20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

Apart from aliens and ghosts, Sims vanilla is pretty short on supernatural activity – still, plenty of us would love to have some otherwordly features. Fortunately, these amazing Sims 4 mods have got us covered, so stick around to find out about the best horns & antlers you can add to fulfill all of your mystical fantasies in the Sims 4.

20. Hathor Headband

The Hathor Headband may be a great choice for any Sims 4 player who wants their sim to look more like a cosplayer than a genuine product of demonic ancestry. It’s charming and well-executed yet incredibly simple, featuring two classic demon horns extending from a visible headband.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

It’s an excellent choice for Sims 4 players celebrating Halloween or simply dressing up for fun. It can be paired well with just about any getup, whether you’re going for a dark and grungy demon or a playful and mystical creature.

19. Demon Horns V2

Demon Horns V2 is incredibly unique compared to most of the other horns out there, featuring a delicate curl at their tips and a special ridging pattern. They are quite distinct in their overall design, standing fairly tall atop a sim’s head.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

Their characteristics are far gentler than many other demonic horns available, but they are still mystical enough to place your sim in the otherworldly category. These horns are available in 5 different color options, including natural tones as well as a purplish hue for a more playful appearance

18. Lifebinder Alexstrasza Horns

These otherworldly horns are definitely a must for anyone wanting a dark and powerful yet extremely attractive sim. This particular pack is actually much more than a simple horn accessory – it’s a full-blown new character getup for both males and females.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

The complete Lifebinder Alexstrasza Horns CC package includes a conversion inspired by Alexstrasza of heroes of the Storm – featuring her infamous ears, horns, cloak, and tiara. There are no alternative color options, but players have the choice to select only her horns and tiara if preferred.

17. Fantasia Headress

The Fantasia Headress CC is a great reminder that being demonic doesn’t necessarily have to be scary, featuring delicate horns with some sparkly detail. The two horns are slim in shape, dressed with subtle crystal strings for both males and females.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

It can work really well for sims aged teens and up, but it can also be downloaded for children in a separate download. It can be found in the hats category of the menu, and is available in 10 different color options for ample customization.

16. Little Demon Horns

The Little Demon Horns CC may be perfect if you want a more understated demonic look and are seeking something different from the typical aesthetic. These tiny little demon horns are possibly the most compact out of all the options on this list, but their style is pretty unique.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

It’s suitable for both male and female sims, and unlike the other horns which either sit on top or on the sides of sims’ heads, these horns are placed at the top of the forehead. The horns have 40 available colors, and half of them are dual-toned.

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There are also 4 variants in this pack that can actually be mixed and matched. While the colors cannot be alternated when using horn symbiosis, players can still combine up to 2 variations for up to 4 horns, making for a really unique look.

15. Crown of Horns

This horns CC is technically a head slot accessory, as it doesn’t actually give your sim a pair of genetic or ‘natural’ horns or antlers. But, it does look incredible and can be an amazing way to give your sim a special woodlands touch without transforming them completely.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

This Crown of Horns includes delicate yet stunning antlers/ horns for males and females that appear to be made out of twigs. But, what makes this headpiece so unique from the others is the inclusion of a flowery crown.

The placement of the flowers on the crown would typically cover up the fact that it’s a headband, making it appear as if your sim has horns but is wearing a floral headpiece. While the horns cannot be altered, players can change the color of the flowers to match whichever outfit or style they prefer.

14. Rein Headband

The Rein Headband is an absolute must for anyone seeking a magical forest style, flaunting a sweet and innocent reindeer aesthetic that can be paired with any sim. This woodland creature headband boasts two delicate ears and some small antlers – it can be paired really well with some eye-catching makeup like bold eyeliner, blush, and freckles.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

It’s available in 12 different color options for any styled sim, including more natural tones like brown, black, grey, tan, and more – all with varying patterns and markings. Some of the color options are also two-toned for even more detail and dimension.

13. Goop Horns

These Goop Horns are absolutely adorable for just about any sim, flaunting a whimsical aesthetic that can add some magic to any getup. Like many of the other horns on this list, they can be found within the Hats category in the accessory menu.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

While they look good on adults, they can also work really well on child sims. These horns come in 14 different color swatches, primarily bright colors such as green, orange, purple, red, numerous blues, and even two-toned variants as well.

12. Unicorn Horn

Who says you have to be demonic to flaunt horns? Who said you need two horns? That’s right, you can become a mystical unicorn in the Sims 4 with the Unicorn Horn CC!

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

This simple yet sweet, innocent, and mystical mod is perfect for any Sims fan who’s always wanted to incorporate their unicorn fantasy into their favorite game. For many players, becoming a unicorn may just be the best possible way to spice up your gameplay experience – it may not get any more magical than that.

11. Horns by Decayclownsims

If you’re looking for a set of horns that combines darkness with cute aesthetics, this one may be for you. The Horns by Decayclownsims appear to be classic devil horns – medium length with slightly curled tips and minor ridges.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

They are stunningly textured and can match any grungy outfit perfectly. They’re also available in a range of several darker color palettes, leaving plenty of customization options for any Sims 4 player.

10. Bloodtotem WoW Cenarius and Highmountain

This horn CC features the Tauren Horn from Valhallan, sure to transform any sim into a woodland dwelling goddess. This headpiece is really something special – it’s terrifyingly beautiful resembling a powerful, otherwordly creature.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

The headpiece extends past the sim’s head like winged protrusions. There are 26 color options available for both of the headpiece’s two variants – one with color edges, and one with colored tips.

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It’s hard to tell whether these are horns or antlers – in fact, it may be a bit of both. While these horns/ antlers may not be fit for everyone, the Bloodtotem WoW Cenarius and Highmountain set is certainly one of the most intricate, eye-catching, and downright breathtaking headpieces out there.

9. Flapjack’s Ribbed Horns

Flapjack’s Ribbed Horns would be ideal for any Sims 4 player seeking a soft, quirky, and fun yet mystical appearance for their sims. These adorable horns are small and ridged, flaunting some uniquely titled ‘noodle sorbet’ colors for both males and females.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

They are delicate in nature, perfect for gentle yet misunderstood sim creatures. They’ve also been modified to reflect in a special way, meaning players can mix colors and experiment to find their perfect fit.

8. Horns Pack of Azentase

The Horns Pack of Azentase boasts some simple yet effective horn styles for male and female sims. It includes 4 base variants, namely Panic, Bambous, Kleptomania, and Maniac, all of which feature different degrees of the curve and ‘swept back’ dimensions.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

All of these minor adjustments mean that every Sims 4 player is bound to find a fit that matches their sim just right. It also ensures that your preferred hairstyle looks great when paired with your horns as well.

Each of the models comes with 3 natural colors. While there isn’t much room for crazily bright colors or supernatural color combinations, the simple neutral color palette ensures that the horns will definitely match just about any hairstyle and fashion sense.

7. Capricorn Horn Accessory

Looking for horns that are more earthy and natural than dark and demonic? If so, the Capricorn Horn Accessory may be perfect for you! While it’s inspired by Capricorn affinity, it can look absolutely stunning on just about any sim.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

It’s available for males and females and comes in 4 different color options. The horns themselves have a wonderful textured appearance, as they resemble a lightly marbled surface.

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What makes these horns special other than their textures and overall look is the fact that they’re accessorized already. The horns have rings that sparkle, adding an extra touch of detail and character to any outfit.

6. Quinari Horns

The Quinari Horns are yet another addition for Sims 4 players seeking a natural yet mystic look for their sims, taking elements from animals and combining them with fantasy. These horns were designed to look similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

It is available in 9 different color options and horn styles, the most notable of which flaunts a thick base with twisted back tips. With so much room for adjustments and personalization, these horns can match any sim of any fashion sense.

5. Maleficent Horns

If you’ve been a solid fan of Maleficent ever since the movie came out, you’ll be happy to know that there is a pretty accurate version of her horns available for Sims 4 players. The Maleficent Horns are absolutely iconic, and your look wouldn’t be complete without this piece if you’re going for a dark woodland creature.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

What makes this set so special is the fact that it’s more than a simple headpiece – in fact, it’s the entire hairstyle of Maleficent herself! It’s available in a ton of color options and is an ideal choice for any Disney fan that wants to bring their favorite princess to life in their Sims world.

4. World of Warcraft Demon Hunter Horns

If you’re looking for a set of horns that will transform your simple yet stylish sim into a badass, bombshell demon slayer, then this one may be for you. The World of Warcraft Demon Hunter Horns are incredibly unique, and although they may appear to be a fixed set, players do still have customization options.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

These horns are available in 6 different variations, and there are 25 different color palette choices for players to choose from. The styles range from lengthy, curled, and heavily ridged horns protruding from the sides to smaller sharp horns protruding from the top.

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It’s super easy to mix and match with these horns in order to find a perfect fit for your sim. Either way, your character in Sims 4 will definitely be as beautiful as they will be feared.

3. Devilia Horns

The Devilia Horns are absolutely stunning – both in visual markings and in overall shape. These horns are unique in that they include a blend of 4 different horns, primarily 2 small horns and 2 medium-sized horns.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

These horns protrude from the front of the sim’s head, at the edge of the hairline. They have a unique, sparkly, dazzling color scheme that can make any cosmic or supernatural creature stand out – whether you’re going for a sassy demonic princess, a glistening mermaid, or even a mutant fairy.

2. Chain Horns

While every set of horns or antlers mentioned so far is undeniably special, these Chain Horns are possibly the most exquisite, detailed, and unique horns on the list. It’s a perfect choice if you feel plain horns just aren’t enough – no matter the color, shape, or size.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

These twisted horns are stunning as is, but they really stand out once they’re topped with some chunky chain detail. Unlike some of the other accessorized pieces on this list so far, these horns flaunt a more industrial, rugged look which can really work well with many styles. They are available in 8 different color options, so players will have plenty of room to find their perfect match.

1. Horns Pack Vol 1

Making it to the number one spot on the list of the best horns and antlers for the Sims 4 is the Horns Pack Vol 1 – an absolutely stunning set that features a ton of iconic horn styles for any fantasy-loving Sims fan. It features a selection of horns to choose from, all inspired by various styles.

20 Best Sims 4 Horns and Antlers CC & Mods

But, the most notable inclusion is headpieces that literally look out of this world, topped with halo-like additions and much more. The pack even features an option that comes with an extra skin detail, which will make your entire character look that much more mystical – far more mystical than any lone-standing headdress could accomplish.

Those are all of the top horns and antlers CCs and mods for the Sims 4, with images thanks to My Otaku World. With so many amazing options to choose from, you’re sure to find a perfect set of horns, antlers, or even something in between to match your sims’ styles and personalities.

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