50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in history, but with its popularity has come intense competition. Game developers know how to capitalize on the game’s success by using Minecraft’s features and design elements for their own game. It is an old game that has been around since 2009. If you are looking for something new or just want to try out the best games like Minecraft, this post is perfect for you! 

In this article, let’s review the 50 best games like Minecraft ever made. While some might be called Minecraft Clones, they are not necessarily bad because Minecraft was excellent in its time. There is always a great experience from every past game. All these games come with features and twists that make them better or worse than the original.

Best Games Like Minecraft

The best of the Minecraft-esque games are all here in this list. I’ll be updating it with new additions as they come out, so make sure you bookmark this post for future reference.

Let’s get started!

1. Block Craft 3d: City Building Simulator

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

Block Craft 3D is a fun, city-building simulator that has you tapping to build anything. You can build houses for the people who live in your city and then send them off on errands. The more houses there are, the more people need jobs, and the more jobs you need to build.

You can also take care of trees and other plants and play mini-games! One other unique thing about this game is that there are even quests for you to complete, which means you will never run out of things to do!

I once remember how addictive it is to play, even though I didn’t like city-building simulators back then. So, if you are looking for games like Minecraft, this one is perfect.

Block Craft 3D has been one app in Google Play, and it is also highly addictive, so be careful!

2. Minecraft Pe – Pocket Edition

This game is the ‘official version of Minecraft on your mobile device! It got all the same features as the PC version, but it is much easier to use on mobile.

This game is free, but you can buy themed packs within the game if you choose to. One thing that makes it different from Minecraft itself is its graphics – or lack thereof. It’s pretty simple! You dig up blocks and build something. You also get a high skill set to fight monsters and animals and repeat.

Minecraft PE isn’t as popular as the original, but it is still a good game that some people enjoy!


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3. Rolling Sky – Endless Runner 

This game is a fast-paced, colorful endless runner that has you controlling an orb as it makes its way down various paths. You have to face obstacles throughout the game by jumping, ducking, or changing directions.

I can guarantee you that you will not get bored of this game because of its unique playstyle with no levels to complete. Instead, you move on to the following path when the one you are on becomes too tricky!

Are you finding for something new and challenging, then this infinite runner is perfect for you! It was even the top game on the App Store for a short time!

4. Cube Craft Games – Blocky Roads 

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

This game is all about building roads and making sure they are long enough to connect your cities.

You will start with a small city, and you must make roads to connect your town with others. You earn points for joining the villages and also every time someone drives over one of your roads. 

It is one of those games like Minecraft, where you can spend hours building and designing elaborate structures! I played it for hours when I first downloaded it, so be prepared!

5. Battle Buddies – Action Shooter 

Battle Buddies is essentially an action game where you fight epic battles with your friends and make the most powerful army in the world.

The controls are pretty simple, so you don’t have to be concerned with having a lot of knowledge before playing this game! You can play this with your friends online, or you can solo if you want – it’s up to you. 

All around, Battle Buddies has some fascinating gameplay, and everyone who has downloaded it seems to enjoy it!

6. Crafting Kingdom

In the Crafting Kingdom, you start as an apprentice at first and learn how to produce items gathering materials, and making them yourself. You can also go on quests and save resources as you make a profit!

As you progress through the game, your Kingdom will expand with lots of new buildings and characters. As a similar concept to Minecraft’s gameplay, this is one of those games like Minecraft that lets you play for hours! You can download Crafting Kingdom from Google Play or Amazon Appstore.

I liked the game very much as it has a user-friendly interface.

7. Polycraft – Infinite Game Simulator

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

You might have played SimCity before, but Polycraft is another kind of strategy city simulator where you must create your civilization by gathering resources and producing items yourself.

The goal here is to become an advanced civilization full of different kinds of unique creations. Like the other games like Minecraft out there, this classic building simulator lets you play for hours!

I had spent nights awake due to this addicting game.

8. Blocksworld – Sandbox Game Maker

This game is like Minecraft because it lets you build your world with all the available tools. You can make whatever you want and share it online, too, if you want! It’s easy for anyone to play, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for an app similar to Minecraft.  

You can download Blocksworld from Google Play or Amazon Appstore.   

Verdict Beyond this point, there will be minor spoilers about some games listed in this article. We have warned you! Now, I’m sure many of you don’t enjoy playing horror games, but before we begin listing cool games like Minecraft, here’s a little something perfect for Halloween!

9. Eyes – The Horror Game 

If you love puzzle games where it’s more about the atmosphere, then definitely check out Eyes. It’s a game similar to Minecraft in many ways, but here your main objective is to solve puzzles and try not to get scared.

You have nothing else with you except for your flashlight – that means no weapons, so be careful what you do, or else something might jump out at you when you least expect it.

If you don’t mind playing horror games, though, this one will test your mental limits! I recommend it if you’re looking for cool games like Minecraft to play on Halloween night with friends.

10. Crossy Road   

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

It is another fun app like Minecraft that lets you play with friends or alone. The game revolves around the idea of an old-school arcade game, but this one has modern graphics and all kinds of new designs for characters.

It’s often called the “modernized pixel chicken” since it resembles that classic game! You can download Crossy Road from Google Play or Amazon Appstore. 

11. Splee & Glob  – Attack On Earth!

Splee & Glob is another game similar to Minecraft, but it has a slightly different concept. Your main objective here is to save the world from all kinds of evil creatures who have invaded your planet.

Your goal is to protect this place by stopping these otherworldly beings from destroying everything in sight. As far as games like Minecraft go, Splee & Glob has some excellent graphics and sounds, which make it even more fun to play! You can download this lovely game from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

I liked how this game lets you upgrade your weapons also which makes it more interesting.

12. Stardew Valley 

Stardew Valley is like Minecraft, where you grow your crops and take care of animals. The game also allows you to explore the caves and interact with different NPCs.


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It’s a pixelated farm simulator that lets you play for hours! This game is perfect good-play for anyone who loves spending time in nature while trying new things. You can download Stardew Valley from Google Play or Amazon Appstore.

13. Junk Jack 

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

Another app like Minecraft, Junk Jack, is an adventure sandbox game where your main objective is to collect materials and create whatever you want. It has similar features where you can build castles, houses, ships or even villages!

However, this one is more of an RPG since the levels are pretty massive – almost as big as most cities out there. All kinds of characters in this game will give you quests, so it’s worth checking out if you love RPGs. You can download Junk Jack from Google Play or Amazon Appstore.

14. Castle Story 

If you like watching YouTube videos about Minecraft, then you’ll enjoy playing this game! Instead of building castles by hand, though, in Castle Story, you get to make using legos.

It’s like having an interactive Lego set that you can move around and do all kinds of things. The graphics are perfect too, which makes this game even better! You can download Castle Story from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

15. Cats: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Cats: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is another game like Minecraft where you build crazy machines and use them to fight other opponents.

Here, your goal is not about survival; it is about building the best robot possible and destroying all your opponents. Go and download this game now from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

16. Mixcraft 

Another game like Minecraft where you get to create music? That’s right! Mixcraft lets you play with sounds and beats to make amazing tunes. It can be a good experience for beginners and professionals alike since you can use many different tools regardless of your level; whether dubstep, techno, or classical. It doesn’t matter – you’ll still love creating great songs using this app! You can download Mixcraft from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

17. Mighty Knight

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

If you’re into more action-oriented games, then Might Knight is something you should try. It has some excellent graphics, which make the game even more fun to play! Your main objective here is to save your Kingdom by destroying all evil forces that have invaded your land. You can use magic spells and upgrade your skills, so keep the day in this awesome 2D side-scrolling adventure game! Download Might Knight from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

18. Reverse Running       

Another pixelated arcade-style game, Reverse Running, allows you to race against time itself. You have to run away from the giant lousy monster that’s chasing you.

There are tons of tremendous obstacles and paths to choose from, so it will be a challenge for you to complete all the levels in this fun game! You can download Reverse Running from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

19. Pocket City

Want something more laid back? A game like Minecraft but with an easy-going tempo? If that sounds good, then you should try out Pocket City. It’s a city builder whose main objective is to keep building bigger cities and adding transportation, housing, and jobs. The list goes on! Download Pocket City from Google Plays or directly from Amazon Appstore.

20. Exploration Lite   

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

Another quite popular game is Exploration Lite. It is a retro platformer where you have to fight your way through various levels. The graphics are excellent, while the controls work well despite it being a touchscreen-only app. You can download Exploration Lite from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

21. Dungeon Village

I’m sure most of us love RPGs, right? If you do, then you need to check out Dungeon Village! In this RPG city builder type of game, there will be tons of quests for you to complete and lots of different characters with whom you can interact (and even give gifts). There’s also a multiplayer mode available, so you can try to conquer other players’ villages if you want an extra challenge! 

You can download Dungeon Village from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

22. Unblock Car       

In this gameplay, your main goal is to get a red car out of a six-by-six grid full of automobiles by moving them out of the way. Think carefully about where you want to move each vehicle since you only have a limited number of moves that you can use! It makes for a challenging yet fun game, giving us another reason why it’s one of the best games like Minecraft! 

You can download Unblock Car from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

23. Paperama       

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

If words like “paper folding” make you think of origami, then you’re in the right place! Paperama is a fantastic puzzle game where you have to fold paper into specific shapes. Depending on your level, completing each one will be more complicated than the next since you’ll have fewer folds to work. 

You can download Paperama from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

24. Hungry Cat Picross     

What’s better than a game about cats? A game about hungry cats! In Hungry Cat Picross, you need to figure out which blocks are food that you need to feed the cat in every stage. Download Hungry Cat Picross from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

25. The Tribez    

Ever wanted to build your Kingdom? If that sounds exciting, then you should try The Tribez! There’s a campaign mode where you learn the basics, and then it’s up to you and your imagination to create the most fabulous village ever! You can download The Tribez from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

26. Pyramid Rising 2        

Do you like games where there are lots of things to do? Try out 2016’s Pyramid Rising 2. There are tons of different modes, so it will never get boring! You can download Pyramid Rising 2 from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

27. Lara Croft: Relic Run

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

Similar to Temple Run, Lara Croft is a fast-paced running game. Here, you’ll be playing as the famous Tomb Raider herself! As usual, you’ll need to make quick decisions and be careful with your surroundings if you want to succeed in this fun action game. Download Lara Croft: Relic Run from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

28. Sudoku       

The famous puzzle game that has been around for decades is here! It means you can play it on your phone or tablet whenever you want. You need to play, fill in the blank spaces, so each row and column don’t have repeating numbers, but there are restrictions. Download SuDoKu from Google Play or directly from Amazon Appstore.

29. Cities Skylines 

The city-building simulation strategy video game, which is available to play on Windows, macOS, Linux computers, and Xbox One gamers, was developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. It’s a trendy title that has managed to sell over 5 million copies since its release back in 2015 during March. 

You’ll take control of an empty plot of land in the game where you’ll have to build your city from scratch. Along the way, you have to keep track of essential resources such as power supply, water supply, sewage infrastructure, etc. Sound familiar?

30. Unturned 

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

A first-person shooter sandbox survival game is available on Windows, macOS, Linux computers, and Xbox One gamers created by Smartly Dressed Games but has become an Epic Games title. It was released back in July 2014 July. 

The game allows you to explore various places worldwide through blocky 3D graphics (similar to Minecraft), defeat hordes of zombies using some cool weapons & explosives (a bit like Minecraft. and go on quests, etc.

31. Cube World

A voxel-based sandbox RPG video game that features exploration and building elements is available to play on Windows PCs and macOS machines. And if you’re wondering what “Cube” stands for in Cube World, it refers to cubes that serve as the main objects that construct the 3D environment. 

The game was officially released back in July 2013 and has been received warmly by fans since then. You can have various character classes, which allow you to perform different kinds of tasks and take part in diverse quests, all set within a massive voxel-based world that’s filled with secrets, treasures, etc. 

And if you’re interested to know what other similar games are out there that offer this kind of gameplay experience.

32. Life Is Feudal: Your Own (Lif: YO)

The first release of LiF develops by a Russian studio called Bitbox Ltd. It had more focus on realism than other survival games at the time. The developers wanted players to get as close as possible to medieval life. To do so, they implemented farming and building.

LiF: YO allows players to construct their buildings and grow their crops using practical tools. It also features medieval combat mechanics, including duels with other players and raids on castles controlled by enemy guilds. The game is still playable today, but it has strayed away from its initial premise of realism (for example, there are no such things as lord or vassals).

However, the developers recently gained interest in getting back to what made the game’s first release so appealing, and they plan to launch a new update soon. It will feature graphics similar to Minecraft’s: Pocket Edition and Xbox One (which runs on the Bedrock Engine). Overall, this might be a good option for players that want a realistic survival game.

33. The Escapists

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

The Escapist is a sandbox, pixel-art 2D prison break, simulation video game developed by Mouldy Toof Studios. In it, you play as an inmate, and your goal is to escape a series of prisons while avoiding the guards and other NPCs. You can craft tools from items you find in prison, meditate to reduce your life sentence, join factions to get access to better allies—there are many ways to break out of jail! A sequel titled The Escapists 2 get released in 2017 with significant improvements over its predecessor.

34. Madpack 

A mod for the sandbox game Minecraft, MadPack is an extensive mod pack that contains many mods. One of these is Tech Guns that adds guns to the game with unique mechanics. How to install it? Download it from here.

35. The Forest

The Forest is another survival horror game inspired by Infiniminer and other games, but it also has unique features. It gives you control over a pilot whose plane crashes on an island inhabited by cannibals after the pilot tries to locate his missing son among survivors of a similar crash. 


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It forces you to survive against all odds while trying to find your son! Many players have compared this game’s atmosphere with Outlast’s, which means you should expect some good scares in this game!

36. Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep is a survival game in the vein of Minecraft. It puts you at sea after your plane crashes during a storm. You have to look for resources, craft tools and weapons, build boats, establish traps to survive against aggressive animals—a lot of work! As always, there are no enemies to fight with this kind of game, but it doesn’t mean that the game lacks tension. 

It ultimately makes it an excellent choice if you want something that’s not too different from Minecraft! The developers recently added Oculus Rift support, making it one of the few VR games inspired by Minecraft.

37. Pixel Piracy

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

Pixel Piracy is a 2D side-scrolling role-playing survival and strategy video game. Terraria heavily inspired the indie game, but it features additional gameplay elements such as piracy and sailing. You can also combat with other players or even AI foes like whales, sharks, and giant squid! For those players, who want to know more about this game, we wrote an extensive review called “Pixel Piracy: An Awesome Pirate Sim Set in A Terraria Style Sandbox Game.” You can read it here.

38. The Long Dark 

The Long Dark is first-person gameplay. It is an open-world survival video game developed and published by Hinterland Games. The game takes place in the frigid Canadian wilderness, and you play as a bush pilot whose plane crashes. 

Once again, you focus on surviving while fighting wolves, bears, and rival survivors of the crash. The Long Dark also features a Sandbox mode which lets you roam around an open environment but leaves you with no objectives to complete. Overall, if you are looking for survival games similar to Minecraft, The Long Dark should be high on your list!

39. Age Of Empires

Age of Empires revolves around surviving in the wilderness by gathering resources such as wood and stone while avoiding predators like wolves or bears. You can craft items from these resources at various workstations ranging from fires furnaces. 

However, unlike Minecraft, the game is multiplayer and has a PvP combat system, which means you must protect yourself against other players who can attack you without warning. If you love playing more survival games like Minecraft, this one should be on your list!

40. 7 Days To Die

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

7 Days to Die is an open-world sandbox-style zombie survival video game. Like most games of its kind, it tasks you with fending off waves of zombies (called “hungries”) that try to destroy your base or kill you. It sets in a post-apocalyptic world where the majority of humanity died after some mysterious pandemic occurred. 

It leaves behind many dangers such as irradiated zones, roaming mobs of zombies, and environmental hazards like poisonous swamps or sinkholes. This game offers many features frequently found in survival games like Minecraft, so it’s worth trying!

41. Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together is an open-world sandbox survival video game. It takes place in a randomly generated wilderness where you play Wilson. He just woke up after his dimensional travel machine malfunctioned and stranded him at the edge of the world. 

The gameplay mainly revolves around gathering resources, creating tools from those resources, developing your shelter into a more fortified structure, and fending off aggressive monsters during the night when you’re defenseless. Like most other survival games inspired by Minecraft, this one also has no crafting system!

42. Subnautica

Subnautica is an open-world sandbox survival video game set in a vast ocean of an alien planet. The gameplay mainly revolves around building tools, managing your hunger and thirst levels, collecting resources such as food and water, exploring the world, and fending off aggressive sea creatures that might attack you. Overall, it offers very similar mechanics to other survival games such as Minecraft, so if you like them, then this one will be for you!

43. Empyrion  – Galactic Survival

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

Empyrion: Galactic Survival is a sandbox-style 3D open-world survival video game set in space. It has many features similar to other survival games like Minecraft, such as gathering resources, building stuff, managing your hunger and thirst levels, crafting items from resources, exploring the game’s vast world, and fending off alien attacks. 

Empyrion  – Galactic Survival should be on your list if you like survival games set in space or explore other planets!

44. Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is an open-world sandbox survival video game by Klei Entertainment. The plot revolves around Wilson, who finds himself in a dark, ominous forest to survive until rescued. The gameplay mainly focuses on collecting resources to craft tools that will help you create more advanced structures to keep yourself safe during nighttime when dangerous animals come out to hunt you down. 

If you are hunting for similar games like Minecraft, you can also give this one a try!

45. The Long Dark

The Long Dark is an open-world first-person survival video game—the gameplay sets in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic wilderness. The story revolves around a bush pilot named William Mackenzie, who must survive in this inhospitable environment after his plane crashes and leaves him stranded in the snow. 

Gameplay mainly focuses on the following objectives, gathering resources such as food and water to stay alive and fighting off aggressive animals that might attack you. Overall, it’s similar to other games like Minecraft, which means you shouldn’t miss out on playing it!

46. Ark: Survival Evolved (Ark)

Ark: Survival Evolved is a sandbox survival video game that takes place in an open-world environment. You can play as one of many different prehistoric creatures (e.g., arsinoitherium, deinonychus/Utahraptor, Velociraptor. and must avoid or fight the natural wildlife like dinosaurs. 

Collect resources to craft weapons for hunting or protection; build shelters or villages; expand territory by taming animals; explore other biomes & co-operate with players to form tribes. If that sounds interesting, it’s worth trying out since it offers similar mechanics to games inspired by Minecraft!

47. Rust

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

RUST is a multiplayer mode survival game developed by Facepunch Studios. It has similarities to other games similar to Minecraft, where you have to gather resources, build stuff, fight for your survival against dangerous things lurking in the dark. 

One of the unique features is being able to craft custom buildings using old-fashioned hand tools. Although it can be buggy here and there, everything considered the game is entertaining!

I’d highly recommend trying out Rust if you enjoyed games like Minecraft but are tired of them now because those games have been around for too long now.

48. ARK: Survival Of The Fittest

ARK: Survival of The Fittest is an action-adventure multiplayer video game where players are sent to a deserted island with only their bare hands & must try and probably fail at staying alive. As time passes, new items become available for crafting, which you need to survive; either by hunting animals or gathering materials. 

You can also tame wild animals to protect you from other players or predators, the biggest of which are Dinosaurs. Since two different games offer similar gameplay mechanics to Minecraft, I decided it would be best to include them both in this list!

I once played this game online, and I enjoyed it way too much. It’s enjoyable, even though you could just do something else with your life instead of playing this game since everything is pretty much the same.

49. Block Story+

Block Story+ is a voxel-based sandbox-building game where players have complete freedom over their creations. The game’s main objective is to survive & stay alive by defeating enemy mobs using your crafted weapons. As time passes, you’ll unlock even more new features allowing you to create more enormous structures with more advanced building techniques. 

What’s interesting about this game that makes it almost like Minecraft is that you can also play as a monster! It means certain characters have special abilities such as flying, crawling & digging through blocks. To activate these abilities, you need to hunt down specific monsters and absorb their souls.

I had played it when it was in beta and enjoyed it. If you like games similar to Minecraft, this is a good alternative for playing on your mobile device! Block Story is a perfect game to play if you are looking for other options for Minecraft. Be careful with this one, though, and it is highly addicting!

50. Terraria

50 Best Games Like Minecraft You Need To Try In 2021

Terraria might be the most popular of games like Minecraft. It has a 2D environment with similar mechanics to that of Minecraft’s 3D world. 

As you begin your journey in Terraria, you end up waking up next to your crashed ship on a planet full of monsters and treasures. Awesome! 

But don’t get too excited – before long, you’ll realize that restoring peace and prosperity to the land won’t be as easy as you thought! Dig to the ends of the earth, fight off scary bosses and build unique houses to showcase your treasures.

It’s a great game with lots of possibilities for creativity! I’ve played this game, and it looks fun and has the same components as my craft. I’m new to Terraria, and I’m enjoying myself so far. The only troubleshooting is there aren’t enough good building materials. But other than that, I’m having a LOT of fun! 

This gameplay is better than Minecraft because you die to monsters, not yourself. It’s about killing monsters and building your world. I Love this app, but it still has similar concepts as Minecraft, making it one of the best games like Minecraft. It’s pretty good, but it needs more stuff.

I love it because there are chests and cabinets to store your items in the gameplay. I wish that the mobs were easier to get rid of quickly. Other than that, it’s a great game! Terraria is better than Minecraft altogether because you don’t die for falling, and one reason is that it’s 2d and Minecraft is 3d.

Terraria has the same amount of fun as Minecraft does! Terraria has a high replay value, and you can play with friends. It’s cool, but it needs more mobs like the Enderman monster from Minecraft. And I think they should add another boss that looks like Cthulhu because Cthulhu is awesome!

You can save or load your progress whenever you like with our unique snapshot feature; when replaying, reimagine each scene and experiment with things that didn’t work the last time.

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