10 Best Shows Like Yakamoz S-245 You Need to Watch

10 Best Shows Like Yakamoz S 245 You Need To Watch

Yakamoz S-245 is one of the most interesting post-apocalyptic drama shows that you can watch on Netflix today. The series follows a group of scientists that team up with a submarine crew in the middle of a catastrophic event where those who end up getting exposed to sunlight will be killed. A lot of people might have already watched the entire season or are planning on seeing it. So, for those who have breezed through the entire season of Yakamoz S-245, we have a good list of shows that like it.

10. Snowpiercer (2020 – Present)

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Snowpiercer is a post-apocalyptic drama series that happens in a world that has frozen over and is too cold to live in due to an experiment that went wrong. The survivors were forced to live in a large train that circles the frozen world. But the problem is that classism is being practiced on the train as only those who could afford to live in the best cars on the train were allowed to live good lives while the people who belong to the lower sectors of the socioeconomic ladder had to live on scraps. This is where the conflict arises as the oppressed begin to rebel against the owner of the train.


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Why It’s like Yakamoz S-245: Snowpiercer is similar to Yakamoz S-245 due to the fact that we are both looking at stories that happen due to a global catastrophe. Snowpiercer deals with a story that happens on a train due to how cold the world has become, while Yakamoz S-245 focuses on the crew of a submarine in a world where sunlight exposure is fatal. On top of that, they have similar elements in terms of survival and quite possibly classicism, as only the rich in Yakamoz S-245 were able to live in a brand-new society.

9. The 100 (2014 – 2020)


The 100 is a series that takes place a hundred years in the future as we are looking at a story where the Earth has been abandoned due to high levels of radioactivity. Meanwhile, the surviving humans were forced to live on a spacecraft orbiting the planet, but a group of 100 humans was sent down to Earth to see if it had become habitable enough. On Earth, they found remnants of the human population that never left the planet and were able to survive the entire time despite the high levels of radioactivity.

Why It’s like Yakamoz S-245: Like Yakamoz S-245, The 100 takes place on a planet that has become too dangerous for people to live. They are both similar in terms of the fact that living on the planet alone is already going to be fatal to humankind, except for the fact that the sun is what’s responsible for killing people in Yakamoz S-245. On the other hand, the high levels of radioactivity due to human activity are what’s responsible for making the planet uninhabitable for humankind in The 100.

8. Under The Dome (2013 – 2015)

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Under the Dome is a series that’s based on Stephen King’s novel, which is one of the longest books he has ever written. The story of this series dwells on the story of a small town in Maine that mysteriously gets surrounded by an invisible and indestructible dome. As such, the people are forced to live life under the dome without even knowing why or how the entire phenomenon happened. And as the story progresses, we get to see allegories of environmentalism, corruption, and government incompetence.

Why It’s like Yakamoz S-245: While Under the Dome doesn’t have the post-apocalyptic elements that Yakamoz S-245 has, they are very much the same in the sense that there are allegories to corruption and government incompetence. In Yakamoz S-245, the corruption and incompetence of the government can be seen in the fact that the information regarding the sun was kept hidden from the public until it was too late but was something that wasn’t kept from the rich and powerful people of society as they went on to start rebuilding on their own without the rest of the world.

7. The Leftovers (2014 – 2017)

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One of the most interesting shows that you can watch is The Leftovers, which is an HBO original series that dwells on the fact that the world suddenly had to deal with the disappearance of 140 million people from the face of the planet. While that number only represents 2% of the world’s population, there were serious ramifications left by such a phenomenon, as The Leftovers looks at themes like politics, faith, and grief. And the most interesting part about the series is that it doesn’t try to explain what’s going on but focuses more on the ramifications of the mysterious event instead.

Why It’s like Yakamoz S-245: The Leftovers is not a post-apocalyptic drama series, far from it, as it focuses more on a sci-fi event that led to the disappearance of 140 million people. But what makes it very similar to Yakamoz S-245 is the fact that the people who were left over are now in the middle of dealing with the effects that the mysterious even caused. In that sense, it is similar to Yakamoz S-245 because of the fact that the characters of both of these shows are forced to deal with the mysterious event that changed the lives of everyone on the planet.

6. Squid Game (2021)

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One of the most popular Korean drama shows on Netflix is Squid Game, which doesn’t have sci-fi elements as it is closer to real life than almost all of the other shows on this list. In Squid Game, we follow the story of people who are strapped for cash and have huge outstanding debts but were given a chance to earn a lot of money when they were invited to play a series of children’s games. But the catch is that the games all have their lives at stake, as we get to see a drama series that perfectly captures how dirty, selfish, and ugly humans can be when life and money are on the line.


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Why It’s like Yakamoz S-245: The thing about Squid Game is that it isn’t like Yakamoz S-245 in the sense that they happen in a post-apocalyptic world or that they both have sci-fi elements. Instead, what makes Squid Game so similar to Yakamoz S-245 is that we are both looking at stories that take a look at the ugly side of humanity when survival is now on the line. Both Squid Game and Yakamoz S-245 are great at portraying the effects of a life-or-death situation on the psyche of any human being.

5. Lost (2004 – 2010)

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Lost is one of the most successful shows of the 2000s because of how it took sci-fi mystery stories to new heights. Basically, the series follows the story of airplane survivors that got stranded on a deserted island. However, while on the island, they began to experience weird events that led them to believe that there was something more behind simply getting stranded. As such, there are a lot of different sci-fi and mystery themes covered in this amazing series.

Why It’s like Yakamoz S-245: The reason why Lost is similar to Yakamoz S-245 is the fact that both of these shows cover themes that are focused on survival. In Lost, the characters are forced to find a way to survive on the island while hoping to find a way to get off it, while Yakamoz S-245 focuses on characters trying to find a way to survive the apocalyptic event caused by the sun. And there are deeper things going on in both Lost and Yakamoz S-245 as their stories progress.

4. 12 Monkeys (2015 – 2018)

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12 Monkeys is a series that follows the story of a time traveler from a post-apocalyptic future that came about as a result of a deadly plague that ravaged the human population. In that regard, the series becomes a race against the clock as he journeys to the present day to find the source of the plague so that he can prevent his future timeline from ever happening.


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Why It’s like Yakamoz S-245: 12 Monkeys is a lot like Yakamoz S-245 in the sense that both of these shows talk about an event that decimated the human population. In 12 Monkeys, the thing that’s responsible for decimating the planet is a fatal plague. However, in Yakamoz S-245, the polarity of the sun is what’s causing people all over the world to die. Moreover, both of these shows have different sci-fi elements of their own.

3. Daybreak (2019)

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Daybreak is a little more on the lighter side of things on this list because this teenage series is actually quite hilarious as it talks about a post-apocalyptic world where zombies run rampant. Basically, the series talks about how the main character is trying to find his girlfriend in the middle of a zombie outbreak that decimated the adult population and has left teenagers and kids alike to fend for themselves. And this is a hilarious show that breaks the fourth wall and uses Mad Max-like themes that make it even more entertaining.

Why It’s like Yakamoz S-245: Even though Daybreak is a little more on the lighter and funnier side, this is a series that has some similarities with Yakamoz S-245. First of all, the series happens in a world that’s decimated by a phenomenon that turns adults into zombies, and that leads the survivors to find a way to survive through the entire mess. And like Yakamoz S-245, factions were created so that different groups of people could find a way to survive the apocalypse.

2. The Last Ship (2014 – 2018)

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The Last Ship is one of the shows that follow a theme that is very similar to what Yakamoz S-245 portrays. Basically, this series is loosely based on the novel of the same name and follows the story of a crew on a ship that survived a deadly virus because they were on the vessel during the height of the pandemic that wiped out 80% of the world’s population. As such, the protagonists are tasked to find a cure to save humanity while also finding a way to survive through the entire events while they are on the ship.

Why It’s like Yakamoz S-245: The themes of The Last Ship and Yakamoz S-245 cannot be any more similar to one another. They both tackle stories about an event that basically wiped out nearly the entire human population while the characters are kept safe on a sea vessel. Of course, they also have similar themes, such as survival amidst the catastrophic event that had happened and had taken the lives of the people they know and love. In that regard, these shows are very similar to one another in a lot of different aspects.

1. Into The Night (2020 – Present)

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Into The Night is a series that takes place mostly on a plane as an Italian NATO soldier hijacks a plane with some passengers and forces it to take off early so that they can escape what is revealed to be the deadly rays of the sun. Sunlight, in this series, has fatal effects that could kill people during the day. As such, the characters of Into the Night travel from city to city at night to find shelter. And they could only take off at night when they are safe from the effects of the sun.


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Why It’s like Yakamoz S-245: Into the Night, if you haven’t watched it, actually takes place in the same universe as Yakamoz S-245 and happens concurrently with it. That means that the only series that is more similar to Yakamoz S-245 than any other show out there is the series that takes place in the same universe. Of course, the ending of season 2 of Into the Night converges with the ending of Yakamoz S-245, and that’s why fans of Yakamoz S-245 might want to check out Into the Night as well.