Minecraft: 8 Best Safe Sites To Download Texture Packs in 2024

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Minecraft is likely one of the most moddable games around, and it’s part of why it’s become so popular and manages to keep its popularity. No matter how bored you get, you can always try something new that’ll bring you a whole new game experience. Since modding is so popular, it’s also an easy target for malicious content.

The best way to keep safe is to download from trusted sources, but even this is not one hundred percent risk-free. Besides, how would you know which sites are safe and which ones aren’t? You can use the following list of the best eight safe sites to download Minecraft texture packs as your guide on keeping extra safe on even the safest websites.

Can texture packs contain malware?

Texture packs can definitely contain malware, but it’s usually easy to detect which ones do, even without using antivirus tools like ESET or Nord VPN. Texture packs usually come as .jar files, but they’re never executable programs. An executable program would be a .exe file, so if you see that your texture pack contains this extension, avoid opening it and delete it immediately.

Another way to stay safe from malware is by downloading from trusted websites and sources. Luckily, all the websites I’m about to list are safe, and they’re all used by the community.

1. CurseForge

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CurseForge is the most well-known website for downloading not only Minecraft mods but mods for other games as well. Each mod on the website goes through a generic check-up to see whether or not it contains malware. Of course, not every mod or texture pack will get checked out thoroughly because of the sheer number of mods available, but generally, it is pretty safe.

To download texture packs from the website, all you need to do is go to the Minecraft mods page and type in texture packs in the search bar; I recommend only downloading texture packs that have been downloaded plenty of times and that have lots of positive comments, none saying that the texture pack is malicious.

2. Planet Minecraft

planet minecraft

Planet Minecraft was created as a fan project of a few people but quickly became one of the most well-known and trusted websites for downloading anything from mods, shaders, resource packs, and texture packs. The website has over 20 moderators ready to respond to any complaints people might have and take a deep dive to ensure that the texture packs and other content are malware-free.

Since it’s community-run, you might witness a slip-up, but this can all be prevented by downloading from trusted sources and downloading mods that have loads of downloads. To find texture packs specifically, you can go to the website and hover over Minecraft; then, you can choose Texture packs. You can look at trending, updated, and even Bedrock texture packs.

3. Minecraft Forum

Minecraft forum

Minecraft forum is just one of the many websites the company Magic Find offers. They offer mods and content for games like Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Diablo, and many more. The website is part of the Mobafire network. If you’re unfamiliar with it, It’s a website most likely known for offering a place where you can look at League of Legends builds for specific champions and in-depth champion guides.

Trusting this website shouldn’t be a problem, but I always recommend downloading only popular resources. To download texture packs, you’ll want to access the resource packs button on the home page, where you can search for a desired texture pack. One great thing about the forum is that you can immediately see what version the resource pack is compatible with and look at how many downloads the pack has.

4. Texture Packs

minecraft texture packs

The Texture Packs website is dedicated to texture packs only, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find where exactly on the website you can download them from. The website is fan-made, and its creators started with a YouTube channel. Not long after, they made this website.

As for safety, the website only includes original links to texture packs, and they check for malware themselves as well. They use Mediafire, Dropbox, and MEGA to distribute download files if you’re unsure about a texture pack. All of these websites check for malware themselves. They often write about certain texture packs in their blog to provide another layer of security.



The MCPE DL website is a treat for Bedrock Edition users that play via their phone or PC. It allows you to download anything ranging from mods to texture packs. It sounds too good to be true, but the website has been around for quite some time, and people generally seem happy with it.

Just like Planet Minecraft, the website has moderators that react when something sketchy is posted. They check it and remove any threats. You can find the texture packs section by going to the home page and hovering over the texture pack drop menu, then choosing what type of texture packs you’d like to download. I suggest looking at a guide on downloading anything for Minecraft Bedrock because it is a bit different from downloading for Java Edition.

6. Minecraft Texture Packs

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Minecraft Texture Packs is another website that specializes in bringing you safe-to-use texture packs and nothing else. They are so dedicated to bringing you the best texture packs that they are divided into separate categories. You can download anything from cartoon texture packs all the way to realistic, modern, or themed texture packs.

The website doesn’t directly offer a download option for texture packs; rather, they review them in blog form and offer a download guide and a link you can open to download it. Since the texture pack links come with reviews, it’s most likely that they are tried and tested by one of the writers for the website. I’d proceed with caution nonetheless, but I would give it a go if you’re interested.

7. Minecraft.net


The Minecraft.net website needs no introduction. It’s singlehandedly the safest website for acquiring texture packs and other resources. I don’t have to talk about why I think it’s safe since it is the official site owned by Mojang and Microsoft. The only downside is that you’ll have to pay for the texture packs.

On the plus side, these texture packs usually aren’t expensive, and what’s even better, Bedrock Edition users can enjoy having new textures in the game. I didn’t mention it earlier because you have to pay for them, but at least you’re free of worry that you’ll get a virus, right?

8. YouTube

youtube 1

This one’s a bit of a stretch, but you can also download amazing texture packs from YouTube but not directly. Many Minecraft YouTubers include download links to the mods and texture packs they play with so you can see the texture pack in action and then choose whether or not you will download it.

To keep safe using this method, it’s best only to open links from well-known YouTubers with larger subscriber counts. It’s not great for discovering new texture packs, but if you happen to stumble upon a video containing an interesting texture pack, you now know how to give it a go.

Have a site to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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