When Did Naruto Propose to Hinata? What Exactly Happened?

When Did Naruto Propose to Hinata? What Exactly Happened?

When Masashi Kishimoto started working on Naruto, he probably had no idea that his series would become a franchise that is popular all around the world. The eccentric, yet lovable protagonist, great storylines, and a great shinobi world – all of that contributed to the popularity of the franchise. The anime was almost as popular as the manga, despite the fillers and the differences but the fans did not get everything they wanted from the anime and although most people agree that Naruto is, likewise, one of the best anime series, there are still some controversial moments that need explaining. One such moment is related to the relationship and eventual marriage of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyūga. Namely, in this article, we are going to tell you when Naruto proposed to Hinata and how it actually happened.

It is not known when Naruto proposed to Hinata, as the moment was never shown on screen or in the manga. We know that it happened sometime after the war and the scene from The Last: Naruto the Movie, in which Naruto confesses that he loves Hinata, but the exact moment was never shown so we know nothing. Why? Well, the scene just wasn’t necessary to complete the story so no one really bothered to do it.

Today’s article is going to be all about a very important event in the lives of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyūga – Naruto’s proposal. You’re going to find out when the proposal happened and why it was never shown on-screen in the anime. We’re also going to tell you some details about Naruto’s and Hinata’s relationship, so prepare for an interesting read and enjoy yourselves!

When and how did Naruto confess his love to Hinata?

In The Last: Naruto the Movie, in the space of the floating moon-like rocks, Hinata questions Naruto about the green scarf he was previously wearing. He replies that her mother made it for him before she died, kept by the Third and found by Naruto and Konohamaru among his things. Hinata blames herself for being so stupid. Hanabi interrupts them and rushes them to get out of there.

The others go ahead and Naruto and Hinata go together and hold hands further back while they are ascending, Naruto confesses to Hinata that, in that class of Iruka, where they asked who they would stay with on the last day of Earth, he couldn’t write anyone’s name because he didn’t have parents or friends, but now he knew he wanted to be with her from now on and forever.

Hinata cries with happiness upon hearing his words, and the red scarf appears tying Naruto’s neck while in the thousands of genjutsu bubbles, various precious memories for both appear, both in the series and today. As the memories fade, Naruto and Hinata are seen walking down the rocky path together from their current age to the appearance they had the day they met, always with Naruto wearing the red scarf around his neck until they arrive. to the earth.

The portal to the Moon begins to disintegrate and Naruto carries Hinata in his arms. He tells her not to leave him and Hinata tells him that she’s never going to let him go. Naruto charges a Rasengan with his free hand that rockets them both to the top. Shikamaru warns Naruto that he may crash into the ceiling if he continues, but they both go through it and both float in front of the white moon, where Naruto and Hinata get closer to finally kiss. And Naruto finally says, “Hinata, thank you.”

Sometime later, while Naruto was reviewing Sai’s books on proper human interaction, he learns that men are the ones who pay for everything during a date. Later, he takes Hinata to a restaurant, appearing intimidated by how expensive the food was. Seeing this, Hinata decides to utilize the Byakugan to look into Naruto’s wallet, noting that he didn’t have much money. Not letting him know this, Hinata then wonders if they could go to Ichiraku Ramen, since Naruto liked it; which he accepts.


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When does Naruto propose to Hinata?

The principal question of this article is a question we, sadly, cannot answer. Namely, neither the manga, nor the anime ever revealed how and when Naruto actually proposed to Hinata. It happened sometime after The Last: Naruto the Movie, and before their wedding, which was shown in the movie, but the exact moment was never shown. It probably did not happen long after the confession from the movie, but we cannot really pinpoint the exact moment as the chronology is a bit off here. Fans online would like to see a filler episode related to this, but we don’t know if it is ever going to happen so we must leave it at this.

When do Naruto and Hinata marry?

Several years later, while preparations for the wedding between Naruto and Hinata were being made, at night, Naruto visits Iruka’s house, who, at that time, was healing because he had cut himself while cooking. Naruto enters the house and greets his teacher, who asks him what happened, and the Uzumaki, with a nervous smile, tells him that he thought of him and wondered if he was still alive. The Umino asks him if he is serious. Naruto tells her now that he’s getting married, and that’s why he was worried that she was okay.

He asks for permission to pass, starting to walk. Unexpectedly, Iruka stops him and tells him to wait, stating that he has something important to do; However, Naruto sees the mess made in the kitchen and asks his teacher what happened here. Iruka only says a few things and proceeds to ask Uzumaki what he needs. Naruto, nervously again, asks if they are going to eat ramen; to which a puzzled Iruka explains that he is making the food. With that, Naruto points towards the mess and asks if that’s the food, to a frustrated Iruka nodding. Naruto, arms folded, tells Iruka that if he doesn’t get married soon, he’s doomed.

Iruka, annoyed, tells him to shut up and asks if he thinks it’s nice to leave Hinata alone. Naruto, puzzled by the question, explains that they aren’t married yet and tells him not to worry, leaving Iruka thoughtful with this last part. Naruto now adds that he has a few days left as a bachelor, he tells his teacher to relax, but Iruka, now exasperated, scolds him, causing the Uzumaki to fall back to the ground. Still furious, the Umino asks him if he knows all the time Hinata spends thinking about her marrying him.

Naruto, confused, asks his master what is wrong with him. Iruka now says that he definitely failed to teach him many things as a person and that he takes responsibility. Immediately afterward, he takes Naruto, picks him up off the ground, and tells him to come with him, since she is going to correct him. Being on the streets of Konoha and being taken by force, Naruto asks Iruka where they are going; He, still raising his voice, tells him that they are going to Hinata’s. He explains that he is going to apologize for raising such a thoughtless man.


Hearing this, Naruto lets go and tells him to wait, since he didn’t want to talk about Hinata. Iruka asks what he wants to talk about; the Uzumaki mentions again that they will talk while eating ramen, and that even Iruka could drink some wine, so they could loosen up and talk happily. His teacher interrupts him and tells him that’s enough, that he shouldn’t have worried so much because he didn’t know what to say or congratulate him. After this, he begins to walk again toward his apartment, passing by Naruto.

However, his disciple tells him that he wants to ask him for a favor. Iruka stops in confusion to listen. Naruto looks away and asks Iruka if he could attend the wedding as his father. Beginning to understand, Iruka asks Naruto if that’s what he wanted to talk to him about. Then, he closes his eyes, begins to raise his trembling fists, opens his eyes again, and with a smile tells him to count on him. Hearing that, Naruto turns around with a smile, bows to his teacher, and thanks him.

Naruto y Hinata parten

Seeing this, Iruka asks his student what he does, and as he bows, he tells him that he should be the one to thank him; After this, Naruto stands up again, asks Iruka to stop, and says goodbye to him, thus leaving, being watched by his teacher. When Naruto is out of sight of him, Iruka lowers his head and begins to cry. Several days later, on the wedding day, looking out the window, in her wedding dress, Hinata tells Neji in her head that she is getting married. Then, she turns her gaze to Naruto, who is standing next to her. He is looking towards the Hokage Rock, especially, at the sculpted face of his father (Minato).

Hinata notices this and smiles as she blushes, then lowers her head and closes her eyes. Someone calls Hinata, telling her it’s time. Then, both Naruto and Hinata turn around and see Hiashi, along with Hanabi, who is holding a portrait of Neji in her arms. She looks with an expression of astonishment at her older sister, to whom she tells that she is beautiful, and asks her father if it is not true. Hinata and Hiashi look at each other; he is met with a serious expression, but then he closes his eyes and smiles, to which Hinata also smiles and closes her eyes to open them again.

Then, she takes Naruto’s hand and holds it tight. They both look at each other happily, being watched by Hanabi and Hiashi also happily. Naruto asks Hinata if they’re leaving yet; a thing to which he agrees. Then, the doors of the room open, and beginning to leave, the two of them walk together holding hands, in the end, being surrounded by light. During the pre-wedding ceremony, both bride and groom greeted their guests and the ceremony begins. This was shown in the “Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding” original story.

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