10 Best She-Hulk Comics You Need To Read

best she hulk comics

She-Hulk has been around for many years, flaunting an incredible balance between beauty, brains, and brute force – as well as a wide selection of fantastic comics! Stick around to find out about some of the best She-Hulk comics you need to read, ranked in no particular order.

1. She-Hulk (2022)

she hulk 2022

She-Hulk released in 2022 may not be the most legendary comic for this superheroine out there, but it’s definitely worth a read if you want to get up to speed with everything she’s been up to. The most recent events revolve around Jennifer Walters keeping busy with her law career, friends, and love life – nothing too out of the ordinary.

However, she is still quite active in superhero affairs, at least when she feels it’s necessary, primarily being seen in battles with She-Hulk’s rival, Titania. The story also features Jack of Hearts and is incredibly charming, touching on various aspects of Jennifer Walters’ life. It’s a great way to sum up everything that she’s dealing with before tucking into She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

2. She-Hulks (2011)

she hulk 4

If you love She-Hulk, then the She-Hulks comic is a must-read since it features another green giantess for villains to keep up with. This comic is a four-issue run than follows Jennifer Walters as she teams up with Lyra – the daughter of 616 Hulk and a parallel Earth’s Thundra.

The two She-Hulks hunt for a secret society known as the Intelligencia, which comprises Ulysses Klaw from Black Panther, Mad Thinker, Red Ghost, and the Trapster. In addition to Lyra and iconic villains, it also features a crossover with Hulk himself – it’s definitely one of the most unique She-Hulk comics out there.

3. The Savage She-Hulk (1980)

savage she hulk

The Savage She-Hulk was released in late 1979 into early 1980, and it is still iconic since this is the comic that introduces She-Hulk to fans. It follows Jennifer Walters as she meets up with Bruce Baner, her estranged cousin, while he is on the run from the United States military forces.


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He continues to tell her about his problems, including his issues with transforming into the Hulk, when they are attacked due to a hit being put out on Walters for defending a client. She ends up getting mortally wounded, and Bruce saves her life by giving her a blood transfusion – which ultimately transfers gamma radiation, kicking off her career as She-Hulk.

The rest of the comic follows Jennifer Walters as she tries to adjust to her new form and abilities, after which she takes the role of a small-time vigilante. She goes up against a handful of iconic characters as well, and it’s a great read if you’re interested in Jennifer Walters’ origins.

4. Sensational She-Hulk (1989)

sensational she hulk

While quite a few well-known She-Hulk comic titles really helped shape her story and background, Sensational She-Hulk was the series that started really defining her character. It was in this comic series that she began being outlined and identified by tons of traits that fans know and love today – from her witty attitude to even breaking the fourth wall.

The writing for Jen Walters improved quite a lot as well, making it a timeless read for any Marvel fan. It’s one of the very first comics that begins to transform She-Hulk into the heroic leader she has become over the years.

5. Avengers Disassembled (1998)

avengers disassembled

Avengers Disassembled was a story arc included in issues 500 to 504 of Avengers, and many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are quite familiar with its iconic events. In fact, this comic’s storyline served as a massive contributing factor to various recent MCU releases, including WandaVision as well as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The common denominator in these titles is the Scarlett Witch, who also plays a role in the comic. In Avengers Disassembled, She-Hulk is controlled by the Scarlet Witch and goes ballistic as a result, trying to attack the Avengers with pure rage. She rips Vision’s body in half while hospitalizing Steve Rogers as well as Janet Van Dyne.

6. She-Hulk: Jen Walters Must Die (2018)

jen walters must die

The Jen Walter Must Die comics were a collection of issues, specifically 159 till 163, and touched on the terrifying and non-green version of She-Hulk. It is most enjoyable when read immediately after Civil War II, as it marks the end of the Gray She-Hulk era, depicting a battle between Jennifer Walters, her dark and mentally burned persona, as well as the Leader.

In the comic, the Leader is a tough villain that forces Jennifer Walters to fight herself within her mind. But, Jennifer Walters learns how to overcome the pain and trauma that sparked the emergence of this gray form, allowing her to return back to her iconic green She-Hulk form.

7. A-Force (2016)

a force

Although Jennifer Walters often acts as a lone wolf, she has proven to be an amazing leader in various capacities. This has been proven quite a few times throughout her career – such as in Cosmic Collision, as well as when she collaborated with other teams like the Avengers and Fantastic Four.

In A-Force, Jennifer Walters has her own team of powerful women that work together in order to defend the earth and its galaxy from various threats. The comic includes Medusa, Carol Danvers, Singularity, as well as Nico Minoru, and it highlights some of the most notable attributes that make She-Hulk so unique and well-loved.

8. Single Green Female (2007)

single green female

Although Single Green Female is far more passive than many other She-Hulk comics and titles, it’s definitely worth a read if you want to understand Jennifer Walters as much as possible. This comic is probably one of the best reads of all time concerning the true character of Jennifer Walters when she’s not taking down bad guys in court and on the streets.

One of the interesting elements of gamma radiation powers is how one’s mental psyche affects transformation, one of the main reasons She-Hulk has more control and is different from Hulk. She-Hulk transforms into a more outgoing and vibrant person, and the comic follows the charming Jennifer Walters as she pursues an active dating life and enjoys partying it up instead of studying – all while solving cases and fighting crime.

9. She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision (2009)

cosmic collision she hulk

She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision features a pretty simple but effective and entertaining concept – a bunch of powerful women fighting bad guys in outer space. It flaunts a handful of superheroines, such as Valkyrie and Susan Storm, as they attempt to take down a new galactic threat.

The drama unfolds as the team realizes their personalities clash, but Jennifer Walters manages to hold things together with her amazing leadership skills. It’s a really great read if you love She-Hulk alongside various other tough Marvel women, and it’s best read before A-Force.

10. The Immortal She-Hulk (2020)

immortal she hulk

The Immortal She-Hulk is a more recent story, where Jennifer Walters examines all of the times she has died and come back to life. It’s quite a unique take on She-Hulk and offers some well-needed emotional contrast to her usually bold and brutal nature.

It includes some iconic Marvel characters as well, such as Thor and Wolverine, two characters that may be pretty understanding considering the topic. Jennifer Walters shares some of her thoughts and has introspective discussions with them about repetitive death and rebirth – while trying to cope with her own resurrections and repressed memories from each of her deaths.


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That’s all of the best She-Hulk comics to read, with images thanks to Marvel. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law promises to be pretty faithful to the official Marvel description and storyline. There are certainly a ton of awesome She-Hulk comics out there, but these are the best of the bunch and will definitely provide you with enough background information to thoroughly enjoy the new on-screen release.

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