10 Best Shows & Movies Like ‘The Snow Girl’ To Watch Next

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The new Spanish Netflix original show titled The Snow Girl got the audience captivated, frightened, and shaken to the core. The story of the kidnapping of a little girl named Amaya is riddled with mystery, shock, and the dark side of society, intertwined with journalistic sensationalism and the Internet’s ugly underbelly.

If you’ve seen The Snow Girl and were deeply moved like I was, you’ll probably want to check out similar content. Therefore, I’m bringing you the ten best shows and movies like The Snow Girl you need to watch next. The list is ranked from worst to best and is filled with all types of content, including documentaries, movies, and TV series. Let’s dig in.

10. Echo 3 (2022-)

snow girl echo 3

What it’s about: Amber Chesborough is a woman that mysteriously went missing on the Colombia-Venezuela border. Her brother and her husband are determined to find her, but come face to face with a secret war and a mystery that goes much deeper than they ever could have imagined…

Why it’s like The Snow Girl: Echo 3 is a fairly new show that came out on AppleTV+ in 2022. Although it doesn’t involve a kidnapped child, it does involve a person gone missing. Only, this time, it’s a grown woman, showing that anybody can go missing, not just children.

While the star-studded cast includes Michiel Huisman, Like Evans, Jessica Ann Collins, Bradley Whitford, and others is quite promising, the show has split reviews. I have to admit, I had high hopes for the show, and although the first season had its moments, the ending left me feeling quite underwhelmed. It’s still worth a watch, and I’m curious to see where Season 2 is heading.

9. Safe (2018)

snow girl safe

What it’s about: Tom Delaney (Michael C. Hall) is a widowed surgeon whose teenage daughter goes mysteriously missing. As he works to uncover the mystery and find his daughter, Tom uncovers more than he bargained for. In fact, almost all the people close to him have dark secrets, and all of them might lead to his daughter…

Why it’s like The Snow Girl: The Snow Girl is about the kidnapping of a little, three-year-old girl, whereas Safe revolves around the disappearance of a girl in her teens. However, there are a lot of similarities that can be drawn between the shows, such as the dark secrets of seemingly ordinary people and the struggles of a parent trying to find their child.

Also, Michael C. Hall is outstanding yet again, and the show really hit its stride as the episodes progress. Not the best show on this list, but definitely worth your time.


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8. Thirteen (2016)

snow girl thirteen

What it’s about: Ivy Moxam is a young 26-year-old woman who is found one day on the street, looking absolutely lost. At first, it seems that she simply walked out of an ordinary house on just another day. The problem is, nobody had seen Ivy in about thirteen years, since she disappeared from her school at age 13…

Why it’s like The Snow Girl: While this show is completely fictional, just like The Snow Girl, there’s something about the way the story is told that makes it feel all too real. It’ll make you wonder numerous times if it was based on a true story. 

Jodie Comer absolutely nailed the role of Ivy Moxam, the abducted girl who was held captive literally half of her life before finally managing to escape.

7. A Friend Of The Family (2022)

snow girl a friend of the family

What it’s about: The Brobergs are your typical, religious, suburban family who grew close to a guy named Robert, nicknamed B. The twisted individual manipulated the entire family into trusting him while kidnapping their young daughter Jan multiple times, claiming they loved each other and that she was obsessed with him.

Why you should watch it: I don’t want to get into too much detail here, but this story is as twisted and unbelievable that you’ll scream at the screen in anger. The worst thing about it is that it is entirely based on a true story of a sick, manipulative pedophile who groomed a young girl since she was a child and used her parents’ secret to do his bidding.

Not even the police could do much about it. If you want to learn more about the real-life story, make sure to check out Netflix’s documentary on the subject called Abducted in Plain Sight (2017).

6. Finding Carter (2014-2015)

snow girl finding carter

What it’s about: A teenage girl named Carter Stevens has lived with her family since she can remember, but now, she inadvertently finds out that she was never theirs. Instead, Carter finds out she was abducted when she was only three years old. 

She is reunited with her biological family, but adapting to a new life after finding out everything she knew was a lie proved to be harder than she could have ever imagined…

Why it’s like The Snow Girl: Like Amaya in The Snow Girl, Carter was abducted when she was only three years old. The difference is the mother she knew and loved proved to be her kidnapper. 

It’s an absolutely harrowing story, especially when you see Carter reuniting with her original family, only to realize that it’s abhorrently hard to adapt to a life that she should’ve had but now feels completely alien to her.

5. Amber: The Girl Behind The Alert (2023)

snow girl amber the girl behind the alert

What it’s about: Amber: The Girl Behind The Alert (2023) is a documentary that premiered just recently on Peacock – and will have you feeling horrified and grateful at the same time. It’s the story of Amber Hagerman, a kidnapped and murdered little girl whose tragic destiny inspired the well-known Amber Alert.

Although Amber’s case is still unsolved after 25 years, the Amber Alert has saved over a thousand kids since it was introduced, at least giving her untimely, brutal, and tragic death some sense of meaning…

Why it’s like The Snow Girl: The Snow Girl is a fictional story, while Amber: The Girl Behind The Alert is all too real. Still, it revolves around a kidnapped girl, and much like The Snow Girl, the mystery goes deep with multiple suspects. It cuts deep into the very fabric of society and will have you absolutely speechless by the end.

4. The Missing (2014-2016)

snow girl the missing

What it’s about: When a family visits France for a vacation, five-year-old Oliver goes missing inside a big, celebrating crowd of people. It’s not long before the family realizes he was abducted, which causes major rifts in the family and completely devastates the parents. Even years after the ordeal, there’s still hope that Oliver might be alive.


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Why it’s like The Snow Girl: The Missing is one of my favorite entries on this list. It not only speaks about the act of kidnapping itself but, much like The Snow Girl, it shows the consequences and the brutal emotional price the family pays after the fact. It’s a harrowing thriller that’ll have you on the edge of tears in each episode.

3. Changeling (2008)

snow girl changeling

What it’s about: Based on an unbelievable true story, Changeling follows Christine Collins (Angeline Jolie), a mother whose son goes missing one day. The LAPD brings another child to her, claiming it is her son, but she is adamant that the kid is an impostor and that she would know her son with her eyes closed.

Why it’s like The Snow Girl: Both stories speak of child abduction and how law enforcement deal with it. However, this harrowing true story takes it a step further, and half of the time; you won’t even know if the grief-stricken mother went insane or if she is right the whole time.

It’s a very hard movie to watch, but if you ask me, it’s Angelina Jolie’s role of a lifetime. One of the absolute best movies I’ve watch d on the subject, and the true story behind the film simply gives a whole new dimension to it.

2. Prisoners (2013)

snow girl prisoners

What it’s about: Two little girls go missing at the same time – Keller Dover’s young daughter and her friend. Dover feels that law enforcement isn’t doing everything in its power to find the girls, so he takes matters into his own hands, crossing some lines he perhaps shouldn’t have crossed.

What it’s like The Snow Girl: You can feel the emotion behind the father who struggles to cope with the disappearance of his young daughter. It’s a phenomenal story of kidnapping, love, grief, society, and so much more that’ll leave you breathless. Plus, it’s got Hugh Jackman AND Jake Gyllenhaal – two of my favorite actors of all time. 

If you haven’t seen Prisoners yet, where have you been for the past decade?

1. Dark (2017-2020)

snow girl dark

What it’s about: “A family saga with a supernatural twist, set in a German town where the disappearance of two young children exposes the relationships among four families.”

Why it’s like The Snow Girl: I won’t even try to explain what Dark is about – hence, the official synopsis above. I’ll just say that it starts with the disappearance of two young children, that it’s a foreign Netflix original – and one of the best shows you’ll ever watch. You’ll have to get those brain cells working a hundred miles an hour, but trust me – it’s worth every second of your time!

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