20 Best Pisces Anime Characters Ranked by Likability

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Pisces is the final of the twelve zodiac signs, which signifies the approaching passage of midwinter with an unmistakable sense of serenity. Those born under this sign are imaginative thinkers with lofty goals, frequently to the point of having their heads in the clouds. Additionally, this water sign possesses an intrinsic capacity to move with the tides of life, which may express in both positive and bad ways.

Now that we know what the stars have to say, let’s take a closer look at 20 of the best Pisces anime characters, sorted by likability.

When Are Pisces Born?

Pisces is the sign for folks who are born between February 19 and March 20. The astrological symbol shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the duality within the Piscean nature.

Best Pisces Anime Characters

20. Subaru Sumeragi – Tokyo Babylon

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Subaru and his twin sister Hwang Baidu, an Aries and an anime character, are both noted for being quiet. Subaru, the main character of Tokyo Babylon, is still a young guy. He is beautiful, honest, kind, and very honest, with a keen sense of things and people.

This, however, is only applicable to the other characters. He is vulnerable to things that other people possess. But it isn’t interesting to him, not even a little bit.

Due to Seishirou’s deception, the Subaru during the X-War era. Seishirou’s two closest relatives died for a short period. He began to get depressed and uptight. The core of his keenness is something he cannot fail in his life, regardless of whether the person he loves is abandoned and deceived.

Subaru’s selflessness and excellence. His tenacity is the best you can hope for in Pisces. Get rid of the things in your spirit that you can’t let go of. However, no human being is flawless, and there are genuine conflicting elements.

19. Shirayuki – Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

The Pisces lady is considered to be lovely, kind, inviting, and, most importantly, calm. His surroundings exude a feeling of calm and harmony that has nothing to do with emotional equilibrium. However, it does have something to do with the Pisces of optimism and faith in everyday life.

This is not to say that the Pisces lady is entirely devoid of instabilities. Especially when the world seems to be in disarray and she thinks she can’t handle the burden any longer.

But it’s better since the Pisces girl’s energy stems from her ability to adapt and evolve. To put it another way, she wants to reinvent herself. She is more emotionally motivated than logical, and she is influenced by her intuition. She is not afraid to use her creativity and resourcefulness to tackle any problem.

18. Osaki Nana – Nana

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Nana is a musician and lead vocalist, which is one of the most suitable occupations for Pisces. A lady with a loose look and a genuine heart has always pursued her goals without arrogance.

Despite being reared in a complicated world, she maintains her purity and affection for him. She craves warmth, fears losing her, and despises being powerless. These are the characteristics of Pisces as well as human nature.

God, on the other hand, enjoys playing with us regularly. She struck her head every time she was at happiest, robbing her of eternal pleasure. However, even if a person dreams back in the middle of the night, I am sure that Nana may live very well and be a delight to live with. It’s comparable. Despondent and lonely.

17. Eiri Yuki – Gravitation

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

According to professional research, the best career for Pisces is one that is linked to the world of imagination. Because the person with that zodiac sign is an ardent romantic who is full of strange thoughts and fantasies throughout his life.

Eri-Yuki is an experienced, prolific writer with a solid reputation in the literary community. His writing is elegant and clear. Mina-san can see that nothing is concealed and that not just He and his writings have Pisces characteristics.

Of course, he has a characteristic with many Pisces anime characters: minor schizophrenia. However, it is inextricably connected to his early experiences.

16. Kyoko Sasakawa – Reborn

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Kyoko Sasakawa is the protagonist of the popular anime series Reborn. The Pisces has a generous heart, is honest, and is enthusiastic about almost everything.

Kyoko, who is surrounded by her family members, is a typical Pisces girl with a simple attitude. He has a sympathetic attitude and the ability to deal with a gang’s confusion.

He is a wonderful role model and approaches everything with a kind heart.

15. Sanji – One Piece

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Sanji is the epitome of an anime character, with no flaws. One Piece’s characters have the power to alleviate any worry. They can flourish even under the most difficult of circumstances.

Even if they aren’t, a wonderful day is still a good day. I’m going to die in a split second and become a great person for myself.

It was said that Pisces anime characters were regarded as honorable by the general population. They are knights, after all. Sanji is a female-protecting knight. Don’t get taken in by his crap. We are grateful for your help. In any event, he’s a trustworthy individual.

14. Italy Veneziano – Hetalia Axis Powers

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Italy has a strong interest in art, music, and food. This is due to the artist’s soul becoming influential. The artist also enjoys making new acquaintances.

The Pisces personality trait is that he enjoys thinking about his day even while others are talking with him. He looks timid and delicate, yet he is at peace with himself. Most significantly, he can effectively use his abilities.

13. Mitsukuni Haninozuka – Ouran High School Host Club

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Senpai, also known as Honey-senpai in the anime Ouran Koukou Host Club, is the greatest male Pisces anime character. What is the cause behind this? First and foremost, despite her day-to-day existence. Honey-senpai was frail, childlike, and endearing.

But she was the most powerful of the characters. He was skilled in martial arts and could provide sound advice in times of need.

Honey-senpai is likewise a sucker for cute things and often wants to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Honey-senpai is a Pisces, which has both good and bad aspects.

12. Takeru Totsuka – Kamigami no Asobi

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Takeru seems to be a person who may be furious and has a strong personality on the outside. This God, on the other hand, likes to be alone and soon becomes comfortable with other creatures.

Even though he enjoys being furious, he is dedicated to his friends. Takeru might be said to symbolize a completely distinct kind of anime character. He is, nevertheless, a typical Pisces.

11. Hiroto Kanazawa – Kiniro no Corda

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Hiroto decided not to sing anymore due to desperation and fear of failure, even though he used to sing in the opera. But he can’t get away from music since it allows him to view the world in a more artistically and appealing manner.

Hiroto is hostile to reality and is frightened of realizing the full extent of his abilities. Nonetheless, he can remain cool in any situation that he can handle on his own, that is if you consider both the good and bad aspects of the Pisces sign.

10. Fuji Shuusuke – Prince of Tennis

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Fuji is a tennis prodigy, but you’d never know it from chatting to him. Indeed, he has a difficult time taking anything seriously, even the sport at which he excels. Nonetheless, he is a tactical genius, and when confronted with a real challenge, he breaks out of his normal lighthearted manner and becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Pisces, like the rest of us, seems to be a little out of touch with reality, and Fuji is no different. He may be a particularly tough character to read since it is impossible to know what is going on in the mind of this star sign. However, he, like all Pisces, can change his temperament to fit circumstances as they emerge.

9. Aimaru – Toriko

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Aimaru is the head of the Gourmet Knights, an organization that believes in leading by example rather than terror. He is physically and intellectually capable of things that most would find inconceivable. For example, he can devour illnesses ranging from viruses to bacteria and, as a result, produce their cure. Despite his position of authority, he is usually calm and soft-spoken.

Aimaru’s Pisces leadership style is what makes him so effective in this position. His physical and mental talents are beyond what most people believe is possible. They have, of course, been made possible by many hours of physical and mental preparation, but only a Pisces would have thought he could get there in the first place.

8. Nuriko – Fushigi Yuugi

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Nuriko was the middle child in a mercantile family. He lost his little sister much too early and was unable to find any traditional way to cope with the loss. The only way he could deal with her death was to dress up like her, so she would never be forgotten. As a consequence, amid his sorrow, he abandons his real identity.

Pisces are well-known for their emotionality and eccentricity. People grieve a death in a variety of ways, but actually taking on the identity of the dead to maintain it is unusual. Nuriko is also a highly emotionally sensitive and intellectual character. Nuriko is a typical Pisces, eccentric and passionate.

7. Umi Sonoda – Love Live!

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Umi, together with a bunch of her pals, is an idol. While she is very gifted, she prefers to take a back seat in the music industry, functioning as a songwriter as well as a physical trainer. She is content to play a supporting role, and despite her overall modesty and softness, she despises bossiness, preferring a more laissez-faire style to leadership herself.

Because of their adaptability, Pisces work well in supporting roles, as Umi does. Their adaptability may assist them in acting as mediators and peacekeepers in social dynamics, as well as filling responsibility gaps. They may operate remarkably effectively in groups with others as long as their creative impulses are not repressed.

6. Sunao Fujimori – Sukisyo

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Sunao is a high school student who is renowned for getting himself into a lot of problems due to his quick temper. Sora, his new roommate, has personal knowledge of this. It is revealed that the two protagonists have much more in common than their new room and that this may not be the first time the two lads have crossed paths.

Sunao is an example of a very susceptible Pisces, but you’d never guess it. He is not the only character on our list that has a cold, harsh demeanor that serves solely as a protective shell for himself. 

Sunao, in fact, is a very sensitive guy who has gone to unfathomable lengths to separate himself from his emotions and anxieties. These are so severe measures that they must be seen to be believed.

5. Ginko – Mushishi

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Ginko is the most extreme major character in Mushishi. The anime series follows Ginko as he travels across the globe. He is researching the existence of life forms as well as insect survival methods. And he is accepting commissions from individuals to address odd occurrences that may be caused by insects.

This show’s style isn’t the most appealing. The storyline, on the other hand, is lovely and healing. It’s a fantastic anime that’s well worth seeing.

4. Clear – DRAMAtical Murder

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Clear is a little quirky. As if not being human wasn’t weird enough, he wears a really strange-looking mask, which draws even more attention to him. Even though he works as a bartender, he sometimes has trouble understanding what people are thinking. This is a manifestation of his Pisces quirkiness.

Though his interpersonal abilities cannot be ascribed to human empathy, his programming does make him flexible and capable of meeting the needs of others. By nature, he lives to make others happy, putting others’ emotions and wants first. This is a characteristic of this sign’s empathy and emotional permeability, but it comes at a cost.

3. Hinata Hyuga – Naruto

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Hinata is quiet and considerate. She is shy and would go to great lengths to protect her family and friends. For years, she endured excruciating pain in order to guarantee Naruto’s safety. Despite the fact that she knew Naruto had little chance of winning.

Pisces is a sign that tends to be kind and considerate. It is tough for them to be a rescuer for people who are in agony. They are, nevertheless, always ready to demonstrate concern and compassion for their pals.

Hinata and Pisces are both signs. Both can be reserved and silent. Nobody enjoys being surrounded by others. Instead, the two prefer to be alone or with close pals.

2. Michiru Kita – Zombie Loan

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Michiru has not been the same after her parents’ deaths; she has devolved into a listless shadow of her former self. In addition to this sorrow, she bears the burden of shinigami eyes, which enable her to see when individuals are on the verge of death. 

However, she makes two new friends at school who may be able to not only help her regain her desire to live but also utilize her abilities for good.

Michiru’s capacity to feel death is consistent with Pisces’ intuition, which often reaches otherworldly levels of sensitivity. Furthermore, the way her emotions are readily influenced by people around her is quite characteristic of this star sign. 

Pisces may learn to understand this sensitive aspect of their mind, surround themselves with optimism, and live happier lives; certainly, Michiru’s new acquaintances make a significant impact in her life.

1. Light Yagami – Death Note

20 Best Anime Pisces Characters Ranked By Likability

Light Yagami from Death Note is the most unexpected Pisces anime character. Light Yagami is an all-around genius in every way. Even though he is strong in every way, he loves justice and despises evil.

His personality is out of control. This is the case for individuals born under certain astrological signs. They are almost certainly a basis for a noble character in Japanese animation. However, it is not simple to tell. Some individuals can’t express what they’re thinking.

People born under this sign seem to be friendly. They may also be timid, yet they dislike being alone. Light Yagami’s personality is influenced by Pisces, the usual representation, and an A blood type.

This anime youngster intends to make use of the end of the world. His proposal to alter the planet and build a whole new universe is a little extreme, but he likes the concept.

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