20 Best Jessica Jones Quotes (TV Show & Comics)


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Jessica Jones is an amazing Marvel character, not just because of her powers, but the depth of her personality. She can be dark but also quite funny and witty, giving us amazing quotes both in the comics and the popular Netflix TV show.

Let’s not waste any time and jump right into the best Jessica Jones quotes from the TV show and the comics that show how layered the character really is. PG-13 reading ahead.

Best Jessica Jones Quotes From Jessica Jones Season 1

“So you take your goddamn pain and you live with it, assholes! You lost your parents? Welcome to the goddamn club! I lost mine in some random accident! Do you see me trying to kill every shitty driver? No! Because I don’t work my shit out on other people! So keep your goddamn feelings to YOURSELF!”

The first quote on this list came in Episode 4 of the series. Jessica was arguing with Carlo and Audrey Eastman, who had just attempted murder. Despite her rage, instead of turning them in, she lets them go and disappear so that no one can find them. The quote itself is deep and shows that Jess never lets herself take it out on others despite everything that’s happened to her.

“They say everyone’s born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you’re the villain. Problem is, you don’t always know that you’ve crossed that line.”

I particularly loved this quote, as it felt like Jessica Jones’ version of the famous Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face quote from The Dark Knight movie: “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Jess is a pessimist, or at least, a realist. And, you can’t really blame her for it, but she’s aware that sometimes, life will push you over some boundaries that you never intended to cross.

“I’m a piece of shit, and shit stinks.”

This particular quote from Jess came in Episode 6, when Luke Cage found her drunk, as she was a hard alcoholic. Luke tells her she smells bad, to which she delivers the quote. It was funny, but still, I felt a bit bad for her.

It was also one of the first times where we’ve seen some chemistry between Cage and Jones, as he replied: “You’re a hard-drinking, short-fused mess of a woman, but you’re not a piece of shit.” Way to give out compliments, Luke, am I right?

“Pain is always a surprise. I try to avoid landmines. Avoid caring. I can even see it coming. But until it hits, you have no idea what pain is.”

This quote perfectly sums up why Jess acts and behaves the way she does. She believes pain can hit you from every angle, not just the physical. And, if you can, it’s best to avoid exposing yourself to others and allow them to hurt you.


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She sees love as a weakness, so she tries to avoid it. Still, even if you do, and even if you anticipate the pain, you can never be ready for it.

“The big part of the job is looking for the worst in people. Turns out I excel at that. Clients hire me to find dirt. And I find it, which shouldn’t surprise them, but it does.”

This is a quote where Jessica Jones explains her investigating line of work. She states that people usually don’t seek the help of a private investigator for nice things. They usually want the dirt, and she always finds it. Be careful what you wish for, eh?

Best Jessica Jones Quotes From Jessica Jones Season 2

“Well, if you don’t have any nice words, I mean, anything nice to say, just, you know, lie.”

This quote came in Episode 7 and perfectly depicted Jessica’s personality. Jess is one badass woman that knows how to get what she needs. It’s not that Jess is a liar, per se, but she’ll tell you what you want to hear if that can play into her hand.

“A poodle doesn’t show its belly to a pit bull if it doesn’t want its guts ripped out.”

Jessica Jones had some awesome quotes in the series, but this one is near the top of the list. Jess said it in Episode 5, which was her way of saying: don’t mess with the big players if you’re not ready to take the punishment.

“Summer in New York City. It’s hot. It’s humid. And everyone’s just a little more pissed-off than usual.”

Jess has a strong personality and not a very optimistic one. She often has sassy remarks regarding anything, and I found this one from Episode 4, one of the goldens. New Yorkers aren’t really known as friendly – everybody minds their own business. Add a little summer heat, and you get a city of slightly pissed-off people, as Jessica eloquently put.


“It should [terrify me]. Because I’m not a killer. I’m not you. I’m not my mother. I can control myself. Which means I’m more powerful than you ever were.”

This quote came in Episode 11 when Jessica talked to a hallucination of Kilgrave. He tells her how he felt she liked and wanted to kill when he put her at the cusp of doing it and that she felt it too, which terrifies her. That’s when Jess delivers this amazing quote which really emphasizes that, despite going through such trauma, Jessica is still a good person.

“Everything changes. And nothing changes. People die. More are born. And in between… we exist. I never wanted to do more than that. Just exist. I’ve gone through life… untethered, unconnected… I wasn’t even aware that I’d chosen that. It took someone coming back from the dead… to show me that I’ve been dead too. The problem is, I never really figured out how to live. I hate starting at the beginning.”

Jessica delivered this quote in Episode 11, too, speaking about her life and how long it took her to realize that she never even started living. The growth of her character is spectacular throughout the series, and this quote is one of the best representations of that growth.

Best Jessica Jones Quotes From Jessica Jones Season 3

“Some things you look at, and you think, “perfect, there is no question, it’s just… right”. Other things are clearly wrong. But right and wrong aren’t a P.I.’s highest priority.”

Here, Jess nicely explained how a life of a private investigator works. You don’t look for the rights and the wrongs – you look for facts, pieces of a puzzle you’re trying to connect. Sometimes, the pieces are right, and sometimes, they’re wrong – but both are equally as valuable to a P.I. like Jess.

“You get used to it pretty quick. The strength. One day, you’re a scrawny kid getting Ds in PE the next day, you can toss a minivan. Eventually, it’s just a part of who you are. The part that no one can take away.”

This particular quote came in the episode A.K.A. I Have No Spleen, where Jessica explains how she adapted to her newfound powers after she got them. Jess explains that it didn’t take long for her to get used to being super strong. Things were a bit different in the comics, though, as it took Jones a while to train and get used to her powers.

“When something dies, you bury it. If you’re me, you try to forget it ever existed. But some things just won’t stay buried.”

In this particular case, Jessica explains how she deals with her past. Obviously, it’s not the healthiest way to deal with things, which is obvious in Jess, considering her alcohol abuse and PTSD. Still, even she has to deal with some stuff whether she likes it or not – especially when they come back to bite her.

“This is what happens when you give a shit. The world flings it back at you.”

Jessica reiterates numerous times throughout the series that she hates “giving a shit.” And yet, Jess always seems to give more shit than she thought she would. That’s why she delivers this quote about Trish Walker, her step-sister. She loved her, and Trish turned on her. She’s the shit the world flung back at Jess, as our dear Jessica graphically explained with the quote.

“The only decision I’m qualified to make is bourbon or more bourbon.”

The quote came in the last episode of the series while Jessica talked with Luke Cage. They were talking about heroes turning bad and eventually going too far. You constantly get into situations where you have to make decisions, as Luke explains. That’s when Jess responds with this sassy quote that sounds exactly like something she’d say and do.


Best Jessica Jones Quotes From The Comics

“You shoot that gun at me–I will pull that bullet out of my ruined four hundred dollar leather jacket…and I will shove it up your ass with my pinky finger. And which one of us do you think that will hurt more?”

By now, you might’ve noticed that Jessica is a character who often likes to paint a picture with her words. Well, in the comics, she takes it up a notch. This particular quote from Alias Vol. 1 #5 was Jess’ way of describing her durability and invulnerability to physical damage. I found it hilarious and really the perfect embodiment of her character we love so much.

“So, I said to him, I said: Well if that’s true, shouldn’t you shoot the webs out of your a$$?”

So, Spider-Man explained to Jessica Jones how a spider bit him and gave him spider-like superpowers, including superhuman strength, durability, agility, balance, etc. 

When Jess took a moment to think about it, we ended up with this hilarious quote, which is kind of a legit question. I mean, spiders do shoot webs out of their butts, so why wouldn’t Spidey do it too?


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By the way, it was one of my favorite issues of Alias ever (Vol. 1 #6). If you have a chance, read it.

“I am very good at finding people. Is there someone else I can help you find? Maybe the person that did that to your hair?”

In Jessica Jones Vol. 2 #9, Sharon Carter asks for Jessica’s help as a private investigator. Jones delivers this epic sassy quote that made me laugh out loud. This is just one of the gems she frequently blasts, which is what makes the Jessica Jones comics such a fun read.

“Last thing I want to do is fight him… but the only thing worse than fighting him is letting him kill me… he’d never forgive himself.”

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have a very deep bond and a love that hardly any Marvel couple has. However, in Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter – Marvel Digital Original Vol. 1 #2, Luke is under control that makes him lose sight of who he is.

Even in that horrible situation, Jessica puts Luke first. She knew that she had to fight him because if she didn’t, and Cage killed her, she knew it would completely break him when he realized what had happened. As dark as Jess tends to get, she’s just as loving at other times.

“I know I said I’d never call in this particular favor, and I really meant it when I said so… but I thought this — this is crazypants. And when I think crazypants… I think Deadpool.”

Jess helps out anywhere she can, and she once helped Wade Wilson out, too, to which he said he owes her one. Jones told him she won’t ever cash in the favor, but push came to shove when she and the Defenders (in Defenders Vol. 5 #6) went against Willis Stryker.

I loved the quote for two reasons. First, as strong as Jessica is, the fact that she asked for help when she needed it even though she said it wouldn’t happen shows maturity and humbleness in Jessica.

Second, I think we can all agree that “crazypants” fits no one better than Deadpool. I laughed hard at this quote because I feel you, Jess. Deadpool IS the definition of crazypants.

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