20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Anime and manga are full of different characters that are intriguing and inspiring in their own right. Of course, these characters are given a semblance of normalcy because they have their own birthdates. And the fact that anime and manga characters have birthdates means that you know their astrological signs. In that regard, let’s look at the anime characters who are Sagittarius.

Sagitarii are some of the most idealistic people because they always want to make the lives of the people around them better. This is what makes them the best people when it comes to friendships and relationships with other people. But the problem is that they sometimes promise more than what they can give. Nevertheless, let us look at 20 of the best Sagittarius anime characters ranked by anime lovers.

When Are Sagittarius Born?

Sagittarii are represented by the archer. Those who are born between November 22 to December 21 belong to the Sagittarius Zodiac shine. And the best part about a Sagittarius is that they will try to seek plenty of interests in life, just like how the Sagittarius shoots its arrows.

Best Sagittarius Anime Characters

One of the best ways you can describe a Sagittarius is that they will always be optimistic and idealistic in life. These characters love adventure and are always going to try to seek freedom so that they can explore new areas and gain new experiences in life. That said, let us look at the top 20 anime characters with birthdays between November 22 and December 21.

20. Centorea Shianus – Monster Musume no iru Nichijou

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Centorea Shianus is one of the supporting characters of Monster Musume. She is a beautiful centaur girl with a very voluptuous and well-endowed figure that can easily attract the eyes of men and the envy of women.

Despite her bombastic appearance, Centorea loves to carry herself with dignity. She is a prim and proper girl that behaves the way a true knight does, as she likes to think that she is actually a knight.

Centorea is befitting of the Sagittarius sign because, after all, she is a centaur, which is the creature that represents the Sagittarius zodiac sign. However, the fact that she is optimistic, wise, and powerful is what makes her the perfect Sagittarius.

19. Horokeu Usui – Shaman King

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Horokeu is a young shaman that belongs to the Ainu Tribe in the northern parts of Japan. He is a character who has a grand dream of becoming Shaman King so that he can fill the world of the flowers that his spirit partner loves. This idealistic nature is what makes him a perfect Sagittarius.

As one of the main supporting characters in Shaman King, Horokeu is a very friendly character that knows how to work within a team. He is friends with Yoh Asakura and the rest of the main characters, despite starting out as a rival.

Despite his friendly nature, Horokeu is still very determined to become the Shaman King. Despite knowing that he had a large task ahead of him, he never gave up on his dream of becoming Shaman King but was more eager to help his friends whenever they were in trouble.

18. Lita Kino – Sailor Moon

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Lita Kino is one of the major supporting characters of Sailor Moon, as she is the fourth member of the Sailor Scout group. She is also the reincarnation of Princess Jupiter. As such, she is also known as Sailor Jupiter.

In terms of her powers, Lita Kino is one of the best in terms of martial arts, as she is unrivaled among all of the Sailor Scouts. This makes her a vital member of the group. And with her lightning powers, she is a formidable opponent for any evil-doer out there.

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While she may be a Sagittarius, Lita is actually quite down to Earth in terms of her ideals in life. She isn’t the most idealistic person because she always stays grounded in reality. However, the fact that she works well with her teammates and is willing to do what it takes to help them is what makes her a great Sagittarius.

17. Megumin – Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Megumin is one of the three main female protagonists of Konosuba. Like all of the members of the Crimson Magic clan, a clan of mages, she has chunibyo tendencies. That means that she is very idealistic in life and tends to be quite over-the-top with her approach due to her delusions of grandeur.

Due to her over-the-top personality, Megumin finds it difficult to stay grounded in reality, and that makes her a great Sagittarius. She believes that she has enough power to defeat any opponent thanks to her amazing magical prowess.

Speaking of her magical prowess, what makes Megumin a dysfunctional character, like all of the main characters of Konosuba, is that she can only perform one type of magic, which is Explosion. She has dedicated her life to mastering Explosion, and that’s why she pours all of her skill points into that spell.

16. Arthur Auguste Angel – Ao no Exorcist

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Arthur Auguste Angel is a true Sagittarius in every sense of the word because of his sense of idealism as an exorcist. He is a paladin of the Order of the True Cross and is one of the strongest members of the order.

The reason why Sagittarius is the perfect sign for Arthur is that he is quite stingy when it comes to the laws. He tries to obey the laws of his order down to the very letter because of the very fact that he is quite obedient when it comes to his superiors. Arthur’s idealism is what forces him to kill people just so he can stay true to his own ideals.

Arthur can be quite dense, as he is so idealistic and stingy that he doesn’t know when he is being made fun of. Despite that, he is actually quite sadistic deep inside and is willing to kill anyone he believes is associated with Satan.

15. Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Ken Kaneki is the main protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul. He started out as a reserved and quiet high school boy. However, when he was turned into a ghoul, his life experiences forced him into seclusion. This means that he isn’t your typical Sagittarius, as he prefers to be alone or work with others.

Despite the fact that he was once a loner, Ken Kaneki eventually went through a massive personality change when he assumed a different identity. He began to become a mentor to younger Investigators when he himself became an Investigator after losing his memories.

Kaneki is one of the most powerful characters in the franchise and is capable of doing some of the craziest feats of power you can ever see. He has evolved his ghoul powers to the limit, and that made him a dangerous person to deal with.

14. Ayame Kajou – Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Ayame Kajou is one of the main characters of Shimoneta, which is an anime about a world where it has become outlawed by the Japanese government to make dirty jokes or to even do anything remotely dirty due to moral concerns.

During the day, Ayame seems to be a normal high school student. However, at night, she works as a masked vigilante that tries to bring the concept of dirty jokes back to society. This makes her a very idealistic person in her own right, as she is basically fighting against the government.

Despite her love for dirty jokes, Ayame seems to restrict her dirty side to her jokes. She isn’t fond of anything overly sexual, especially whenever her best friend, Anna, is becoming a bit too crazy when trying to feed her sexual desires.

13. Rock Lee – Naruto

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Rock Lee is one of the main supporting characters of the Naruto anime. He is a member of Team Guy, which consists of Might Guy, Neji, and Tenten. And, like all members of Team Guy, Lee excels at taijutsu and close combat.

Despite the fact that Rock Lee lacks the ability to control chakra and perform ninjutsu, he is one of the best when it comes to taijutsu and is capable of standing up against the toughest opponents using taijutsu alone. This is what makes him a good Sagittarius, as his ideals push him forward even if he lacks the capabilities to win a fight.

Rock Lee is strong, ambitious, and completely compassionate. He loves his teammates and friends, and that is why he is great around people. Lee is the perfect teammate to have for any ninja in the Naruto franchise.

12. Mia Sakurajima – Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai 

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Mia Sakurajima is the main female protagonist of Seishun Buta Yarouu wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai. She is a lovely lady that can easily attract the attention of everybody in the class. That is why she works as an actress and model during her spare time.

Even though she does have feelings for Sakuta, who ended up being her boyfriend, Mia does have tsundere tendencies because she struggles to show her feelings and can be quite mean and stuck-up at times.

Despite her tsundere nature, she is a very intelligent and kind person who genuinely cares about her friends. This is what makes her a good Sagittarius, as she can work well with other people whenever there is a need to.

11. Ulquiorra Cifer – Bleach 

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Ulquiorra Cifer is an arrancar and is the number four on Aizen’s Espada on bleach. And while he may be a Sagittarius, Ulquiorra doesn’t have the usual characteristics of that Zodiac sign. He is quiet, reserved, and likes being alone. However, he does have an idealistic nature due to his loyalty to Aizen.

Even though he is only considered the fourth strongest on the Espada, Ulquiorra is perhaps the strongest out of all of them because of the fact that he has a second awakened stage, which not even Aizen knows about. Using this demonic transformation, he could go up against Hollow Ichigo and fight on par with him.

Ulquiorra is also one of the favorites among Bleach fans when it comes to the Espada because of his cool and calculating nature. He always seems like he is hiding something, and that was true when he revealed his hidden power.

10. Asuka Langley Sohryu – Neon Genesis Evangelion

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Ashley is one of the main female protagonists of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. She is actually designated the Second Child of the Evangelion project. This means that she pilots the Evangelion Unit 02 as well.

One of the things that makes Asuka a good Sagittarius is that she is a very proud and idealistic individual because of how high her opinion of herself is. She can be considered a tough cookie to crack because of her boisterous nature, but she definitely has a kind and sweet nature deep inside.

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Despite her strong personality, she is actually a very vulnerable young girl. She uses her personality as a front so that no one can try to harm her. As such, she only opens up to those she truly trusts.

9. Ciel Phantomhive – Kuroshitsuji

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Ciel is one of the main supporting characters of the Black Butler anime. He is actually one of the most unusual Sagittarii on this list because he is quite pessimistic and lacks the idealistic nature that most Sagitarri have. 

But while Ciel isn’t someone who is idealistic, he often makes some of the most challenging promises. Despite that, he is capable of doing the impossible thanks to the help of his faithful butler.

Unlike a lot of characters, Ciel is open and is not scared of offending people. He doesn’t mince his words, and that was what got him into trouble a lot of times.

8. Uta – Tokyo Ghoul

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Uta is one of the gloomiest characters on Tokyo Ghoul, an anime that is full of gloomy characters as it is. He also has a scary appearance thanks to his emo fashion and his artistic nature. However, thanks to his artistic nature, he is the best at designing masks worn by ghouls.

As a Sagittarius, Uta doesn’t seem to fit the usual mold of this Zodiac. He tries to keep things to himself and is surrounded by an air of mystery. However, he is still a Sagittarius because he is good with his words. As they say, a Sagittarius’ tongue can be his finest weapon or his worst destroyer.

7. Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Seiya is another one of the characters we can easily say fits the mold of a Sagittarius quite perfectly because he is the living embodiment of what it means to be persistent and optimistic in life no matter what is in front of him.

The one thing that makes him quite persistent is the fact that he has an unwavering desire to free Athena from the hands of his enemies. And that is what keeps him fighting from start to finish, regardless of what his enemies throw at him.

Of course, as a Sagittarius, Seiya wears the Sagittarius Golden Armor, which he wears with such dignity and pride. He is simply the poster boy when it comes to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign, as other Sagittarii can learn a thing or two from him.

6. Sakura Ushikubo – Special A

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Sakura is another one of those perfect Sagittarii because she has an idealistic and optimistic outlook on life. She often uses her strong resolve to try to achieve her goals regardless of how difficult the road may be.

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On top of her optimistic nature, she is also quite generous and is readily open to helping anyone in need. However, she can be selfish at times, as she prioritizes her needs over the needs of others most of the time. Still, she is a good Sagittarius, thanks to her optimism and her idealistic nature.

5. Petra Ral – Shingeki no Kyojin

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Petra is a strong example of a Sagittarius because of her idealistic nature. She is loyal to Captain Levi to death, as she is a member of the famed Levi Squad, the strongest scout squad in the Survey Corps.

Despite her small stature, Petra was a capable fighter that could easily slay titans in a heartbeat. Her strength was what allowed her to become a member of Levi Squad in the first place.

However, despite her strength and her loyalty and love for Levi, she could not save herself from the Female Titan, who crushed her with such ease.

4. Rintarou Okabe – Steins;Gate

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Rintarou is the main character of one of the most highly-rated anime on the planet. He is a self-assured, confident, and idealistic “mad scientist” who accidentally invented the time machine that messed up with the time-space continuum.

Even though he does claim himself to be a mad scientist, Rintarou still has a good heart. He resolved to find a way to save Kurisu from her fate by messing with the timelines. That may have gotten him into trouble, but at least he was always willing to go out of his way to help others.

Another quality that makes Rintarou a great Sagittarius is his ability to work well with others. Despite his odd personality, he has attracted a lot of different people to his laboratory due to his strong ability to work well with others.

3. Crowley Eusford – Owari no Seraph

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Crowley Eusford is one of the vampires working under Ferid Bathory in Owari no Seraph. He is someone who always seems to wear a smile on his face because he is assured of his own strength. Despite his confident nature, he seems to be a mysterious vampire that rarely reveals anything about himself.

Throughout the series, Crowley has demonstrated how crazy strong he is. He is capable of easily defeating members of the Moon Demon Company. This is due to the fact that he is actually secretly a seventh progenitor and has powers that are beyond his rank as a 13th progenitor. 

2. Lelouch vi Britannia – Code Geass

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Lelouch vi Britannia is definitely a Sagittarius in every sense of the word. He is a very idealistic person who stays true to his ideals of defeating the Britannia Empire with all of his might, despite how the odds are always stacked against him.

The thing about Lelouch is that, while he does have some piloting skills, he is more of a mastermind that is capable of staying ten steps ahead of his opponents. He uses his strategic mind to his advantage whenever he is in a fight. And he only uses his Geass powers whenever he needs to.

Lelouch is probably best known for pulling off the greatest self-sacrifice in anime history when he became a hated emperor so that all of the world’s hatred will be directed towards him. Upon his death, he was able to unite the entire world due to the very fact that everyone hated him so much.

1. Kei Takishima – Special A

20 Best Anime Sagittarius Characters Ranked by Likability

Kei Takishima is the self-assured top student of the school and is no doubt the smartest guy in the entire institution. This made him the target of rivalries, a there were plenty of other students trying to gain his affection and attention. And he seems to be the perfect Sagittarius in terms of his personality because he works well with others

As the coolest boy in the school, Kei is also known for having it all. He is rich, smart, athletic, and good-looking. This means that he is superhuman if superhumans actually existed. Still, he does have a few downsides to his personality.

Despite being nearly perfect, Kei can be quite stubborn when it comes to his feelings. He has trouble expressing himself to Hikari, even though he knows that he loves her. As such, despite being kind to others, he has trouble expressing himself in a lot of different instances.

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