What Is the Meaning of “Yakamoz”? (& What Language Is It?)

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Yakamoz S-245 has become the newest Netflix series that a lot of people have been watching because of how it is connected to the events of Into the Night, which is also a similarly popular series on Netflix. However, considering that this series comes from a different country, there are some people who don’t really understand the meaning behind the title. So, what is the meaning of yakamoz, and what language is it?

The meaning of yakamoz can be roughly translated to “moonlight shines on the ocean.” This word is Turkish in origin because Yakamoz S-245 is a Turkish series. In fact, the term Yakamoz is a widely used term in Turkey because of how beautifully unique it is. yakamoz has no direct English translation.

It is important to note that there are a lot of different words and terms in different languages that tend to have their own meanings that are difficult to translate into English. Yakamoz is one such word as this is a Turkish word that is unique and has no direct English translation but promises to be very beautiful. And when used in relation to the Yakamoz S-245, it gets a new meaning.

What Language Is Yakamoz?

One of the most popular new shows on Netflix today is Yakamoz S-245. Basically, the premise of Yakamoz S-245 revolves around a group of scientists who stumble upon a submarine that saves them while they are in the middle of the ocean. They discovered in a message that the sun had become fatal due to a change in its polarity. As such, their goal was to stay away from the sun as much as possible while looking for a place where they could take shelter and find food and supplies.

While plenty of people have become entertained by Yakamoz S-245, especially because of how it is actually connected to Into the Night, which is a similarly popular series on Netflix, there are some people who might get confused about the title, which is also the name of the submarine where the main characters stay throughout most of the entire series. So, what language is Yakamoz?

It is important to note that Yakamoz S-245 is a Turkish series. As such, the word “yakamoz” is actually Turkish in origin, as the main characters of the series are actually Turkish. As such, it only follows that they are in a submarine that is named after a Turkish word.

What Does Yakamoz Mean In Turkish?

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Now that you know that yakamoz, the word, is Turkish in origin because of the fact that Yakamoz S-245 is a Turkish series, what does this word even mean in Turkish?

The truth is that yakamoz is one of the words that make the Turkish language so unique because of the fact that this word doesn’t exactly have a direct translation in any other language. In a sense, yakamoz is quite unique to the Turkish language.


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However, when roughly translated, yakamoz means something similar to “moonlight shines on the ocean” or something that refers to moonlight that’s reflected on the water of the sea. So, based on the meaning of the word, it becomes understandable why it doesn’t have a direct translation in the English language or even any other language on the planet.

How Does The Meaning Of Yakamoz Connect With The Yakamoz S-245 Series?

Considering that you already know the meaning of the word yakamoz, it becomes important to connect it to the entire Yakamoz S-245 series. After all, there could be a special reason why the submarine was called Yakamoz S-245, and it could be something that’s related to the meaning of the word and how it relates to the events of the series.

As mentioned, the series focuses on a group of scientists who joined the crew of the Yakamoz S-245 submarine to try to survive the catastrophic events brought about by the fatal effects of sunlight. This prompts the crew to travel in the submarine during the day because the sunlight cannot reach them while they are in the submarine and while the entire vessel is submerged deep underwater. Meanwhile, they surface during the night so that they can gather supplies or learn more about the things that are happening.

In that regard, you could see how the word yakamoz relates to the Yakamoz S-245 submarine and the events of the entire Yakamoz S-245 series. And it goes back to the fact that the sunlight here is the enemy of humankind because it not only kills living creatures but also affects the remaining food supplies all over the world.

We previously mentioned that the meaning of yakamoz is something related to moonlight shining on the ocean waters, and it becomes understandable why the Yakamoz S-245 is named as such because this is a submarine that travels through the ocean. And when you consider the fact that the Yakamoz S-245 only surfaces at night when the crew is safe from the deadly effects of the sun, the connection between the meaning of yakamoz and the events of the series becomes clear.


In a manner of speaking, the Yakamoz S-245 submarine here is the moonlight that shines on the ocean. Back in the older times when technology was yet to advance to the point that ships had their own way of producing light, sailors used the light of the moon to navigate their way through the oceans when sailing at night. That is probably where the yakamoz word came about, as ancient Turkish sailors and navigators probably came up with the word when they were traversing the seas.


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But why is the Yakamoz S-245 submarine the moonlight that shines on the ocean? Well, for starters, the scientists and the sailors involved in the story of this series rely so much on the submarine to keep them alive. The sailors of the past used the moonlight as a guide whenever they were traveling at night, and it was what kept them alive. Meanwhile, in Yakamoz S-245, the Yakamoz S-245 submarine is what acts as the “moonlight” that the characters need so that they can survive the catastrophic event that had affected the entire world.

It becomes even more interesting if you factor in how the sunlight is the cause of the fatalities in this series, whereas the moonlight is what keeps people alive. And when the sun is up, the Yakamoz S-245 is what the characters of the series use as their “moonlight” during the day so that they won’t get affected by the fatal effects of sunlight.

So, in that regard, the Yakamoz S-245 submarine’s name here is a metaphor that directly refers to the meaning of the yakamoz word in Turkish. It was beautifully used in the story as it fit the theme and premise of Yakamoz S-245.

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