10 Best Jessica Jones Comics You Need to Read


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Jessica Jones has always been one of the most popular female Marvel comic book characters of all time but became much more popular because of the Jessica Jones live-action series. So, if you only know the character from the show, you might want to get to know more about Jessica Jones through some of the best Jessica Jones comics. And we have a good list for you.

10. Young Avengers Vol. 1

Young Avengers Vol 1 1

The Young Avengers were always popular among different comic book fans, and there’s even a rumor that the MCU is planning on doing a Young Avengers storyline in the future. That said, Jessica Jones was an integral part of this storyline because the Young Avengers, at that time, was yet to be given the green light by either Iron Man or Captain America and were more or less operating in an unofficial capacity.


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In this comic book storyline, Jessica Jones was working with J. Jonah Jameson as a reporter and used her expertise in journalism to investigate these young heroes. She ended up teaming up with Iron Man and Captain America to find out more about these heroes. Jones also ended up becoming an important part of why Steve Rogers reconsidered his original decision of shutting the Young Avengers down because she told her that she used to be a teen hero before. As such, Jessica Jones became one of the reasons why the Young Avengers continued to exist.

9. Alias Vol. 2

Jessica Jones Vol 1 2

Alias Vol. 2 is part of the entire Jessica Jones: Alias storyline, which is one of the biggest comic book series involving the aforementioned superhero. Of course, Alias is also the comic book storyline that introduced Jessica Jones to Marvel readers around the world. Volume 2 might not be the best out of the different volumes we have on this list, but it still is one of the better Jessica Jones storylines out there.

In Alias Vol. 2, Jones becomes more of a hero by deed because she hardly even used her powers here but focused more on the simple things that she did as a hero. The volume also allows us to see more of Jessica Jones’ personal life as she tries to juggle her relationships with Scott Lang and Luke Cage. This entire volume has five issues, and it’s a really compelling volume that will allow you to get to know Jessica Jones as a person.

8. New Avengers (2010)

detail 3

Somewhere down the line, the Avengers disbanded in the storyline called Avengers Disassembled. Marvel was left without its most important superhero team, as there was a huge hole that needed to be filled by some of the other superheroes left on the planet. This was when the New Avengers arrived to fill the massive gap left as street-level heroes formed the new group of superheroes.

The New Avengers consisted of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, and Spider-Woman. While Jessica Jones was not a full-time member, she worked with the New Avengers as a supporting character because, at that time, she was pregnant with Luke’s child. In this storyline, we get to see more of her character as a mother as she eventually married Luke Cage before returning to the frontlines as a street-level hero.

7. New Avengers: The Trust


There was a point in time when the Marvel Universe in the comic books was torn apart due to the effects of the superhero registration act in the Civil War storyline. During this point in the comics, Jessica Jones was a member of the New Avengers and had a few adventures with this band of street-level heroes. And one of the best parts of the entire New Avengers storyline was New Avengers: Trust.

New Avengers: Trust was the time when the group found out that Elektra, one of their own, was actually a Skrull the entire time. In that sense, there was a connection between this storyline and Secret Invasion. However, it focused more on the New Avengers while bringing in other villains like The Hood. Both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage played big roles in this storyline, but Spider-Man took the spotlight when he was the one who ended up saving the couple’s baby.

6. Alias Vol. 4


Alias Vol. 4 is the part of the Alias storyline that allows us to see Jessica Jones getting entwined with the Purple Man, and this is something that you might be familiar with if you have seen the Jessica Jones series on Netflix. This is also the last volume of the Alias storyline, and that’s why you need to read it if you’ve started the entire Jessica Jones: Alias comics.


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Considering that this is the finale of the Alias storyline, Volume 4 cemented Jessica Jones’ place in the entire Marvel comic book universe because of how she was able to prove that she belongs. All of the different characters she bumped into during the first three volumes appeared in this final volume, and that’s how she ultimately became a part of the greater Marvel Universe in the comics. Of course, this volume also allows us to see a more human side to the character, especially when you look at the emotional abuse that she suffered under the Purple Man.

5. Alias Vol. 3

clean 1

One of the best critically acclaimed storylines following the career of Jessica Jones came with Alias Vol. 3. By this time, Jones had established herself among the superhero community and had proven herself a qualified investigator. This series positioned Jessica between two other heroes, both operating as Spider-Woman.

Mattie Franklin, a teenage superhero, and Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman, played a big role in this series as Jones began to doubt herself once again. With people trying to kill Mattie, Jones and Drew teamed up to keep her safe. This also showed Jessica at her smartest, as she put one over on J. Jonah Jameson, something that never gets old.

4. The Pulse

clean 3 1

After the first run of the Alias storyline of Jessica Jones, the original writer of Alias wrote The Pulse, which was a continuation of Jones’ storyline but was outside of the MAX imprint of Marvel. During this time, Jones went on to work for The Daily Bugle as an investigative reporter. This entire storyline ran for 14 issues, which is half of the entire Alias storyline.

In The Pulse, Jessica Jones’ story is less graphic and less dark than what was during the Alias. This means that this is a series that is friendlier to younger audiences but is still a hit when it comes to audiences who want a more mature storyline in their Marvel characters. Nevertheless, this is a good series if you’ve finished the entire Alias storyline.

3. Return Of The Purple Man

jj14 cover

Brian Michael Bendis, the writer of the Alias storyline, returns with this series as he brought back the Purple Man in Return of the Purple Man, which is one of the most compelling stories in the Jessica Jones storyline. And this happened to coincide with the hit Jessica Jones TV show, which also features the Purple Man as one of its characters.


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In this comic book storyline, Jessica is now a mother but is trying to keep her family and loved ones safe from the Purple Man, who promises to make her life a living hell once more. If you’ve read the entire Alias storyline, you would understand how miserable Jessica Jones because of the Purple Man, and this promises to be another addition to the story between the two characters.

2. Alias Vol. 1


Of course, you can never have a list of the best Jessica Jones comics without including the first volume of Alias. That’s because Alias Vol. 1 is the series that introduced Jessica Jones to the Marvel comic book universe. And this is also where we got to meet Jessica Jones, who is a character that a lot of older teens and adults can relate to.

What makes the first volume so special is the fact that we get to meet Jessica Jones as someone with a lot of flaws and personal issues that she needs to address. This isn’t some kind of a perfect character because Jones is portrayed as a retired superhero suffering from PTSD due to a traumatizing event in the past. As such, it is a very personal story on the part of the character and is one that a lot of different people can relate to.

1. Blind Spot

clean 2 2

There are a lot of different Jessica Jones storylines that are all compelling and relatable to any kind of person reading them. However, what we believe stands out as the best is Blind Spot, which is a digital miniseries instead of an actual comic book. This time, a new team of writers have taken over for Bendis and were able to give their own fresh take on Jessica Jones’ character.

Blindspot follows Jessica Jones in an investigation involving a serial killer in New York City, and the reason why this became personal to her is that the killer specifically targets women with powers. As the body count keeps on piling up, Jessica realizes that she probably can’t do this on her own, and that’s when she asks for help from Doctor Strange and Elsa Bloodstone.

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