of the Shropshire Chamber business award.

10. Dr. Who: Worlds Collide

Dr. Who Worlds Collide

Up next on our list of best escape games you can play online we have Dr. Who: Worlds Collide. Dr. Who: Worlds Collide escape game is based on the T.V. series, Dr. Who. It is the first Dr. Who-themed escape game and was created by Escape Hunt. It takes you into the world of the strange Dr. and gives you an exhilarating experience as you unravel clues.

Here, you are appointed with the task of investigating the sudden tear in the fabric of space and time. This rupture was caused by the billionaire Alastair Montague, C.E.O. of ChronosCorp, to develop commercial time travel. As a result of this tear, Cybermen are about to break through and attack Earth.


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You only have the remains of his model time engine and compilation of time-travel-related artifacts to work with. So you and your friends must solve this problem and save the planet from the invasion of the Cybermen and fast.

D.W.: W.C. provides an hour of critical thinking and excitement as your team looks for clues and solves the puzzles. It’s open to a maximum of 6 players and can be played through Zoom with friends aged 8+.

9. Black Noir

Black Noir Escape Room

Black Noir is an escape game that takes you into the world of a detective. It gives you this 19th-century black-and-white feel as you go deeper into unraveling secrets. Professional escape game developers also designed it. 

In Black Noir, you are a Private Investigator Mr. Jones and have been led by an unusual letter through a pattern of criminal activities. However, these activities include a murder case with a lot of puzzles to solve and suspects to interview. With the help of your team, you have to solve this mysterious case through various locations in New York. 

As with all the other games we’ve discussed so far, Black Noir is no different in terms of connectivity. To play, 3 to 5 people can buy one access code. Then, share your screen with your teammates after starting a video call on Zoom or Skype and begin.

The game promises to be fun and challenging, with a lot of thinking and puzzles to solve. And all these for an affordable price.

8. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

15 Best Escape Games Online in 2021 (Paid and Free)

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room is a gold mine for Harry Potter fans which I also happen to be. Sydney Krawiec, Youth Services Librarian at Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, PA, is the creator of this masterpiece. 

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room begins with your admission into Hogwarts and your sorting into your house. You’re then invited to participate in a muggle game called an escape room, and you find yourself locked up. You must solve the puzzles and answer the questions correctly to get out.

The free escape room is filled with all sorts of themed citations that any Harry Potter fan will love. It also provides plenty of nice visuals, such as images and clips from the Harry Potter movies.

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room is super fun and an easy game to play with friends and family.

7. Minecraft Escape Room

Minecraft Escape Room

Minecraft is a very popular game, and I believe fans would love this escape game based on Minecraft. The game is free for everyone to play, thanks to Laura Escamilla, Youth Services Librarian at the Regency Park Library in New Port Richey, FL. 

Minecraft Escape Room is a captivating and interesting game that tests both your math and problem-solving skills. It starts with you waking up in a dark and abandoned room with a few clues to solve. The more puzzles you’re able to crack, the closer you are to escaping the mysterious place.

You are shown pictures and videos that help you on your way and math problems to handle. The game is open to all ages and is enjoyable as a team.

6. Romeo And Juliet Escape Room

15 Best Escape Games Online in 2021 (Paid and Free)

Romeo and Juliet Escape Room is a digital escape room based on the popular Shakespearean novel Romeo and Juliet. It takes you into the romantic life of the couple, Romeo and Juliet.

A desperate romantic, Romeo tries to persuade his beloved’s family to accept him but to no avail. However, they want you to display how smart you are to see if you’re deserving of their daughter. 

You and your team in Romeo And Juliet Escape Room have to work fast in solving complex games and puzzles to unite them. A sequence of puzzles encompassing plot, character, illustrative language, conflict, and quote identification are thrown at you. You’re also given audio clues to help you on your journey to bringing the love birds together. 

Romeo And Juliet Escape Room was created by Escape Room Online. The game is truly exciting and fun, especially when played with friends and family.

5. Jumanji: Escape Room

Jumanji Escape Room

A true classic on our list of best escape games you can play online is Jumanji: Escape Room. Dive into the game world as Jumanji: Escape Room, adapted from the popular movie classic, allows you to relive the experience. The game allows you to follow the adventures of the original characters of the movie. 

Here you are trapped in the mysterious world of Jumanji. To survive your adventure in this dangerous world and Escape,  you will solve various puzzles and riddles. However, the only way is to retrieve the magic gem and take it to the Jaguar statue while tackling many obstacles! 


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You must solve a series of puzzles and riddles to unlock each level needed to acquire the magical gem. The game features a lot of visuals like clips, images, and references taken from the movie. The escape room also comes with themes from the movie. 

Jumanji: Escape Room was created by a Girl Scout Council and is open to teenagers and adults.

4. Escape: The Midnight Express

Escape The Crate

Escape: The Midnight Express is another captivating escape room game from Escape The Crate. This game is based on time-traveling Agents, which the players are. The story sends you back in time to the night of February 2nd, 1861, on a train. Due to the recent change in the timeline, your mission is to gather clues about the cause of the change.

You and your team are expected to complete the mission and bring the clues before you are discovered. Additionally, all the materials needed are a pen and paper to write down the clues given to you. The team that succeeds will be rewarded as they solve the greatest train mystery of the century.

The game is truly intriguing, and it puts your knowledge of events and math skills to the test. With complicated puzzles, riddles, and questions, Escape gives players a wonderful time as they work together to solve the mystery. As with all escape crate games, this one is no different in terms of fun.

3. Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room

15 Best Escape Games Online in 2021 (Paid and Free)

If you’re a fan of the spy genre, then you’d love this one. Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room takes you around the world, looking for clues and solving riddles and puzzles. These puzzles, however, are quite problematic, and a team is highly recommended to succeed. 

You can replay Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room as much and as often as you want.  You can also share as many times as you want with friends or family. 

We have Lauren Rura and Felicia Brock, Adult Service Librarians at Washington-Centerville Public Library, to thank for this game. For a more satisfying experience, timing yourself to see how fast you can beat the challenges is advised.  The game is mostly for teenagers and adults, however. The sequel is also out, and you should check it out.

2. A Lost Memory

A lost memory

A Lost Memory is a free escape game that 18 escape room owners created. It takes you back to the Second World War as it honors 75 years of liberation.

A Lost Memory starts with your discovery of an old chest you found in your attic, which interests you and raises questions. Then, the game provides a story that circles around collecting information about incidents during the 40s. It is also filled with a variety of brain-racking puzzles and gives your family several hours of entertainment.

After playing A Lost Memory, you’re allowed to assist the escape room through a donation financially.

A Lost Memory game is suitable for all escape game lovers, although kids may need assistance to play.

1. Secret City Trails

15 Best Escape Games Online in 2021 (Paid and Free)

The last game on our list of best escape games you can play online is Secret City Trails. Are you a travel and tourism freak? Do you love to explore new places and historical sites?  Then you should check out the Secret City Trails escape game.

Secret City Trails is an escape room that takes the players around a city and asks certain questions. These questions, however, can only be answered after visiting the location on the list. Thus, it’s more like a tourism escape game as it gives players the tourist experience when these questions are answered.

Secret City Trails also provides the players with various glimpses of historical or cultural information about the city between each question. It’s a perfect way for you and your team to learn new things about various places like a tourist. It also provides you with puzzles and clues to look out for and solve. 

The game was founded by Kristina (Slovak) and Wendy (Dutch) in Amsterdam.

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