15 Best Anime Like Solo Leveling

Best Shows Like Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is a South Korean web novel series written by Chugong. The series consists of 14 volumes and 270 chapters. A webtoon adaptation, animated by Dubu (Redice Studio), has been published since March 4, 2018 in South Korea. Comprising 179 chapters, it was completed on December 29, 2021.

Now, Solo Leveling is something different than your everyday manga and anime, but it still deserves some attention, which is why we have dedicated this article to Solo Leveling, despite the fact that it doesn’t have an animated adaptation.

In order to inform you better about a wider context to the web comic and web toon, we have decided to compose a list of the best anime and television series like Solo Leveling that every fan needs to see. The list is going to include a total of 15 different titles which resemble the Solo leveling anime in one way or the other.

1. Arcane

league of legends arcane trailer

Original Run: November 6, 2021 – present
Number of Episodes: 9

The story will take place in the following two cities: Piltover and Zaun. The tensions between these two cities boil over with the creation of Hextech, a way in which anyone is able to control magical energy. In Zaun, a new drug turns humans into monsters. The rivalry that exists between these two cities divides families and friends as ‘Arcane’ brings to life the relationships that shape some of League of Legends’ famous champions such as Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce, Viktor, Ekko, Singed and Heimerdinger.

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Although Arcane focuses only on these two cities, they belong to the world Runeterra. Piltover is the academic and scientific city, while Zaun is the opposite. Many of Runeterra’s most intelligent people began in Zaun, but a much stricter upbringing has placed progress over morality in the minds of many.

2. The Legend of Vox Machina

the legend of vox machina

Original Run: January 25, 2022 – present
Number of Episodes: 6

Critical Role‘s first campaign takes place primarily in Tal’Dorei, a continent of Exandria. It follows the adventures of “Vox Machina”2, a group of adventurers made up of the twins Vex’ahlia and Vax’ildan, Percy, Grog, Pike, Keyleth and Scanlan, who met in the small town of Stilben. Before their adventures were shown live to viewers, the group notably rescued the family of ruler Uriel Tal’Dorei III, who gave them a thank-you gift of a mansion just outside the capital of Tal’ Dorei, Emon.

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After being apart for 6 six months, the group comes back together when they are tasked with going to Kraghammer, a mining town, and reuniting with Enchantress Allura’s friend, Dame Kima, Paladin of Bahamut. It is at this point in history that the web-series begins in 2015, in media res. Thereafter, the adventurers will solve a thousand and one problems, ranging from the hunt for mythological creatures, the search for ancient artefacts, a fight against vampires, necromancers, resistance against an invasion of dragons, encounters with deities and a epic fight against an evil god. While exploring their emotions, their ethical limits and their romantic adventures.

3. Hunter × Hunter

hunter x hunter

Original Run: October 16, 1999 – March 31, 2001 / October 2, 2011 – September 24, 2014
Number of Episodes: 62 / 148

Gon Freecss is twelve years old and dreams of becoming a hunter. Hunters are elite citizens authorized to do almost anything they want on simple presentation of their license: they can thus acquire free of charge any object for sale on the funds of the association; requisition any vehicle, accommodation and tool for their work; and are de facto qualified to practice all the professions in the world, being able to become bounty hunters, chefs, archaeologists, zoologists, vigilantes or consultants in various fields.

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His father, Ging Freecss, whom he does not know directly, is considered one of the greatest hunters of his time. It is also to find him that Gon wants to become a hunter. However, the hunter’s exam, which takes place every year, is extremely difficult and perilous. It is said that one candidate in 10,000 arrives at the place of the tests and that only one candidate every three years becomes a hunter on his first attempt.

4. Dota: Dragon’s Blood

dota dragons blood season 2 netflix

Original Run: March 25, 2021 – present
Number of Episodes: 16

Set in a fantasy world, the story follows a Dragon Knight, Davion, who hunts dragons to make the world a safer place. In a battle between demons and dragons, an Elder Dragon fuses his soul with Davion. Along with a princess from the moon, Mirana, Davion sets out on a journey to stop the demon Terrorblade from slaying dragons and harvesting his souls to fuel an evil force even greater than Terrorblade.


rwby 2000

Original Run: July 18, 2013 – present
Number of Episodes: 106

The series is set in the fictional world of Remnant, where teenagers are trained by Beacon Academy to hunt creatures of darkness named Grimms. Ancient legends tell that humans discovered the energy source named Dust during their debacle against the enemy. This power source allows them to craft weapons and use spells effective against Grimm’s creatures. Dust has been an integral part of Humanity’s development on Remnant ever since.

The series follows the adventures of team RWBY (“ruby”) made up of four young girls training as hunters at Beacon Academy. The name of the team comes from the initials of these protagonists: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long. Their comrades are the JNPR (“juniper”), SSSN (“sun”), CRDL (“cardinal”) and CFVY (“coffee”) teams as well as a few other students from the Academy. The series begins when Ruby Rose arrives in the town of Vale to become a student there.

6. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Episode 40

Original Run: October 2, 2018 – June 22, 2021
Number of Episodes: 60 (+ 5 OVA)

Satoru Mikami is a 37-year-old single salaryman living in Tokyo: he would be almost satisfied with his monotonous life, if he could have had a girlfriend. While he meets his younger brother in the street, who introduces him to his fiancée, panic takes hold of the sidewalk when an imbalance armed with a knife rushes through the crowd.

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Satoru is fatally injured in the back while intervening to protect the couple. As he conducts a brief reflection on himself during his agony, a “voice” listens to him and interprets his “last words”.

7. Sword Art Online


Original Run: July 8, 2012 – September 20, 2020
Number of Episodes: 96

Sword Art Online is a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game (VRMMORPG), released in 2022. With the NerveGear, a virtual reality headset stimulating the user’s five senses, players can control their in-game character with their minds. The game is beta-tested by 1,000 players and then finally released.

On November 6, 2022, over 10,000 players log into the game for the first time and later find they are unable to log out. They are then informed by Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of SAO, that they must reach the 100th tier of the game’s tower and defeat the final boss to be free. However, if their avatars die in-game, their bodies will also die in the real world. One of these players is Kazuto Kirigaya, then known as “Kirito”. The latter had been chosen as one of the beta testers of the closed beta.

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Since he had experience and knowledge of the game, he felt he could finish the game easily. As a result, he starts playing as a solo player. On the first day, 213 people died because their loved ones tried to unplug the NerveGear despite the warnings that appeared on the screen. Over 2,000 people died in the first month, either by being killed in-game or because the real body was not taken to hospital. Indeed, the NerveGear intercepts all the sensations and the hunger, the thirst, or the sleep of a player in the game has nothing to do with the real state of his body which is immersed in a kind of coma.

8. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar The Last Airbender

Original Run: February 21, 2005 – July 19, 2008
Number of Episodes: 61

A prisoner inside an iceberg for a century, Aang, a twelve-year-old Airbender, is freed from the ice by two young members of the South Pole Water Tribe. Aang has an extraordinary destiny: he is the Avatar, responsible for maintaining the balance between the masters of the four elements. These are divided into four civilizations: the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads.


However, his task becomes more complicated when he discovers that the Fire Nation has taken advantage of the past hundred years to sow war and destruction. And this, to extend its hold on the three other peoples. Aang is the only one who can restore order within the universe. Nevertheless, he must begin by learning to master the other three elements. This is the only way to achieve his goal. It will begin with water, then earth and finally fire.

9. Samurai Jack

samurai jack time

Original Run: August 10, 2001 – May 20, 2017
Number of Episodes: 62

The series is about the samurai Jack, who is born a prince in feudal Japan. At just eight years old, Jack witnessed a giant, jet-black yōkai named Aku destroying and burning down the Imperial Palace and surrounding city. Ten years ago, Jack’s father accidentally summoned Aku. The Emperor was initially able to defeat Aku with the help of a holy katana, but Aku was freed again during a total eclipse of the sun. Jack’s father now tries to attack Aku again with his katana, but this time the yōkai manages to capture the emperor.

Jack is brought to safety and out of the country by his mother, who flees to Nepal and hides the sword in a Buddhist Shaolin monastery. Meanwhile, Jack travels the world and is taught different martial arts in different countries. After many years, when he is a young adult, Jack travels to his mother and has her hand him the holy sword.

It is then revealed that Ashi was born from the magic of Aku and is, therefore, his “daughter”. But she turns against Aku and Jack is finally able to destroy the yōkai. Ashi uses her powers to cast the same time spell that propelled Jack into the future. Both travel back to the 19th century, but Ashi pays a high price for it: Without Aku she would never have existed and so she dissolves into nothing before Jack’s eyes.

10. Princess Connect! Re:Dive

princess connect re dive 12935 1

Original Run: April 7, 2020 – present
Number of Episodes: 17

On the continent of Astraea, a man falls from the sky, with no other memory than his name, Yuuki. An elf named Kokkoro finds him, introducing herself as her guide in the world they are about to cross. With Kokkoro’s guidance, Yuuki can learn how this world works, from fighting monsters to handling currency.

To earn money for their trip, Yuuki and Kokkoro decide to go to a nearby guild association to accept a simple mission. On their expedition, they meet Pecorine, a somewhat gluttonous but charming girl who is an expert in battle.

11. The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra

Original Run: April 14, 2012 – December 19, 2014
Number of Episodes: 52

Korra is a Waterbender from the South Pole, she is also the daughter of the chief of the South Pole tribe, who has a strong character. As an Avatar, she must learn to master the four elements. The mastery of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air was taught to her throughout her childhood at the South Pole by the masters of the White Lotus, however, she does not manage to control her mastery of water to perfection. ‘air. At the start of the series, she goes to live in Republic City to learn Airbending from Tenzin, the last Airbender.

Republic City was created by Aang and Zuko after a hundred years of war and is home to people from all nations. In the series, several new characters have a connection with the old ones. For example, Korra will learn Airbending with Tenzin, one of Katara and Aang’s three children. Lin Beifong is not only the police chief of Republic City but also the daughter of Toph, who taught her daughters and the police Metalbending.

12. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Temporada 5 Episodio 102

Original Run: April 3, 2016 – present
Number of Episodes: 113 (+ 5 OVAs)

In a world where 80% of the world’s population has superpowers, here called “Quirks”, we follow the adventures of Izuku Midoriya, one of the few humans without Quirks. Despite this, Izuku still dreams of joining the super-heroic branch of the great U.A. Academy and one day becoming one of the greatest heroes of his time. One day, Izuku had the chance to meet his lifelong idol, All Might, number 1 superhero. This one will bequeath to Izuku his Quirk, the One For All.

13. Devil May Cry

Dante.full .164942 1

Original Run:
Number of Episodes:

A total of 2000 years ago, ,when mankind was threatened by the onslaught of demons that entered the human world from their world. But Sparda, who was a demon himself, turned against them, fought them and closed the gate to the demon world. The threat has been averted, but demons still roam the human world. Sparda’s son Dante owns a business called Devil May Cry where he takes orders to kill demons.

Little by little, the girl Patty Lowell and the demon Trish join him. He is also assisted by the demon hunter Lady. Soon he will have to fight against a strong opponent who wants to destroy the world of humans and demons.

14. KonoSuba

konosuba anime season 2

Original Run: January 14, 2016 – March 16, 2017
Number of Episodes: 20 (+ 2 OVA)

After an untimely and embarrassing death, Kazuma Satō, a Japanese hikikomori teenager, meets a goddess named Aqua, who offers him to reincarnate in a parallel world with MMORPG elements, where he can embark on adventure and combat. against monsters.

Although offered a divine item or overpowered ability to use in this new world, Kazuma, following a taunt from Aqua, chooses her to accompany him to Axel’s town, where he quickly finds that the latter’s lack of judgment is of little benefit to him.

15. Castlevania

Castlevania TV Series 835562727 large

Original Run: July 7, 2017 – May 13, 2021
Number of Episodes: 32

When his wife is burned at the stake by the church as an alleged witch, the vampire Count Vlad Dracula Tepes swears that in a year’s time all Wallachian residents will pay for it with their lives. After the ultimatum expires, Dracula’s army of monsters and demons descends on the land, spreading fear and terror among the population.

The last survivor of the Belmont family, Trevor Belmont, faces this threat with the help of the magician Sypha Belnades and Dracula’s son Alucard. Together they manage to kill Dracula. There is a power vacuum, which many vampires exploit. Some like Camilla are trying to conquer lands. Others try to bring Dracula back to life. In addition, the monsters from Dracula’s army make it difficult for people to create.

The three heroes and the forge master Isaac manage to stop the powerful vampires. Also, the trio foils a ritual to revive Dracula as Rebis. Peace returns to the world. Together they found a village around the castle. Dracula and his wife have come back to life unnoticed, but choose to live quietly in secret.

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